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St. Petersburg, FL

I'm Bitter Abt St Pete, But You Might Like It - 11/29/2020
I moved here because my fiance was going to school here and two rents didn't make sense. Visiting was always great! However, after living here for a couple years it's just a really grating place to be.

I could be described as leftist but find the substanceless and performative liberal nature of this city unpalatable. Politics, like the arts or veganism, are treated like accessories to one up with rather than actual things they care about. What more could you expect of empty, affluent people (or their 35 year old trust fund babies) who come here in troves acting like they've stumbled upon the next Portland. They get one good pizza place and they act like it's NYC. However, their over the top rude attitudes aren't as interesting as they think.

I've mostly run into these insufferable types downtown, but never in my life have I met so many rude people in such a small amount of time. I was born and raised in rural, religious towns with contrasting views and was not met with the degree of scorn I get with these "like minded" people in St Pete.

I lived in a poorer area and found my neighbors to be kind, similar to where I'm from (a small, poor town). But working downtown quickly reminded me why people spank their kids. A lot of business owners have been kind as well. But there's heaps of "all talk, no walk" folks that really dampen the mood.

This entitled attitude leaks into traffic as well, be prepared to get honked at for anything and cut off just bc the other driver feels they should be in front of you.

Food is overpriced because yes they do act like it's nyc and it's frankly just embarrassing (and hilarious) to see multitudes of swollen heads bopping around.

And maybe I'm just an ex baptist country bumpkin, but it's not entirely about your beliefs or hobbies or skills. It's about being kind and having a warmth about you. Without love there is no substance. I did try and still do try to hold onto that warmth, but St Pete makes it hard.

So if you're jaded, boring, and have some sort of brain rot where you think you're the main character amongst plebs, move to St Pete. JK. They have trees and restaurants! I've never heard of a place with those things!

And hey maybe I'm just too sensitive for wanting to walk down the street in the city I live without someone openly being a jerk. To be fair, city life isn't for me and I'm not insistent on my neighbor 10 acres over sharing my political views. But if you need the city and the hive mind to stay sane, maybe move here. It's fun for a little bit but it's not worth a lifetime.

Overall, it's more of a vacation city. I enjoy it in small amounts but beyond that, I really don't feel at home. If you're working class and from a small town, it's kinda jarring. And as a legitimate German american, I understand people sticking to themselves and being direct. But this in your face rudeness in St Pete is childish.

But you might like it here long term. Try things for yourself bc no one here knows your background or needs/wants.

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