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"Overall a good place to live, but don't expect muc"

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Paris, TX

Paris - 10/8/2011

Paris is a very small city, it is basically for retirees, not much to offer here. The cost of living is the BEST thing I can say about Paris and that the people are friendly.

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Little Elm, TX

Don't move to Paris! - 10/26/2009

It is a small town with absolutely no diversity and nothing to do! The shopping is terrible. Your choice of restaurants is slim to none. High crime rate.

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Paris, TX

An outstanding place to live - 7/13/2009

If you like outdoor activities such as golfing, boating, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. then you can't beat living in Paris. The cost of living is great, the people are friendly and the weather is fantastic (if you like the heat). Pat Mayse lake is 10 miles north of town and has great boating, hiking, camping and moutain biking. Broken Bow Oklahoma is an hour away and provides more of the same as well as gorgeous landscapes. You can join the Paris Golf and Country Club for pennies on the dollar compared to bigger cities. There are also a lot of cultural activities to do as well such as the Paris Community Theater, Bywaters Park where they show movies and hold concerts, Love Civic Center where they have some pretty good concerts and the local bars have a great music scene as well. In short, you can do just about everything in Paris you can in a bigger city, there's just one of each thing instead of a hundred. That comes at the benefit of being a dirt cheap place to live. In addition to the cost, there is no traffic, and life is simpler here so people are not stressed and are very pleasant to deal with. Having been raised in the big cities of the Northeast, Paris is a real joy to live in. So much so, we moved back here after being away for a few years.

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Paris, TX

Attenction! Need your oppions - 6/1/2009

I am fixing to be a first time mom and I am worried about the crime rates in Paris I have lived here in Paris my whole life I also believe that one of those big reasons is because there is nothing to do in paris for young teens and adults how can I make a difference?

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Paris, TX

Overall a good place to live, but don't expect muc - 5/11/2009

Paris is a nice, fairly safe place to live, but there is little to do. It is a good place to raise children, but because there is so little to do, some get into trouble with drugs and/or drinking. The drug problem is one reason the crime rate is so high here. There is usually about one activity a month at the town square or convention center and a fairly large arts community with a community theatre, but otherwise most activities revolve around one's local church: there are lots of revivals and other church-related social functions. There are a few honky tonks and one wine bar with very strange hours, but overall living in the town is boring, especially if one doesn't like either the religious or honky tonk extreme. Given the higher income level and sophiscation of many of the citizens (compared to other small towns in Texas), it is somewhat surprising that there is so little to do. Although come to think of it, most are probably busy raising their families. Dallas is less than two hours away and many of my friends go for activities there.

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Dallas, TX

Why is your Crime rate so high? - 10/21/2008

If you have an adequate police department why is your crime rate 2.5 times higher than other Texas cities? I'm looking for a place to mover to, but your excessive crime rate has detoured me from Paris.

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Friendsville, PA

pretty good living - 10/4/2008

Best year-round climate! It has four seasons: long spring and summer, long fall and short winters. Wonderful place for retirees. Small cozy city; you can go anywhere you need to go in the city under 15 minutes. Many modern medical facilities. Low taxes, low housing prices. Lots of churches...all well-attended. Community theater and a community college and many wonderful small-town spirited activities. Big city Dallas/Fort Worth convenient...about an hour away. More job opportunities than most small towns, but good solid skills are a plus in any small city. I don't know how other cities in the area fare, but I'd say the water and electric rates are a tad high in Paris. Property taxes seem fair.

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Paris, TX

My Town of Paris - 9/21/2008

If you are looking for a quaint not too small town Paris, Texas is a good choice. It is close to the natural beauty of SE Oklahoma, has a small junior college, excellent hospitals, a well developed, long established and very active community theater. Three school districts and a very quaint downtown with a beautiful fountain.

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Paris, TX

Paris,TX - 9/7/2008

Paris is a nice place to raise children, but I am a single parent of 2 teenagers and, when children grow up they want to go and do more things and Paris is very limited in that area. I would like to for once have a career that I enjoy and can possible make a decent living off of. But all in all Paris is a great place.Just time for a change.

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Paris, TX

climate in this area -North East Texas - 6/12/2006

moderate temperatures throughout the year with hot summers. Winter temps normally do not stay below freezing more than a few days. Some sub freezing temps but for short periods. Golfers and those who like the outdoors love the winter temperature because you can normally do things outside without worrying about heavy clothing. In walking, hunting, or gardening, normally only a light jacket or windbreaker is needed in winter time. Summers are hot but bearable if you are 1. not working hard outside, 2. near or in the water, or 3. have a nice a/c at home or in your favorite hangout. 4. If you are in good condition and possibly younger than me! We generally have adequate rainfall (avg 45 " per year) to fill the lakes and ponds and not require constant watering of lawns.

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Portland, OR

THE BEST !!! ..... - 1/21/2006 Natassia Kinsky ever made !!

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