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"Bad Moral"

Bad Moral - 1/26/2012
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Duarte, CA

I have four girls and need to find a place that has some ounce of morality left.

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Valencia, CA

DON'T MOVE HERE - 2/14/2014

The weather is unbeatable, but the cost of living, housing is too high, your paycheck goes to support government employees with outrageously high salaries, free health care and pensions[read more...]

Sanger, CA

America dream - 1/29/2014

The American dream no longer in California.The crime is high ,the air is dirty,and everyones favorite taxes!!!![read more...]

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

you have to be rich to live in California - 1/26/2014

The endangerd species the middle class is the ones that pay all the taxes for the rick that find the loopholes for the poor and for all the illegal immigrants that yhink that CA is the state of milk and honey. (it probablly is for those people who benefit from our taxes) For example the money the state refund you received for OVERPAYING state taxes is now income for this year, is the CA government over dipping? My husband and I cannot wait to leave this state, it has become another failed, third-world state![read more...]

Dana Point, CA

CA is too expensive to retire in. - 12/31/2013

We have lived in CA for most of our lives. However, we did spend 7 years in NC and loved it. CA is broken and too expensive to retire in. We are looking to retire out of state.[read more...]

Palm Desert, CA

Love it - 12/29/2013

Living in So Cal and love the climate[read more...]

Oakland, CA

California Climate - 12/18/2013

the climate in California is very good. not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter.[read more...]

Livermore, CA

Love it (mostly)! - 10/26/2013

I love all the activities & culture, etc. available to me here. I don't much like the heat, and the cost of living is a little high.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

Not the Sunshine State But Might As Well Be - 7/11/2013

I know FL is the Sunshine State but in my opinion California has the best weather in the country. It's true it (almost) never rains in Southern California. Cheers![read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

Sunny! - 6/2/2013

California is beautiful and sunny year round.[read more...]

Pleasant Hill, CA

Reckless Spending - 5/7/2013

Irresponsible politicians[read more...]

Westminster, CA

cost of living - 3/23/2013

It is very expensive to live in Calif. unless you have a very well paying job or are just plain wealthy. Thats why I am relocating.[read more...]

Canyon Country, CA

Living in LA - 3/21/2013

I live in a suburb 50 miles north of Los Angeles in California. I have lived in Southern California my entire 49 years. It used to be a friendly and opportunistic place to live. These days it is frightening to see how fast the quality of life is deteriorating in California. After paying for the bills, there is no money left to enjoy the beautiful places California has to offer: the beaches, the mountains, the desert; it is all here. The crime is out of control. Drugs and child abuse is so common place you see it on the streets, in the stores, in front of your house. Supporting undocumented residents is a huge burden on the state. Now, I realize you cant escape crime, drugs,taxes, etc., but it is a struggle for the average middle class citizen to live here. It seems like only those on welfare or are substantually wealthy have a chance here. I plan to relocate within one year. [read more...]

Pomona, CA

Home - 3/7/2013

I love it[read more...]

Laguna Beach, CA

Orange County and San Diego - 3/7/2013

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA and ORANGE COUNTY - A Word of Caution: What are you going to do for a job? There are already too many servers here, and you will NOT get a job as a bartender unless your best friend owns or runs the place. And don't think "I'll just move to San Diego then." Seriously, good luck with that also. The CA job market is "Locals Only" and they will cast your resume into the trash if you live an hour away (no joke.) RENT PRICES: Rent here is excruciating - figure $1200-$1700 for a one-bedroom apartment, and don't believe the rents you see on Craigslist. Also, you are not going to live in a nearby community such as Westminster or Garden Grove, trust me. Most people that visit Disneyland think they are coming to "The OC", with it's lush beaches and beautiful people . . . well, at least the beaches part is true. They should start a show called "The Medicated Housewives of OC", or better yet: "Every Woman has plastic surgery and is on medication", but back to the OC: At Disney, folks are shocked to find that they can hardly walk the streets even a half-mile from the resort without being shot at. Google "Anaheim Crime Rate" and you'll see. So, you are not going to live outside the beach cities just to save money. The bottom line on Orange County, CA is this: RENT: If you are not making at least $80,000/year, plan on having a roommate, street parking, community laundry, and neighbors that smoke cigarettes and party late into the evening. Street parking assumes that you can find it in the beach cities - good luck on the weekends. SLEEP: While trying to get some sleep, you will be awakened between 11 PM and 3 AM by The-Fast-and-the-Furious-wannabe Japanese cars with Folgers-can exhaust systems. You will then be awakened at 5 and/or 6 AM by monster truck drivers leaving for work, followed by the masses at 7-8 AM. So, your net sleep will be about 5/6 hours a night. You have to sleep with a fan or some other white noise generating device here or you you may physically and mentally deteriorate. NOISE: This is a very lush place, however, lush requires a lot of maintenance. Constant landscaping (leaf-blowers/edgers/lawn mowers), traffic, and trash trucks will be never-ending because of a very high-population density. Plan on your days off as less than serene. Most apartment/house/condo windows are all single pane (no winter and also no noise blocking), and most adjoining walls/floors are paper-thin. People come here to party in the summe[read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fading into the sunset.... - 3/6/2013

California, like the U.S. govt, is broke, but refuses to face the fact. The left-wing controlled legislature keeps piling on more bonded indebtedness, more personal and business taxes, and adding more benefits & services for illegals (oops, I mean undocumented immigrants). Who will be left to pay for all this spending? The rich? They're all fleeing to other states. The poor? Are you joking?--they don't pay any taxes to speak of. The middle class? Fast becoming an endangered species, and trying to follow the rich to wherever they're heading. Got the picture? California, once a truly golden place to live, has become just another failed, third-world state. Congratulations, (liberal) politicians! [read more...]

Stockton, CA

stressless places to live in ca - 2/28/2013

stressless places to live in ca[read more...]

Oak View, CA

Climate - 2/14/2013

Great climate[read more...]

Arcadia, CA

Weather The Best - 2/9/2013

What ever activity you enjoy California has it and one can get there in a reasonable time period. [read more...]

Henderson, NV

San-Diego - 12/29/2012

Just thinking about moving some place not far from San-Diego [read more...]

San Bernardino, CA

Great weather! - 12/25/2012

The weather in Southern Ca is mild and sunny. One can drive to a beach, mountains, lake within a up to an hour away from home. One thing in CA is more accepting of other cultures and alternative lifestyles still deemed taboo ; gays, interracial couples. We're free to be ourselves. [read more...]

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