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"Living in Franklin"

Living in Franklin - 10/8/2008
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Franklin, TN

The quality of ife in Franklinis asolutly terrific

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Franklin, TN

A little piece of heaven... - 10/5/2013

I moved to Franklin from Los Angeles 10 years ago and it was the best move of my life. What a nice community! [read more...]

Franklin, TN

Franklin,TN- highly overated - 7/6/2013

Well, this town gets high reviews everywhere you look, it seems. Yet from the perspective of a person who has lived in a variety of states, due to moving because of my job, I find this place highly over-rated. Many online sites state how it is such a wonderful place to live, adding onto that how affordable it is, yet after living here for nearly four years, I find it to be kind of a sham. The quaint downtown is truly a front- which many towns are- but this one seems to be more than most. The proximity to Nashville makes it desirable to many with hopes of making it big. As such, they are prepared to pay the high cost of living here: very high rental prices (for what you get), extreme traffic build-ups and delays that in reality rival LA, and it is nowhere near the size, and a city board that gives the impression they can do no wrong. Many folks love a small town, and this is what was one at one time. But now, with the growth of Nashville, it is a packed bedroom community, that also is between areas to the south that are a bit more affordable and the big city. As such, thousands and thousands of vehicles travel through the two roads that come from the south headed for Nashville, only to find constipation created by many schools placed on the main traveled roads, traffic light patterns that were designed by a masochist, a police force that acts like lurkers, and poorly thought out road closures. Additionally, there is no direct way through the town as a whole. The city was laid out in the 1700's on a 45 degree angle to the normal North-South plan, and it has never been changed, nor has there been a true by-pass made to make it possible to transit this area without significant delays. It is not uncommon for the 5 mile trip to cross this town to take in excess of 25 minutes. Add rush hour, and one can be looking at 40 minutes plus. There are no ways around the mess. One newcomer asked several of us "what is the short-cut to getting through town? You live here, help me out!" We just laughed at her. There is no such thing. Parades are wonderful things in small towns, and this should be no exception- except the City Fathers tend to block streets without warning to the residents, effectively keeping many folks from being able to go about their business for hours- for the sake of a 2k run, or a school celebration parade. Although I live a mile from downtown, every holiday winds up blocking or seriously hindering travel from my home. True, the folks you meet are friendly overall. Many of them simply LOVE this place. But then, many that love this place don't actually live in this place, but come here from the outskirts of town. As they are part of the congestion, it doesn't matter to them. They came to enjoy what is here, and can leave and get out of it. The true old-timers that live here seem to have simply given up on ever seeing the town be true to what it has been, and find the spending by the city council simply beyond words: Far too many millions for a police station that is out of place in a small town-rather looks like it came out of Metropolis, and Superman should be flying in any moment. $4 million plus for a transit authority building that cannot accommodate the transit buses. Overall, if the traffic were properly dealt with, and the consideration was given by the city to road closures for whatever reason, it would be a far better place to live. It is friendly to foot traffic in the old town. It is a pretty place, if one likes eastern towns. There are many historical places to visit, with a number of very old buildings. There are many choices for places to eat, and public parking is free with a four hour limit to your location. Move your car, and you get another four hours. Not many places offer such a deal. So there are positives here. I just think there are too few to support the reputation this place has been given on the internet. [read more...]

Franklin, TN

Income tax in Williamson County, Tennessee - 1/1/2013

The Williamson County listing says there is a 6% income tax. There is a tax on investment income called the Hall Income Tax, but there is no general income tax in the county or in the state.[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Great place - 1/14/2012

Franklin is a bit expensive but has great amenities[read more...]

Franklin, TN

4 Seasons - 11/10/2011

we are fortunate that we experience 4 distinct seasons generally without any extremes[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Ok But not the best city to live - 4/17/2011

Don't get me wrong Franklin,Tn is very beautiful and green but this isn't the problem. The problem is the PEOPLE. This is a strong statement please Im not a racist by all means, This town is for middle to upper class white FAMILYS. That is it. Most of the blacks either live on or around Natchez and some live in mixed neighborhoods among the whites. The white people are either very nice or very racist towards brown people. There is no in between. Lost of sterotyping goes on here, they kind of don't see us being able to afford to live in forest crossing or McKays mill but I do so. The people overall are just not really friendly if your an outsider. The job market is way of base here. The cost of living here doesn't match what things cost like housing, electric, water,etc..... Its extremely hard to find a job in you are a minority , Black, hispanic, Asian ect... There is nothing to do but go to the malls and out to eat. Do Not move here if you have teenagers they will get into trouble because this city is boring...[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Living in Franklin - 10/8/2008

The quality of ife in Franklinis asolutly terrific[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Beautiful City - 6/27/2008

Franklin is such a beautiful town. We moved here from Lawrence, Ks. It is such a comfortable place to live and I hope to never leave here. We are retired and find it very friendly and handy to shopping and entertainment. I really don't think I would be happy living any where else.[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Politics and religion - 1/15/2008

I moved to franklin 6 years ago. I am a native New Yorker. Franklin is a very pretty place. However, if you are not a right wing republican, which I am not, you will find it very hard to fit in. If you are not a church goer - or do not go to church - you are ostracized as life here seems to revolve around church. I find the populace here to be very narrow minded and regressive. I sometimes feel as if I am living in the south circa 1950. This makes me very uncomfortable although some may thrive in this atmosphere. There is absolutely no diversity here - everyone looks the same and believes the same. I do not think I can live in Franklin for many more years. Also, there is nothing to do. Another downside is that everyone is of the same socio economic background - rich. IT is hard to fit in.[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Lost in the Wilderness - 9/11/2007

If you are a Democrat, or even mildly liberal, do not expect to find like-minded individuals here. In fact, don't even expect to find members of the opposition with whom you could have an intellectual debate. You'll be ostracized unless you can pretend to be a right wing, born again, ultra-conservative Republican with mindless conformity to the party platform. Guns and war are okay but abortion isn't, and you'd better not express an alternative opinion, or you'll have a fight on your hands![read more...]

Ben Lomond, CA

Questions and comments - 7/17/2007

My husband and I will be retiring in about 10 months. We have been researching and looking at diferrent places for about the past three years. In all that time, Franklin is the only place I have read about where the comments are almost 100 % positive. And I mean I have REALLY been reading and researching. We will be visiting Franklin this Sept. I am so afraid I will love it and my husband won't. His reasons: Fear of tornadoes, the summer humidity, the distance from his grown children and grandchildren from his first marriage. (they are in Oregon). I understand all of the reasons, esp. the distance. However, I can think of many positives based on what I have read. Can anyone speak to the frequency of tornadoes? And how many months is it very hot and humid? Also, my husband is a fisherman. Is there any fishing nearby I can tempt him with? He also loves to shoot his guns (skeet, some hunting of small game and birds)anything like that around there? [read more...]

Lawndale, CA

Weather in Franklin, TN? - 10/4/2006

How is the weather in Franklin, TN? Is there any tornadoes there? Hurricanes? Thank you Christine[read more...]

Katy, TX

Response to Shawna - 9/28/2006

Shawna, I would highly recommend moving to Franklin if you guys can afford it. The homes are not cheap in Franklin but the schools are very good. You may not find a lot of work in Franklin but there are many jobs in Nashville. As I mentioned in my review of Franklin, Franklin has the look of small town but its equipped with all of the big town features like nice restaurants, great shopping, great history etc. You also probably won't get nearly as much rain in Franklin but during the summer the temps can get pretty hot. I loved my time in Franklin and hope to get back real soon. Anyone can feel free to email me at if you'd like more details on life in Franklin, TN.[read more...]

Lawndale, CA

from Los Angeles, CA to Franklin, TN - 9/27/2006

My husband and I are thinking about relocating our family to Franklin, TN. Could someone who's done that move let us know. We are going on a 3 day trip to Franklin to check out the city, houses and school, but really would like to know more from someone who's doing the move or is thinking about it. Thank you. Christine[read more...]

Aberdeen, WA

to move our family or not...... - 9/26/2006

my husband and I are thinking about moving to the nashville area, is franklin a great place for children to grow up? we have 6 children ages 0-11. there really is nothing here at all and I mean nothing. we live in aberdeen washington and it rains ALOT!!!!!! the only reason we are still here is because of my husbands job. he builds mega million super yachts for westport shipyard. Is there plenty of work in the area? we are thinking of coming to visit to see if we like it but I know its so hard to tell on a visit if you actually want to live there. any help is super appreciated. thanks[read more...]

Katy, TX

Great city! - 9/19/2006

I loved living in Franklin. This city has the small town feel with all the big city extras. I've lived in Nashville and Franklin and now (unfortunately) living in Houston. I miss living in Franklin very much. Downtown Franklin has a small town feel with a square, an old style movie theater and very old historic homes. Yet Franklin still has many of the big city extras like a large 20 screen movie theater, great restaurants, parks and great shopping. Franklin is located in Williamson county and Williamson is the wealthiest county in Tennessee. The climate is great. Hot summers but nice crisp falls and mild winters. Frankin doesn't average much snow per year but they get enough the cover the ground and sometimes for sleding. Ice and sleet seem to be a bigger issue in the Nashville/Franklin areas. Franklin is surrounded by rolling hills and many rural farms and white picket fences. There are an abundance of trees and seeing the leaves change colors in the fall can be therapeutic. Franklin seems to be mainly white but since Franklin has the small town feel, everyone says hello to you. Some country music stars live in Franklin and several Tennessee Titans have taken up residence there as well. I find the people there very classy but not snotty. Homes can be expensive because as I mentioned, I believe its the wealthiest county. I look forward to the day when I can get back home to Franklin. I get home about once or twice a year now and from what I've seen it is really growing. I am hoping that it hasn't lost it's small town appeal. I would highly recommend living in Franklin for any considering a move to Nashville.[read more...]

Indianapolis, IN

I love Franklin, Tennessee! - 8/6/2006

I live here and after 39 years in the midwest wish I would have moved here sooner. These are the pluses of living here: Better schools Better attitudes Beautiful landscape No State Income Tax Utilities cheaper Housing cheaper in some areas No wall to wall subdivisions Historical Preservation top priority It's like living in Mayberry Job market is booming in Nashville which is only a 20-30 minute commute-new Nissan plant in Franklin, Saturn in Spring Hill, Dell in Nashville and more It is VERY safe-the other night we forgot and left our keys in the front door of our apartment. They were still in the door the next morning. We lived in Indianapolis before and we would have had "company" if we would have done that there! Here are the negatives: Sales tax is 9 1/2% BUT you can choose what you do or do not buy-remember your paycheck will be BIGGER here-also, if you like bulk shopping on taxable goods, you can cross over into KY which is only 1 hour north OR there is Sam's and Costco. Groceries are a tad bit more expensive here BUT there is always WalMart, Big Lots has groceries as well as Dollar General and places you wouldn't dream of AND there are fruit and veggie stands all over the place for good, fresh produce. And there is still Costco and Sam's. It's just an incredible place to live. My son hated school until we moved here. He is in a year round school and he loves it and is thriving. Churches are abundant. Family feel just about everywhere you go. Lot's of inexpensive and free things to do. We go walking downtown every Saturday night and take the Enjoue bicycle carriage ride for a nominal tip. He gives us a history lesson each week and takes us somewhere different each week as well. Hmmm...I love it here. [read more...]

Franklin, TN

High cost of living - 7/20/2006

Great place to live and the schools are wonderful. The cost of living here is high.[read more...]

Franklin, TN

Southern Hospitality - 4/14/2006

Friendliest nicest people with great hospitality to strangers relocating here![read more...]

Joe Dirt
Roseville, CA

Moving to Franklin from Los Angeles - 4/10/2006

I am interesting in moving my family to Franklin, TN. I know the education is good, what is the weather like? Is it really hot in the summer, cold in the winter, does it rain all the time, is it humid? It seems to be much more affordable then L.A., but I'm really hoping that it has trees and mountains.[read more...]

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