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Fort Myers, FL

I came down to the St. Pete / Tampa area from right outside of Chicago in 1999, and I have traveled all around the state of Florida to make sure that I made the right choice, and I did!!! Beach access is everywhere in Pinellas County (just head west from wherever you are). The beaches are beautiful during the day or at night. Pass-A-Grille Beach and anything between there and Indian Rocks Beach on Gulf Blvd. in absolutely stunning. The St. Pete Pier, North Shore Park, and The Vinoy Park areas are breathtaking as well. It is easy to navigate throughout St. Pete as the streets are arranged as a grid. Housing prices are still within reach for everyone. Tampa is just right over the stunning Howard Frankland Bridge, and while there is no Gulf beach access there, it is a beautiful city with much to offer. The St. Pete/Tampa area is Florida living at its finest!!!!

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Saint Petersburg, FL

housing varies from block to block - 7/1/2014

Overal and all things considered,St.Petersburg,Florida is a good place to live. We have a great EMS and heatlthcare service in our area. Certain neighborhoods are nice one block,not so nice the nect kind of thing,but we have some nice areas for the most part. Stay away from the southern side of the city as crime is high. It's a shame that the people south of Central Avenue don't seem to want to take care of their nieghborhood. You can have a 500k house on the next blocxk and a near condemned shack the block behind you in some parts of the city. Research before you move here,and you will be happy.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

Property Crime - A THIEVES PARADISE - 6/24/2014

Weekly thefts from property located at 7300 Central Avenue St. Petersburg,Florida 33707 Another theft last night. Sometimes I don't know why I bother. I am just growing plants for the thieves. I should probably just shut down the business. Then they will only steal my other things. No sales to speak of , only THEFT. Yesterday , I cut down all the flowering plumeria around the property to prevent more thefts and butchering of the plants. So instead of beautiful flowering plumeria blossoms to share with neighbors and friends , there are only stems and sticks. Nothing is safe in your yard or commercial property. Thieves will take whatever they like, whenever they want to. I have lost tools, plants, a truck, wood, metal railings, you name it, if they want it, it is theirs. No relief, and no satisfaction from the police. I would bet that theft insurance wouldn't be available here. If so , too expensive. Come on down tourists !!! and get your stuff stolen. Or better yet, come on down to Florida and steal our stuff, don't worry, it's ok, you won't get in any trouble

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Saint Petersburg, FL

Why are all the cops up here in the North side? - 1/31/2014

The cops In St Pete all hang out In the North end of town and avoid the South. I guess they might have to get out of their cars and do some sort of work If they go where the crime Is This town Is such a mess If you want service any place you go you have to out rude theses people. I have stopped going to any fast food place because they tend to have the worst service and a manager that just crawled off of a raft made out of inner tubes.

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John From Michigan
Saint Petersburg, FL

What's Not To Like? - 1/1/2014

Beautiful weather, walkable/livable/vibrant downtown, water/water/water, beaches/beaches/beaches, craft breweries, restaurants, arts/museums, Tampa Bay Rays, affordable housing, low taxes, nearby colleges, charm.

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Pinellas Park, FL

St. Pete and Tampa Bay Area - 7/21/2012

Great weather, low cost of living and lots to do.

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St. Petersburg, FL's okay. - 4/22/2011

I was born and raised in St Pete. The city USE to be very much divided. I'm black and I grew up on the south side. Crime was a regular to me...way higher than stats can show because more than half of the crime I personally experienced went unreported & was "handled" by the actual victim or victim's family. I actually did not even deal with white people on a daily basis until I started school at about 5 yrs old. The police and the civilian citizens do not have that great of a relationship between them. Meaning, if you called 911 you are lucky if anything gets done about the crime committed against you (no matter your race). And the people have no problem firing back at police. I thought I lived in a pretty decent place until I joined the military after high school and came back home. Now being home after getting out of the military, I'm no longer THAT use to the sirens, gunshots, and all of the crime infesting the city. There are better parts of the city to live in though. But, I think the beaches are nice but the cost of living is expensive. Unless you're an RN or a mortician it will be hard to find a decent job. It is more southern than most people think, but not too "red-neckish". And no matter where you go, or what neighborhood you live in within the state of Florida, you might end up a victim of theft or robbery.

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Alexandria, VA

St. Petersburg, FL Superior to Tampa, FL! - 1/25/2011

I lived in Tampa, Florida and traveled to St. Pete three times and discovered that they are night and day. I definitely loved St. Petersburg, the clean and landscaped streets, sidewalks, nice and varied stores and restaurants etc downtown, museums and arts, and of course the beautiful beaches. There are great colleges nearby and climate is wonderful, but of couse it is hotter in the summer. No place is perfect. I enjoyed it much more than Tampa, as Tampa had nothing but trailers, traffic, strip clubs, tattoo shops and streets with litter and neighborhoods without sidewalks. It also had horrible ratty sprawl. Of course St. Pete has some of that, but its downtown and beach areas are great. I enjoyed the cultural things it had to offer and the laid back atmosphere.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

saint pete - 7/4/2010

nice and beautiful but expensive

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St. Petersburg, FL

living in St. Pete. - 10/18/2009

the great things about living here: all the outdoor activities. It's best to love water sports and sports in general. Great outdoor eating establishments in all catagories in every price range. Best weather (locals will agree)- Oct-May. Summers have been steadily hotter every year for the last five years or so. Has always been a great place for self employment. Housing is affordable. People are friendly but caucious; now, not to burst your bubble about moving here but... utilities are higher than the national average. we are most concerned about the power company(we only have one). It would be nice to have some competition as we are stuck with whatever rate they choose to impose on us.general opinion from those who grew up here,like myself,; our gulf and bay breezes have been greatly compromized by all the condos built around the edges of the city. Don't let that scare you away. all I can say is "thank God for Louis Carrier"!

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St. Petersburg, FL

saint petersburg - 9/9/2009

saint petersburg is a very beautiful city to live in.

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Jacksonville, FL

Trailer trash heaven - 6/24/2009

When I first moved to Florida my intention was to live in St. Pete or Clearwater. I was really disappointed. First off, the median home price in St. Pete is so low because most of the homes are trailers or dbl-wides. I don't have anything against them, but it seems that the whole peninsula is covered with them from bay to gulf. Besides a few of the beaches and the view coming across the bridge from Tampa, there is not one attractive or beautiful area in the entire city. It's one gigantic mess covered with dilapidated buildings, industrial areas, warehouses, pawn shops, tattoo parlors, Indian run hotels, and porn shops.. There also aren't any good jobs there even if you have a college education or experience. Nearly every one there is a hick from Indiana or Michigan. It must be a geographical oddity in that respect. There is a constant stream, no matter where you go in the city, of hobos and junkies shuffling down the street. I wouldn't consider living here or, if you've never been here, vacationing here.

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St. Petersburg, FL

Still a decent place to live - 5/17/2009

This city is great for it's location, as it is close to Tampa and many beaches. However, the job market along with the housing costs are making it difficult to live here and still remain happy. The area is over populated now which is causing it hard to find employment. It is a great place to retire if you are lucky enough to have the means. Better yet it is a great vacation spot. Myself and my family are actually looking to head north out of Florida in search for alittle space around us. We will miss the beaches though.

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St. Petersburg, FL

Beautiful City - 4/30/2009

St. Petersburg, FL is a very beautiful city. It is a 20 minute drive to the airport and to Tampa, FL. Nice night life, awesome beaches & plenty of things to do.

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Seminole, FL

St Petersburg Beautiful? - 4/5/2009

Are you kidding me? This place is a nightmare from hell. The services here suck. I have never encountered crappier cable and phone service. The electric rates are astronomical. Progress Energy even admitted they charged Florida customers 23% higher than they do their Carolina customers BEFORE they jacked our rates up another 17%. People that inhabit this place are shiftless, lazy, rude crooks, thieves, amongst others. The mindset seems to be focused on when is my next lay, drunk, meth or crack fix. The beaches in this area are NOTHING to write home about unless you are from uglier hell holes like the east coast. The better beaches are in Sarasota. This place lacks culture, entertainment or any decent quality of life. I see why St Petersburg, FL was named SECOND ANGRIEST city in the United States. It certainly comes as NO SURPRISE. And gee, people tried to make me think it was just "me." Well according to studies reported in Men's Health, I beg to differ. The taxes and homeowners insurance rates have sky rocketed. To anyone thinking of moving here, DON'T! If seeking a warmer climate, check out Arizona (cheaper home prices) or San Diego, CA. There are no decent jobs to speak of here and the wages suck! Oh and recently, unemployment rate of 10.4%!!!!!

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St. Petersburg, FL

Bright Future ahead. - 2/17/2009

I have lived in St. Petersburg for 20+ years and I can tell you from personal experience as well as friends living here and neighboring towns that this city is the most desirable city to live in if you are planning on moving to the Tampa Bay area. We've always had the beaches but recently the past few years there has been a cultural renaissance in downtown St. Pete. There's a myriad of activities now like the annual grand prix, the new Dali museum on the way and of course the Rays! It's a very comfortable place to live and if you work in Tampa and don't mind the 30 minute commute time, then I recommend good ol' St. Pete.

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Safety Harbor, FL

Living in St. Petersburg, Florida 33704 - 11/10/2008

My wife and I moved to St. Petersburg Florida in 2000. As you can imagine the weather is one of the many reasons we moved to Florida. St. Petersburg offers the small town environment but is very progressive politically and of course most recently our sports teams have been doing very well. Most of our family is here as well so that makes it even better because we see each other more often. I would recommend the Tampa, St. Petersburg area to anyone who would like to slow the pace down a bit. Best regards, Merlin Tischler.

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St. Petersburg, FL

Recreation - 11/2/2008

There's a lot to do in this area. I love living close to the beach and several great places to eat and shop.

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Sparks, NV

Moving to St. Pete - 8/15/2008

My mother and I are moving to St. Pete and I would like to get a general idea of life there.

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St. Petersburg, FL

Live here better buy a gun - 8/10/2008

I have lived here since 1999 and have never seen the crime so bad as the last 2 years. House broken into twice. Attempted theft of my car twice, and motorcycle once. I live in a better part of St Pete. Drug dealers trying to sell you drugs or rob you all the time. The St Pete Police don't act like they care even after a motorcycle and car were stolen from where I live now a week apart. The mayor says the police have done everything by the book. I guess the law book says let the criminals run the streets. I am leaving this place and will never return.

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St. Petersburg, FL

Women Beware, Great Disrespect for Females in St P - 8/6/2008

If you are a woman from somewhere else you are in for a shock when you arrive, This is the Bimbo capital of Florida. I am a transplant from Texas and I have never seen women treated with such disrespect as I do here. The Pros of ST Pete are it's Geography and Climate, It is beautiful here and the climate is perfect if you are heat tolerant, lots of sun and a tropical feel, the water is clean and clear and nice, Unfortuanately........ The horrible people ruin it, The men here are beer guzzling, fishing, football, Hooter guys who think women are here to ogle. They treat women like prey to be hunted and sadly the local women go right along with this mentality, when I first arrived I thought there were hookers everywhere on the streets and then someone told me that is just the way the women dress here. This is NOT a place to have children and it is not a place to be married. Marriage is a joke here. This is one of the swinger strongholds of the United States and it shows. It is truly shocking, women will walk into the grocery store in a swimsuit. There are bimbo billboards everywhere and the Tampa Bay area has over 100 strip clubs and they are mixed right in with the main traffic areas. If you want to party and be chased around by men with the IQ of a doorknob then you will like it here, otherwise you need to turn right back around.

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