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Cottageville, SC

Crime - 9/24/2012

What I would like to say about walterboro is that the crime here is bad I live just 10 miles from there and I am hear every other day about a crime that has been committed,it is not funny when you commit a crime so if you do not want to do the time then do not commit the crime, plus to people out there that commit crimes why ruin your life over a crime you committed, when if you look back on that crime it was something stupid or just plain silly.

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Cottageville, SC

Awwww yeah: - 6/26/2010

Oh man, remember that time there was a drive by at the funeral? That was crazy. Not the one last week, but the month before where they had that grenade? THAT ONE. Anyway, this guy doesn't know anything about safe! As long as you're wearing a seat belt, everything is a-okay 100% fine here. Just remember to duck occasionally for no reason whatsoever as well. As for the education, check me out! Full grammar thanks to firefox spell check and Valedictorian with a grade average of 73! In Walterboro, anything is possible (as long as it's lower than a 73).

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Walterboro, SC

My City - 8/22/2008

Walterboro,South Carolina is a great place to live.Yes we have our faults but hey what city doesn't.We are experiencing growth population wise and in business and industry.If you are looking for a great place to live try Walterboro and see if you like it.

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San Jose, CA

From age 4 to 14 I lived here... I am 22 now and n - 2/19/2007

When I was younger I never enjoyed living here. I moved when I was 14. I have visited a few times since and nothing has changed. There is horrible racism, and black people there do not do much to help their case. The crime is horrible; my sisters house was broken into at Christmas and all of the presents and valuble goods in the house were stolen. The educational system is a joke. In high school, the teachers were unable to control a class of 16-24 kids. In younger classes, I found they moved way too slowly, I learned more at home with my mom and the discovery channel than most classes in middle school to junior high. The education in Walterboro has set my standard of what is not acceptable for my kids to grow up with. The weather is atrocious. Hot and humid all year. There is always condensation on the windows from the muggy atmosphere. You take a shower and you feel sweaty and dirty by the time you dry. Most of the water stinks like swamp, too. Granted, it is cheap to live here... but you get paid next to nothing and quite frankly, for cost of living, you get what you pay for. I live in Califonia now and cost of living is easily quadrupled and I would not go back there for anything. For public transit, there is none. The people that live here know if you are not from here... you will always be viewed as an outsider if you don't speak "stupid" with a thick accent. And, dreaming for something better, you will be viewed as crazy. No one has any aspirations for something better in this depressing hell hole. Most people that move here get stuck here, my advice is to never come here.

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