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"Oregon's Banana Belt"

Oregon's Banana Belt - 9/4/2006
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Castroville, CA

Brookings really is the subtropical banana belt of Oregon. Bananas grow in other parts of Western Oregon but it's in Brookings where they grow year 'round. There are also Phoenix canariensis, washingtonia and a number of other palms as well as citrus and other subtropicals thriving in Brookings. If you want to live in Oregon and grow a literal jungle of subtropical plants, move to Brookings or Gold Beach. You need to be able to handle 80" of rain but rarely will you get a frost on your pumpkin.

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Brookings, OR

Very small, very clickey, very expensive, not dive - 3/2/2014

Perfect climate. Bring your own wife or husband. Bring your own entertainment. Restaurants are few, prices high and quality low. Two hours from a mall and three to a good hospital. PERFECT CLIMATE![read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

Cost Of Living - 1/20/2014

Brookings Is No More Expensive Than Most Oregon Or Washington Towns. With A New Fred Meyers, You Can Buy Everything At A Good Price. The Beach,Rivers, And Mountains Are The Best. Great place For Retired People. They Have A New College. There Planning A New Hospital. The Banana Belt. Its Warmer Than Here In Lost Vegas- And I'm Moving To Brookings Next Week- It Don't Get Any Better.[read more...]

Brookings, OR

life - 10/20/2012

brookings is an expensive place too live. good resturaunts are hard to come by, people are rude and crude, think they are rich bur arent, more like wannabes[read more...]

Littleton, CO

Student/Teacher Ratio 579:1 ??? - 9/4/2010

Is this an error? Does anyone have any children in elementary schools in Brookings? I just found out Brookings existed and am ready to explore this little hidden gem in great detail. However if there are no schools there then where do the children get their education? Does anyone have any experience with the school system here who could give me some first hand info? I appreciate it![read more...]

Pittsburg, CA


I am planning to move up to Brookings in the near future. The problem is there is no dialysis centers within a 2 hour drive( Eureka, Grants Pass, Coos Bay). I would like to find out how many people from Crescent City to Gold beach require dialysis.I have been told by the centers that there are not enough people for them to require building a center. Iwould think that a center in Brookings would be a perfect place.Maybe more people would move there if there was a center.[read more...]

Brookings, OR

Banana Belt of Oregon - 7/29/2009

Briefly, Brookings is a great place to live and retire. Not too hot or too cold. Lots of mountains, trees and flowers. Beautiful coastline and beaches. Beautiful rivers and fishing. Safe harbor and boating. Thousands of oceanview properites. I'll bet half the town is retirees from California. Me too. The economy is no longer based arround lumber and fishing, now it's tourism and real estate. But, if you want a mall it's a 2 hour drive.[read more...]

Brookings, OR

Brookings Oregon is a great place to live - 5/28/2008

I moved my family up here from Southern California and will never go back. Where in the country can you buy an Oceanfront home for less than a million dollars that won't be under water in the next 25 years due to sea level rise. The people are friendly, the gas is cheaper, there's much less crime, no sales tax and they pump your gas for you. Brookings is a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Personally I think the air here is great. Take a trip up here, I guarantee you won't regret it and you might even stay like we did.[read more...]

Flagstaff, AZ

Beautiful coastline - 12/6/2007

My husband and I moved to Brookings in 2005. We were drawn to Brookings because of the beautiful coastline, cute small town, and pristine rivers. On a sunny day in the summer or fall, there is really no place quite like being on a beach in Brookings. We are big outdoors people, and got into rafting the Chetco and Smith Rivers. Most people in Brookings are retired, although there also seemed to be families with kids. As a young couple with no kids, we were in the minority. We lived there for a year before medical reasons and jobs took us inland to Medford. We found the people to be very friendly. They have cute festivals, and the community is very into yard sales. There is not a lot to do besides outdoor activities, but that was okay with us for the most part. The main drawback is the lack of a college (they do have a small community college extention building and a nice community library), jobs and the rain in the winter can be intense. It is pretty isolated as Grants Pass is 2 hours away. Summer and Fall are beautiful though, and you can grow a great garden.[read more...]

Castroville, CA

Oregon's Banana Belt - 9/4/2006

Brookings really is the subtropical banana belt of Oregon. Bananas grow in other parts of Western Oregon but it's in Brookings where they grow year 'round. There are also Phoenix canariensis, washingtonia and a number of other palms as well as citrus and other subtropicals thriving in Brookings. If you want to live in Oregon and grow a literal jungle of subtropical plants, move to Brookings or Gold Beach. You need to be able to handle 80" of rain but rarely will you get a frost on your pumpkin.[read more...]

Tolleson, AZ

Beautiful but out of reach....OR IS IT? - 8/1/2006

I read the comments about housing and cost of living. I too would like to be at a place where everything is cheap and also beautiful and strong economy. I do not believe such a thing exist. If it's cheap and beautiful, it's in the middle of nowhere. If it is beautiful and accessible/ strong economy it will not be cheap. However cheap is a relative term since Brookings compares to San Diego for climate comfort and it is not crowded it is way cheap! I am waiting to sell in Phoenix area to move to my purchased 6 acres w/ houses in Brookings and I can tell you that even though it was allot more than I wanted to pay, it was way cheaper than Phoenix. How much is quality of life and comfort index worth? No sales tax, low utility cost (plus cooling is almost non existent and heating is minimal), good to low property tax rate and assessments, coastal life, car insurance w/ the same carrier through AAA was exactly half of Phoenix and car tags are about $60.00 for two years instead of by value which saves me 3-500.00 per vehicle a year and true service stations one of only two states left (to my knowledge) that does not allow you to pump your own gas (every time I have been there still cheaper than Phx by a little). I say it is actually well within reach @ $250-$550k for a nice house depending on location and land size (again I paid more and it was outside of town by Whaleshead Beach), in a small community that has a lot going for it. However, if cheap is the goal for housing you could go to Texas at say Austin or Mount Pleasant just due East of Dallas (some of my older relatives are purchasing there right now) but look out for comfort index of only 20. Heat, humidity, crime, poor economy, sales and high property tax rates, low air quality and long allergy season. Save $100-$200k on initial housing cost but pay to keep it cool and de-humidified (on the inside anyway). If anyone can find high comfort index (no snow, low summer heat 80's, 40's average winter, rainy season in winter, 2 weeks of foggy weather late summer), low utility cost, good water and air quality, accessibility (close to large thoroughfare), beautiful w/ trees and or ocean, not even counting other cost of living factors......and then add cheap housing cost, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE IT IS CAUSE I'M BUYING. [read more...]

Brookings, OR

Bannana belt of Oregon - 7/16/2006

Brookings has a mild climate year round.[read more...]

Brookings, OR

Air quality - 6/26/2006

The air quality is poor here due to two wood mills, both of which pollute streams aswell.[read more...]

Brookings, OR

Beautiful but out of reach - 6/25/2006

My husband and I moved here to be closer to my family and settle down. We were aware of the high cost of living here but felt that with time we could find a place here we could afford. That has not come to pass and we are leaving. Young families can not afford to live here and buy a home. We make enough money that we should have a fairly nice house, but here we could barely afford a 20 year old double wide trailer on a lot. If you are retiring and have money to spare this is a wonderful place to live other wise it is not worth your time. The schools are under-funded and the sense of community in the town is very weak.[read more...]

Gardnerville, NV

Why is air quality score just 50? - 6/23/2006

Patrick, you made a comment that the air quality could be better. What is the cause of the degraded air---industry, highway 101 or what? I thought the air quality would be excellent, since the city is located near the ocean. I now live in a rural community in Northern Nevada, where the air quality score is 60, and I'm contemplating about moving to your small community, even though I know there are not enough physicians to service the people there. After experiencing four winter seasons here in Nevada, I think I'm ready for a change. I was originally a city boy from a large metropolitan area in Northern California and got spoiled by the temperate climate in the Bay Area.[read more...]

Buhl, ID

new life - 6/10/2006

small town Buhl Id. break even on cost of living need better air quaily[read more...]

Tolleson, AZ

climate - 10/4/2005

according to US Agg Maps grows citrus due to warmer winter days comparable to Phx. AZ but only average about 80 for summer temp. a small unique weather area.[read more...]