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Colorado Springs, CO

comparison - 7/24/2013

I would like to know cost of living in this area in comparison with the richardson area of Dallas, tx. thank you

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Carrollton, TX

Population Change - 6/6/2011

Carrollton is getting too crowded.

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Carrollton, TX

A good middle-class community - 9/1/2009

Community leaders are concerned about sustainability and maintaining a high quality of life.

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Carrollton, TX

Carrollton, TX - 8/23/2009

Forbes rates Carrollton, TX the 12th best place to live in the US. CNN ranks Carrollton the 15th best place to live in the US.

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Carrollton, TX

Climate - 6/4/2008

The climate in Carrollton is great. We have about 3 months of hot weather, but the winters, springs and falls make up for that.

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Carrollton, TX

Easy access to anywhere in Metroplex - 3/9/2008

I've lived in southeast Carrollton for 4.5 yrs. This part of Carrollton is located in Dallas County and I have great access to anywhere in the metroplex via Dallas North Tollway, George Bush Turnpike, IH 35-E, and 635. I'm 2 miles from the restaurants and entertainment of Addison and 5 miles from Galleria yet far enough away from traffic and congestion that these areas have daily.

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Carrollton, TX

Good City - 10/27/2007

There is enough to do around Dallas.

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Carrollton, TX

Carrollton - 8/16/2007

I have lived in several states and the cost of living here is still a lot lower. If you want to own a home it is not an impossible dream.

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Carrollton, TX

Great place if you love crime and bad weather - B - 5/12/2007

Moved here from CA in January. Have had my car broken into 3 times - and I am not in a bad area by the looks of it! The people, although very nice, are of a lower class. That isn't intended to insinuate that Texans are lower class, most people here are from somewhere else. The great thing about Texas in general is that if you like antiques, they are here for the! The cost of living is great, very affordable. The weather - oh the weather...crazy! Thunder, ligtning, rain, humidity, tornados, snow, ice, wind and a few perfect days are some of what I see every week. It really does go from beautiful to tornado in an instant. House values do not go up very fast, if at all. There are so many new homes in the 150,000 - 250 range that there is no need to buy a used home, so if you buy here, plan to stay. On the upside, 150-250 gets you a beautiful 4-5 bedroom home with 2 living rooms, a formal dining and there are game rooms (bonus loft) in almost all - this to me is amazing but I did just come from Orange County, CA. I have mixed feelings, take the good (cost of living) with the bad (weather, crime)is the best way to look at it, I guess. Overall, I would rate Carrollton as a 7 (10 being best)

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Mesa, AZ

Questions for Single Women - 6/18/2006

Hi all! Will be moving to Carrollton from AZ and wanted to know from you single women out there, how safe is it at night? Are you comfortable going out for an evening stroll alone? How safe it is living on the first floor of an apartment complex? Was thinking of working in Dallas and getting an apartment in the northern part of city, but after looking at the crime rates, figured it might be better to live in the outskirts, like Carrollton. Also was very excited to see they have a train service that goes downtown. I understand shuttles take you from various spots in Carrollton to the train station. Thanks for any feedback.

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Carrollton, TX

Family - 11/21/2005

Carrollton, Texas has a lot of family activities through parks and recreation, and by being close to a large metropolian area- Dallas/Fort Worth. There are not 4 seasons here because most of the year the temperatures are such that shorts and summer clothes are worn. Seldom is there a year that it snows. Therefore many family outside activites involve swimming, and seasonal sports.

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Carrollton, TX

Community - 8/9/2005

Carrollton is a great place, and a growing community. Neighborhoods are full of kids and neighbors get to know one another. Community rec centers (Rosemead) are fully equipped work-out gyms offering many classes and are only 90 dollars a year for families! Great churches like Bent tree Bible church is amazing! We just moved away and we miss it!

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Hemet, CA

Carrollton - 7/8/2005

The best thing about Carrollon Texas is leaving it and all of Texas behind!!!

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