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"Wonderful Southwest Climate in Sedona"

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Sedona, AZ

shopping - 4/10/2014

Everyday shopping is 20 miles away in Cottonwood. Art, novelty and tourist items are on every corner. The roads are narrow and parking is limited. It can take up to 20 minutes to drive 5 miles.

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West Palm Beach, FL

Living in Sedona - 1/12/2014

We moved to Florida from Flagstaff in 1988. Now that we are ready to live our dream, we will be headed to Sedona. Having lived here in Florida for close to 30 years, we are so excited about our relocation to Az., and primarily to Sedona that getting things lined up for us has been much easier than we thought. Probably because we have spent most of our adult lives saying how much we want to "retire" in Sedona! Small & quaint, is our desire. Just can't wait to get started. The reviews we read just excite us more. So, so long South Florida!

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Rego Park, NY

It is SMALL.. But that is part of the charm... - 8/29/2012

We have been vacationing in Sedona for 25 years and have rented houses there for long periods of time. I generally agree with Erikas excellent post. The town is small and you frequently need to leave the immediate area to get things. For example the Costco is in Prescott which is a day trip. Any major mall or dept atore shopping basically is a day trip too. BUT..... The town has a SUPER organic food supermarket as good as any in NY or California (New Frontiers) and there are several small strip malls with typical stores. I diasagree with Erika strongly on the restaurants though which are generally good... And there are several excellent ones.. Check Trip Advisor or Zagats. Look, Sedona is SMALL so you are not going to have the convienience of a much larger community. BUT as a result you are much closer then to the natural beauty of the area because its not built up. Sedona is a great 2nd or 3rd house community. Locals who have the money almost always have second homes (summer homes in Flagstaff or California or Hawaii).

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Chicago, IL

Where beauty lies - 11/25/2011

A great place to visit, hike and take in the views. Please read on if you plan to relocate here. I love it. Every place has pros and cons which are different for each person. I have lived in the Verde Valley for a year and a half. I am originally from New York State, I spent 16 years in Chicago, lived in NW MI, and many other varieties of lifestyles in cities and the country. I feel as if I have met and seen it all. We lived in West Sedona, and Cornville, so I have had the town life and the high desert country lifestyle in this area. The residents in Sedona tend to be older. The ethnic diversity is dominantly Caucasian and Hispanic. The lifestyle for most people revolve around spirituality and strong beliefs in whatever can be praised in this world. When I say whatever I mean anything goes. For the most part, fashion, makeup and hair styles are left up to the tourists. There are many salons and spas, but nothing most would consider trendy. If you want a psychic reading, you have more choices than restaurant selections. The restaurants, with the exception of a few percent, are plain and mostly for tourists with the dated menus and weak wine lists. There is not a lot of fine dining or chain restaurants, but you will pay a lot for mediocre food in the locally owned spots. Don't be surprised if you see a person on the streets outside the city of Sedona on horseback trying to get a cell phone signal. Radio is awful. Cell service is unreliable, no matter what your provider. I have never been to a place in the US with worse coverage. Have 4g? Forget it here. The Sedona and Verde Valley area housing goes two ways. You can afford a nice house, or you live in a trailer or manufactured home. There is not a lot in between. Sedona is beautiful. I fall in the with the views every day. The weather is nearly perfect all year with the exception of chilly winters and occasional rain a few times a year that confuses everyone and virtually stops life for some. You can not compare the weather to anywhere else in AZ. It is primarily a resort town, and most homeowners are second home buyers. If you have a large family, and need more than 3 bedrooms, pickings are slim, even with a big wallet. The city itself lacks everyday necessities, so plan to travel a good distance to find the supplies your life may need, Good medical care, car rentals and other facilities are out of reach. There are stores in Sedona, but it always seems every day I need something I can not find locally. I have children, and I put about 600 miles on my car in an a light week. You must have a car to get around. If you like to hike, bike and be one with what the area has to offer you can live here easily with a hearty income. The city has places to shop and a movie theatre, parks and a few small community programs, but if you like going out and meeting people, enjoying a bar scene, theatre, clubs, concerts and dining-forget it. It gets old quick. Your choices can be visited in a short time. Unless you want to travel to Phoenix or Flagstaff which have totally different climates and landscape than Sedona, it just isn't here. The farmers market is short, like in east and northern states, generally open only part of the year. It is small, limited and it has terrible parking. There is not a lot of "buy local" support. There are not many options for schools, but the city has state of the art facilities, supplies and money in the school district, but it is ever changing with the unsettled community. As all other areas of the country, even in the art capital of the southwest, which Sedona is, the art and music programs in the schools are short and disappointing. Organized Sports for kids such as football and soccer here but are very un-organized and really do not exist for adults. There is no nightlife, even on the weekends most businesses close at 9 or by 10 pm. The job market is non existent for many careers. If you plan to work here, have your job lines up first as the job market is very limited. If you like a small town feel, with great weather, this is it.

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Wheaton, IL

Nice place for vacation! - 6/23/2011

I was only here for a vacation but did find the hills and natural beauty very restorative and rejuvenating. My friend and I went for a 2 hour hike(the Airport Loop) in the hills and I felt like I had reconnected w/ a part of me that was lost. The air was so fresh and clear and the night sky was stunning! I was so relaxed during our hike that I took off my shorts and hiked in my undies b/c the air was so refreshing...then my friend did the same thing. We have the best memories of Sedona and hope to return next year!

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Columbia, MD

Relocating - 4/6/2011

I am trying to relocated to Sedona AZ, I've never been there it's just calling me and I feel the need to get there this summer.I am trying to find a place where I'm close to shopping and everything. Could anyone tell about some great places to live out there.

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Sedona, AZ

Sedona Sheep - 2/24/2010

I recently moved to the Verde Valley and landed a job in the Tourism industry to help pay the bills. I have never had to give up so much self respect in my life to land a job. Sedona is the most evil place on earth, there is nothing spiritual about it. These modern day sweat shops don't supply even basic neccessities for their employees. You must pay for your own training, certifications, and be expected to work for nothing unless you book a sale or a tour. These companys are hiring those of us that are so hungry we can't say no. If they continue to stifle the employees crime is only going to go up. People I work with must work 2 or 3 jobs to try and get by. The people that serve you in Sedona are peasants. Shame on all of you. Wake up and demand that the businesses you patronize pay their employees a fair wage.

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Sedona, AZ

Fragile beauty - 12/31/2009

Sedona should have been a National Park. It is in a transitional phase in danger of being wrecked by business and developers, or protected by environmentalists. We shall see what the outcome will be...

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Sedona, AZ

Paradise on Earth! - 11/13/2008

Sedona is the most beautiful place possible for a first or second home. Residents are friendly and welcoming, well educated, active in the community and just simply happy people! The envoronment is exceptional and promotes a healthy lifestyle. There are many organizations and activities that appeal to almost every interest, cultural events are plentiful and the weather allows for outdoor activities (golf, tennis, hiking, etc.) 12 months of the year. Artists as well as retired CEO's love it here. Many other amazing places in the west and our most beautiful national parks are within a day's drive. The cost of living is low compared to some other popular places in the west. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff and Prescott are a short drive away, but what a treat to then return to the serenity of home in this little Grand Canyon of the southwest!

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Scottsdale, AZ

Sedona is a tourist trap - 5/13/2008

I loved Sedona many years ago when it was truely spiritual now it is just a new age over priced tourist trap.Sedona's nature is absolutely beautiful which is why many move there but they soon realize it is a great place to visit not to live.The town is full of locals that are in religious cults(I'm serious) and if your not in their group they will not be friendly towards you.I would say take a long vacation there and really feel out the vibe before moving there.

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Sedona, AZ

Wonderful Southwest Climate in Sedona - 3/30/2008

Having lived in 10 states and 3 countries, I can honestly tell you that Sedona has the best climate of anywhere I've lived. We are located at about 4000 ft. above sea level. We do have 4 seasons, but they are on the mild side for the southwest. Sedona gets about 2-3 snowfalls a year, which is absolutely spectacular on the Red Rocks, but it has melted by the afternoon. No snowplows necessary. I believe we have about 10 days over 100 degrees/yr. Whatever you see for Phoenix temperature on the news, figure we are 10-15 degrees cooler and we are about 10 degrees warmer than Flagstaff. July is the hottest month with average high being 96 degrees. Our coolest month is January with the high average being 52 degrees and average low being 37 degrees. The highest himidty months are mid-July through mid-September which runs with the monsoon season. Some years the monsoon brings frequent rains during that time, and other years it doesn't produce the rains we'd like. Overall, it offers great year round weather, though the best weather months are March, April, May, October & November, which correspond to our busiest tourist months as well.

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Sedona, AZ

flat market - 3/26/2008

Sedona house prices approximately doubled between 2003 and 2006. Since then they have stagnated and come down a bit. The market is really quiet, but land and housing will always be scarce here due to lack of private land and use restrictions.

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Rimrock, AZ

Rimrock - 2/5/2008

Rimrock is a small country town approximately 5 miles north of Camp Verde, 25 minutes from Sedona and 45 miles south of Flagstaff. It's quiet, safe and the climate is moderate. Hotter than Flagstaff but cooler than Phoenix. It has a lot going for it. Close enough to Sedona to enjoy but a whole lot less expensive housing and cost of living. Very low crime and easy, relaxed living. Lots of historic native american ruins/sites. Hiking, nature, absolutely great place to live.

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Sedona, AZ

Weather Sedona - 11/4/2007

We have lived here in Sedona for 12 years which would categorize us as old-timers. If a person is active, loves the outdoors and takes advantage of being in a place where hiking is out your backdoor than this might be the place. It is remote in that medical facilities and specialists are not too numerous so state of health might be a factor in choosing this area as a place to live. Also shopping for major purchases might take you to Flagstaff (a beautiful 45 minute drive north) or to Phoenix (a two hour drive south) Summer temps are typically high 90's to low 100's June - September. Depending on your tolerance for heat, this should be a consideration, especially if this is your primary residence. Many folks migrate elsewhere in the summer.

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Sedona, AZ

the big downside to Sedona - 10/25/2007

Housing is expensive. The cheapest SFR, which is usually a manufactured home runs over 300K. The market is very slow right now, but prices are not coming down much.

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Sedona, AZ

Bring 2 million leave with one million - 10/15/2007

The price of food, housing and entertainment is very high in Sedona, The pe locals who used to be down to earth, are becoming very snobby. The others are the second-home buyers who are very much the Palm Springs crowd. It is a city of beauty and spiritualiy but it is overbuilt and destroying the red rocks for resorts and shops. Wages and benifits are very low. It is a beautiful place to visit though on the way to the Grand Canyon.

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Richmond, TX

Left after 10 years - 8/5/2007

Most everyone that moves to Sedona does so after falling in love with it on vacation. Tourist hit the city in Spring and Fall (Summer tourism is low because most people "think" it gets as hot as Phoenix). Here are a few things I learned from living there: Most people hold 3 jobs in order to make ends meet. Forget benefits or insurance coverage, employers don't offer them, they are just looking for part-timers. There are no malls, nearest is in Flagstaff 45-50 minutes away up a mountain. One emergency medical facility (cut off by a creek if you live in the Village of Oak Creek). The next largest medical facility (hospital) is in Cottonwood 40 minutes away. The only industry that thrives is tourism--resorts pay just barely above minimum wage and the hours are horrible. Retail slows down and lays off employees when tourism slows. Everything closes down at 9 pm. No night life at all. Street lights turn off. You are taxed and fee'd to death by the National Forest collecting parking and hiking fees. Traffic leading to the Sedona is basically one road in/one road out. If there is a stall or accident, expect delays! You wouldn't think so, but it snows in January/Feb./March and some years even into April. In 10 years there were 2 Easter Days with snow. People are extremely friendly and love their community and land basically because they choose to be there. Housing costs is outrageous. Check out home sales in Sedona on or others. Look for another place with the great climate, natural beauty and friendly people that is more affordable. (I'm still looking) As for Sedona, believe me, just keep visiting!

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Sedona, AZ

sedona - 4/8/2007

great climate many tourist!

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Sedona, AZ

Beautiful area, great climate - 1/15/2007

The red rock mountains are just astounding and there are sunny blue skies 6 days out of 7! Not too hot, not too cold. After living in Hawaii for 15 years, Sedona is a great area to live on the mainland.

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Jo Ana
Fernandina Beach, FL

Warm and Wonderful Cocoon - 12/10/2006

I lived in Sedona for 2 years, and loved a lot about it. It may be the most beautiful place I've ever lived, and the pace is easy, to say the least. Friendly people, everything(PO, supermarket, health food market) was 10 minutes away, but I felt a little isolated since the rest of the world is effectively 2 hours away.. Phoenix, the nearest "real" city and the airport are 2 hours away(and not a pleasant place at all), and of the alternatives- Flagstaff or Cottonwood-one's a drive straight up the mountain for 45 minutes, and the other doesn't really have more to offer than Sedona does. I am going back in January 2007 for a week or two, and I am really looking forward to it. I think the ideal way to enjoy Sedona is as a retreat from the hectic world, and the perfect situation would be, for those of us who love Sedona and still want to be "more of this world", to spend a couple of weeks now and again. It is astonishingly beautiful, with lots of galleries to explore, red rocks to hike in, great restaurants, and kind relaxed people. Highly highly recommend this wonderful place to visitors, and for those considering moving there, if you are ready to cocoon forever or for awhile, you couldn't do better than Sedona.

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