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North Richland Hills, TX

Too crowded - 6/18/2009

This place is going crazy with road construction and the traffic is bad. Also, the water smells and tastes terrible here. Otherwise its a nice town and its convenient to both Fort Worth and Dallas.

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Hurst, TX

a quiet diamond - 5/2/2007

This city is a precious gem among giants. The location is great; it lies east of Fort Worth and West of Dallas. Many major highways intersect on the outskirts of the city so it does not take away from its beauty and character. The city has more than a dozen well-maintained parks. It has an accredited police force that offers a citizen police academy and has vast community services, which work with the surrounding cities. Hurst takes pride on maintaining a high standard of quality of life for it citizens. Hurst also has two newly built shopping arena’s one a mall which the city managers offset the property taxes from homeowners to the retailers and have them supply the extra funding for public safety.

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Hurst, TX

weather - 3/1/2006

the weather veries every day

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