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Bolingbrook, IL

I agree - don't move to Bolingbrook! - 8/31/2015
I agree with everything you wrote! I'm anxious to get out of my neighborhood! Houses around me are falling apart and yards are a mess! I've been here over 30 years and have always kept my house up, but pride seems to be missing in the neighborhood for the last several years. Most of the people I know moved out years ago when Bolingbrook opened its door to people from the City when the Section H apartments were torn down. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to move at the time but eventually did hire ADT security. Our property taxes continue to rise. We have a state-of-the-art library that's not used often, and a huge beautiful golf course that most Bolingbrook occupants can't afford to go to. I stopped in once to the golf course restaurant, and not a sole was there, so my taxes still continue to support the place. The park district, I admit, is probably one of the best around, but my children are grown and I wouldn't make this an important reason to live in Bolingbrook. Safety is most important! I'm seriously contemplating a move, even if it's to an apartment. At least I'll be in a safer neighborhood. I try to get to my mailbox as soon as mail is delivered, as I spotted a girl of high school age opening up my mailbox recently. I banged on my window, she looked up, grinned, and left. I've learned how to handle a gun and go to a shooting range regularly so I do feel a little safer; however, I would prefer not to have a gun at all, but times have changed!

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