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"Great place to Live and Enjoy family/Raise Kids"

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Bolingbrook, IL

I agree - don't move to Bolingbrook! - 8/31/2015

I agree with everything you wrote! I'm anxious to get out of my neighborhood! Houses around me are falling apart and yards are a mess! I've been here over 30 years and have always kept my house up, but pride seems to be missing in the neighborhood for the last several years. Most of the people I know moved out years ago when Bolingbrook opened its door to people from the City when the Section H apartments were torn down. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to move at the time but eventually did hire ADT security. Our property taxes continue to rise. We have a state-of-the-art library that's not used often, and a huge beautiful golf course that most Bolingbrook occupants can't afford to go to. I stopped in once to the golf course restaurant, and not a sole was there, so my taxes still continue to support the place. The park district, I admit, is probably one of the best around, but my children are grown and I wouldn't make this an important reason to live in Bolingbrook. Safety is most important! I'm seriously contemplating a move, even if it's to an apartment. At least I'll be in a safer neighborhood. I try to get to my mailbox as soon as mail is delivered, as I spotted a girl of high school age opening up my mailbox recently. I banged on my window, she looked up, grinned, and left. I've learned how to handle a gun and go to a shooting range regularly so I do feel a little safer; however, I would prefer not to have a gun at all, but times have changed!

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Bolingbrook, IL

Great location - 1/21/2013

The community in which I live is diverse which is very important to me and my family. Great schools! The high school is a Grammy award winning school for they great music department! Shops and restaurants galore. I love my community!

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Ms. Smith
Richton Park, IL

Renters Haven - 12/16/2012

I am recently a Mom again after over 20 years and I want a safe, quiet community to raise my daughter. A community of working middle-class who value family.

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Bolingbrook, IL

Great place to Live and Enjoy family/Raise Kids - 3/18/2011

I have lived in Bolingbrook now since 2002. Prior to that, I had lived in Chicago and Schiller Park. Bolingbrook reminds me of hyde park neighborhood in Chicago where you can run into all people from all different works of life, color, age etc. in the same neighborhood. Bolingbrook was rated, last year or two ago as 32nd best city to live in the country. This is due to its different amenities- affordable housing, great parks, great schools, shopping centers (Promenade shopping centre-houses stores like Macy, Barnes & Noble, IKEA,movie theaters, Johny Rockets, Meijers, etc). It's only 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, and boarded by Naperville and, 20 minutes to Aurora. Bolingbrook is about 70 thousand residents, close to interstate highways and plenty of wonderful parks and golf courses. It also has a local regional airport and aero museum. Bolingbrook girls high school basketball team just won 3 straight state championship! It's a lovely city with everything for everybody.

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Bolingbrook, IL

HATE BOLINGBROOK! - 12/28/2010

what part of Bolingbrook do you live in? I have also lived here my whole life & personally witnessed the neighborhood go from a upper middle class to a low class "Ghetto-Like" neighborhood! it is NOT safe to raise children what so ever & if the economy was better I would move in a heart beat! the section 8 housing out here seems more then what Chicago has! Bolingbrook is one of the WORST High Schools is the Country with a horrible crime rate & high teen pregnancy rate, huge drop-out rate & a ton of gangs are now residing here! gotta love that phoenix program, nothing but gangs in that! if you choose to live with blinders on that's your problem but don't preach about Bolingbrook being any good, its a GHETTO! I have also lived at my current address for 15 years & watched my taxes more then double in a horrible neighborhood where the foreclosure rate & condemned rate is high! on every block there are several boarded up houses! we have had murders, robberies, rapes, etc... all in my subdivision alone! my kids cant walk to the park without being jumped! My friend had her gold chain ripped off of her neck while walking her kindergartner to class in front of the elementary school! My son was jumped & beaten up over someone trying to rob him! most of these kids seem to share the same life stories, Dad in prison, mom on welfare, etc... or the other one is the kids living with grandma because they were taken away from their mom & grandma cant keep control over them! They closed KFC & Arbys because of the violence that occurred there, remember some kids jumped another kid "rival gangs" one get got stabbed & the other got shot & died right in front of Burrito Loco! What about when the currency exchange got held up & someone was killed then too! or when some man went on a shooting rampage & killed an entire family by Oakview elementary school! Call the local Police Dept, they will tell you themselves!

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Bolingbrook, IL

Know your town before you comment? - 2/9/2009

I am a 8 year bolingbrook resident. Since I'm not a couch potato, I feel qualified to give a more accurate run down of the good and the not so good that EVERY town has. I also have a map of my town; and have explored every part of it. there is GOOD acreage of 1,200 + offorest preserve here, on the west and northern borders. Both areas have lakes and rivers bordering or within. There is still farmland in Bolingbrook; about 3,000 acres left as of late is on the west side. they have a high-class, marquis quality mall on the east side that rivals well known places such as Oak Brook or parts of state street in Chicago. You can catch a trout from a stocked pond with your kid in the morning, and 5 minutes later be going down a 100 foot corkscrew at the city's own water park that it built for the residents. The bolingbrook Park district consistently wins national awards for its planning....year after year. The actual parks/playgrounds them selves are too numerous to mention. Two major highways into work are accessible at 4 locations in bolingbrook. The east side is pre 1980, and the "new" west side is post 2000. You can buy a $100,000 dump townhouse and live with homies. There is certainly a more run-down part of town, and there are a couple of apartment complexes, too. If that makes you quake in your silk underwear, you can quickly go across town and spend $800K and have a 2 acre lot. Your kids will go to Plainfield schools, which have been in the top 10% of scores nationally for 11 years. We are often compared and battle against this with the well known neighbor tot the north...........Naperville. And just like the joneses over there, we also have some hoy-falloy subdivisions....ont that give you a one-acre with access to your private plane that backs up to a small city airport) I suggest that people who comment in either extreme really don't know thier town too well. Bolingbrook is variety. There are gangs, mis-directed youth, and they just can't seem to find the towns "always open" rec center.......and there are classical violin groups for kids to participate in, too. Just gotta do a little research and drive around from time to time!

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Bolingbrook, IL

LOVE bolingbrook!!!! - 7/6/2008

My family has lived in bolingbrook my entire life (33 years!). My parents moved here in the early 70's when it was nothing but farmland out here, and it has been fascinating to see the town grow and change over the years. My parents still live here, and i have a house here with my family as well. The population explosion has gotten to be annoying, as overcrowding (especially at the schools) and prices (primarily our property taxes) have gotten out of hand. Our property taxes have doubled in the 14 years i have owned my home. But aside from that, Bolingbrook is a wonderful community and a wonderful place to raise children. There are always things to do. We have a wonderful park district program that offers reasonably priced classes for every interest, including lots of sports clubs to join. (fees for my kids to play soccer/baseball are about $50 and that includes a full uniform and pictures, plus a trophy.) We also have a large indoor/outdoor water park. There are tons of parks within walking distance to nearly every community. I also think we have great schools. We have a "challenge/honors" program that has suited the needs of al 3 of my gifted children, and many surrounding communities i have found do not offer this type of full classroom program. (kids are typically pulled for avdanced reading for instance, as opposed to our classrooms where the kids learn their entire curriculum at an accelerated pace.) We have a wonderful library which has many free story time and activity programs for all ages. Every year we have a "village picnic" which is a free outdoor fun festival. There are free games and rides for kids, karaoke, free hot dogs, and tons of freebies at all the booths. There is a similar festival in winter with horse drawn sleigh rides and free hot cocoa and cookies, and crafts for the kids. Also lots of entertainment with our free summer concert series, where bands come to perform on our large outdoor stage. I think there is something for everyone in this town. I have been satistfied living my entire life here and cannot imagine living anywhere else. For me, Bolingbrook is home.

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Bolingbrook, IL

Wonderful place to raise children - 9/12/2007

I moved to Bolingbrook from eastern Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter almost 2 years ago. After looking in some much more expensive neighboring communities (namely Naperville) I thought the housing value in Bolingbrook was extrodinary and afraid there would be some drawbacks for the more affordable home prices. I have been very pleasantly suprised with how convenient everything is and as a mother of now two children time is very valuable. The people I've met in town are extremely friendly and excited about living in an up and coming area and buying in while prices are relatively reasonable and watching our homes appreciate. The things I like most about Bolingbrook are the parks, the programs, the nature areas, shopping, restaurants, access to major highways and interstates and the friendly people. As with any city some areas are nicer than others but I've never felt unsafe driving in any and every part of the city. As the mother of two I love having friendly neighbors and I love having parks for my children to play at in virtually every mile of this city. The city has added many features programs and facilities to improve the quality of life and as taxes have decreased each year for Bolingbrook while businesses keep supporting our city, we have seen plans for many more facilities. It was definately a good move for us.

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Victorville, CA

what would you suggest? - 10/24/2006

My husband and I may be moving into the Bolingbrook area. I would prefer to live with trees, some wild life, some slower area. What would you recommend? Thanks Kim

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Bolingbrook, IL

Bolingbrook is getting overcrowded - 6/22/2006

Bolingbrook is a suburb of Chicago. At one time it was a small community, but now that the community is growing exponentially, it's like living in the city. It went from farmland to shopping malls. The southside of Bolingbrook is nothing but industrial businesses. I understand the community needs businesses to survive, but it's terrible when grass turns into concrete or blacktop and you have to drive outside of the community to have a nature experience.

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Bolingbrook, IL

Really don't like it, convient in all the bad ways - 3/28/2006

moved to Bolingbrook two years ago (grew up in the 'burb just north of here). Personally, I can't stand it. Very stale, very new, very boring. Selling points, there are restaurants, stores etc. everywhere ( so much so that I have gained 30 lbs since moving here). Almost too convenient. Great if you like everything in your backyard and have no plans to ever leave your general neighborhood. Not great if you like things to look at like trees, architecture, natural beauty or if you like to go do anything other than shopping or going out to eat (all big-box, generic, multi-mega corp. stuff). No "mom and pop" places, no downtown, etc. gotta go to other burbs to find anything to do. Also, still not close enough to the city of Chicago, the traffic in and out of the city is very, very bad. Getting close to Cali problems. BTW There is a reason the cost of housing here is so much less than surrounding areas! Schools SUCK and lots of gang/drug issues at the new, $65 mil. high school. All the cops are there at 3 pm every weekday and even have an office there! West side costs much more than the east side, for good reason but the schools and culture and general life enjoyment still stink. If you are looking at the Chicago burbs, spend your money more wisely and go anywhere else but Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet and Romeoville, don't be lured by housing costs! TAXES ARE HIGH and water bills run about $150/mo AVERAGE! Worse in the summer when you have to water your tiny, tiny spot of grass

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