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"low on blo."

low on blo. - 12/4/2011
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Buffalo, NY

people are not high on life

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South Wales, NY

Cost of Living - 5/8/2013

The region provides a good value in terms of cost of living when compared to other metro areas.[read more...]

Rochester, NY

Winters are too brutal - 4/19/2013

Winters in Buffalo are the worst. Many grey, overcast days and you often don't get to see the sun for a few days at a time. It is bitterly cold and it is not uncommon to have daily highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits. The snow is exasperating. If 4 feet of snow falls in a 24 hr period, oh well, just another work/school day. A snow blower is a necessity around here. Summers though are gorgeous even though they can be hot and sticky (humid). You will need a/c, or at least a fan, or you will be too uncomfortable to sleep at night. [read more...]

Pennington, NJ

great place to live - 4/2/2013

I lived in Buffalo over 30 years ago and loved it at that time. I returned for the first time last year and was amazed at the positive changes that have been made. the downtown and the waterfront have had a great deal of revitalization. The friendly people remain and the cultural opportunities are outstanding.Buffalo was named by Sperling as the second, after Pittsburgh,best city to relocate to.+ Buffalo does get snow but it doesn't have the dangerous weather that the popular sun belt cities have .The lake which causes the snow also protects the city from violent weather. Buffalo has a higher crime rate than New York City but it is much lower than Atlanta,Charlotte N.C,Tampa ,Dallas,Myrtle Beach and Miami I might consider retiring here. [read more...]

New York, NY

Where in FL to buy an early retirement home? - 11/9/2012

Hi, I'm 46 and plan on retiring from work at 50, but not life, ehehe. I'm from Canada so I don't know much at all about the demographics of FL, social norms and rules. I want to buy a small property because I hate house chores, but need quiet place, crime free, bigot free, but lively, lots of life and things to do. I was think of Cape Coral because it is 2nd safest city in FL but I would have like to be more on the west coast. Can anyone in FL tell me about your place and why it would or would not be a good place for me?[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

My Time in Buffalo - 9/7/2012

I was born in Buffalo and most of my Mom's family and a few of my sisters still live there, while I do not. As a kid buffalo was great! The pizza was the best in the world! But as a I got older I began to feel uneasy there. Im not sure if the city changed or I did. However I do come home for visits often and throughly enjoy summer. Not a fan of the winters. Buffalo has it's own charm if really like being in a populated place but that also means being in a crowded place. The houses for the most part are very close together. But then there are always the suburbs where there is more space. My family always jokes that there are only two seasons in Buffalo, Winter and road work. Truthfully the roads are awful, but on a pluss side if you like history there are still little pieces of road done in brick. There was one in my Grandmother's neighborhood when I was growing up. However the roads being older in the city means they're very narrow and so in some parts traffic is kinda a pain. But then again now I live in Tn and it's still a pain. The people are varied in Buffalo as well. Some of them are amazingly helpfull espeacial when you're 17 and get your car stuck in a snow bank. However like everywhere there are the ones that drive you crazy! To me though they seemed to be in a higher density in Buffalo some days and others they all disapeared lol. I was never a fan of school in Buffalo either espeacial after going to school in ID after we moved. However my sister Tabitha much prefered it! As a kid though espeacially in the summer there is no where else that I would have rather been. There are parks everywhere! As well as mister frosty who I greatly missed when we moved away. Six Flags was always fun! All in all it's not for me but that's me. I would not say it isn't a good place to live, because it is. It's unique and full of history, excitement and amazing food, but not very hippy-chrunchy friendly. lol (lots of meat based foods.)[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

The Real Buffalo - 5/30/2012

I'm reviewing this as a 28 year old man who has been a Buffalo born and bred resident and lived here all my life. I will try to be as unbiased and helpful as possible. The food/restaurant selection and quality is really second to none in the entire country, (except maybe Chicago). The architecture here is phenomenal. Want to live in a palatial mansion for around 500,000? You can do it here in one of our distinct Delaware or Elmwood districts. But for a far shorter price, say around 75k, you can get a solid home in very good shape in a nice neighborhood. Far, far less depending on the area as well. Some homes around our UB south Campus sell in the 40-50k range and with that of course comes a drunken college crowd. The seasons are as follows. Hot summers for around 80 days. Cold winters with little sunshine, (except for 2012, unseasonably warm). Global warming perhaps?? Bring your Vitamin D for December through March to not fall into the winter blues. Short Spring and Fall but nonetheless, four seasons. Plenty of things to do related to performing arts within the city. Cross into Canada within 5 minutes of downtown Buffalo and Toronto within an 1.5hr. Close to Pa and Oh. If you want an easy escape to half the country's population within a day of driving, Buffalo is a gateway city. Great education with colleges and universities here. Good museums, very walkable, though I walk everywhere so I'm used to it. Easy to get to suburbs and pricier, but worth it in areas such as Williamsville, Clarence, Amherst. Beloved Buffalo Bills are a constant disappointment but entertaining enough. Sabres are a good hockey team to cheer on with a nice cold beer and chicken wings. Minor league baseball, college hoops and the like. Violent crime can be rampant. If you already come from a pretty tough place, you should be okay if you mind your business in certain parts of town and be wise after 9. The "Chippewa Strip" consists of a dozen or so clubs that represent Buffalo's safest night scene. Diverse city for sure but some racial tension can be felt and the city is basically divided into 4 parts. East Side, mostly black, South Buffalo, mostly white, North Buffalo, an Italian area but very diverse with all races. The West Side, mostly Hispanic but a ton of foreigners and refugees live there as well. Riverside could be considered a fifth side of town but is basically a "sub-district" encompassing part of N Buffalo, the westside and the back yard of Kenmore, ( a small village essentially still connected to Buffalo and not always distinguished as separate from the city). Elmwood Village is our trendy, artsy, cool scene. Dog walkers, hooka smokers, eclectic types, cafe lovers, you'll have a field day on Elmwood. Delaware Park is a great places to stay fit in the summer. Buy a house outside the city such as in West Seneca or perhaps Cheektowaga for a little better quality of a home and safety. The dating scene is what you make it. Diverse age groups and you can always find singles partying at the very least. Our downtown is a snore. Not much to do AT ALL down there except eat at select places or watch the ugly people at the Greyhound station. Public transportation is decent, you don't need a car but would likely want to have one, but you can get around. Light rail that just travels up Main St., mostly underground. Not complex at all like in other major cities. Big waste of money for the city. Often called, "The train that goes nowhere." We're close to Niagara Falls, which I call Pothole City. Niagara Falls is a wasteland essentially and the only reason to go there is to look at the Canadian side of the Falls with visitors. You cannot compare NF to Buffalo at all, there just close to each other, that's all. Overall, I'd say for cheap housing, great food, consistent theater and concerts, festivals year round and easy access to a lot of the country, Buffalo is a great choice. I've been considering moving to the northwest, (Portland), but will likely live here for as long as I can while traveling all over and knowing I have a place that I'm renting for 650/mo everything included in a good neighborhood. If you fear crime that is above average, looking for a thriving business community or jobs galore, want to be surrounded by in your face entertainment all day, this may not be the place for you. Democratic city for sure, especially in the last couple of decades. The jobs do suck as with the rest of the country, but if you have a small home based business that brings you in around 3k a month net like I do, you can live good, even with a family. If you're young and want to save up, it's a good middle of the road area. If your're nearing retirement, I honestly don't see anything for you here unless you like easy access to lakes. Buffalo is a charming city where most people are willing to help you out. Many neighbors will still shovel snow for you or walk down the block with a snowblower to clear the sidewalks. For kids under 18, it can be a decent place to raise them. So much opportunity for the city, so many empty promises. I look forward to what the next decade brings, likely the same as the last decade but it's my city. p.s., We don't take well to outsiders talking disrespectfully about our city, or for Buffaloninas to talk trash to outsiders and give us a bad name. You have to be from here or have lived here at least 10-15, (preferably 20 years+, lol)to be overly critical. [read more...]

Tonawanda, NY

Snowy - 2/18/2012

Of course![read more...]

Buffalo, NY

low on blo. - 12/4/2011

people are not high on life[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

The future of Buffalo??? - 9/16/2011

I was raised in Buffalo and left in 1996 to be a part of the construction/development boom in Charlotte and Miami. I have recently returned and their has been very little change since I left? A little development, mostly in the suburbs and a few warehouse conversions by local developers here and there in the downtown area. It is very sad, because Buffalo is truly a beautiful city with amazing turn of the century architecture, food, located within 20 minutes of Niagara Falls (which is another story),an hr and a half from Toronto, undeveloped water front and infrastructure already in place. I came here inspired and motivated to be a part of something big. However, I have quickly learned that vision is blurred here and change is a something of a fairy tale? I have had numerous meetings with local leaders and developers holdong prime downtown properties and discussed possible opportunities. Some being a city place or entertainment epicenter. I had local and national tenants such as chain restaurants, movie theater and bars interested in the possibilities, and to my surprise, I was shocked by the discouraging conversations?? The local leaders also wish to realize the dream, however, they all have continued to pass the blame on the local politics? The politicians pass the blame on Albany, debt, taxes and ect. It can all be fixed!!! Fire the city leaders that have had their positions since 1970! Re-elect from other regions such as Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta and other cities that has experienced high growth! Get rid of unions! Limit public assistance and motivate those on assistance to work! Hire better teachers and create job opportunities! There is a lot we can build on, medical R&D, technology, customer service and energy. We have some of the best private high schools (Nichols, Canisus, Nardin, Bflo Seminary and etc.) and universities (UB, Canisus) in the country. We have Mr. Pizza! And you cant get that anywhere! But seriously! Buffalo/Niagara can be great! And I would love to be a part of it! We need true change! A true wash of all current leaders! We need excitment and vision! Lee[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

A city with a variety of activites - 6/29/2011

I was born and raised in the Buffalo area. I am currently living in West Seneca, which is a suburb of Buffalo. Western New York is beautiful and has a lot of different activites. We have many different bodies of water nearby. Buffalo is on the coast of Lake Erie. Niagara river connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Actually the river flows over Niagara Falls, which is within half an hour. The finger Lakes are within 2-3 hours away and is absolutely beautiful. We have many other lakes nearby. We also have the Erie Canal if you're interested in the canal system and it's many locks. The Erie Canal is within half an hour as well. We have beautiful parks with trails as well as picnic shelters. Allegany State Park is within an hour and a half. As the name says, it's in the Allegany Mountains. In the summer we have a lot of free entertainment. Every weekend we have some kind of festival. Some of the festivals are the Art Festival, Taste of Buffalo, Italian Festival, Wing Festival, Eden Corn Festival, and many others throughout the area. Buffalo offers a lot of free music entertainment in the summer as well. Just about every day you can find a place to go listen to some free music either Downtown Buffalo, the waterfront, or other nearby areas. We have a lot of art in the Buffalo area. Sheas is located in Downtown Buffalo and you can go see Broadway plays, besides other venues that offer plays. We have Artpark, which also has free entertainment weekly. Once you get to know the area, there is plenty to do in the summer. As for the winter, we have ski resorts nearby. Kissing Bridge is half an hour from Buffalo and Holiday Valley is about an hour away. There's an outdoor ice skating rink in Downtown Buffalo. Chestnut Ridge Park is about 20 minutes from Downtown Buffalo and they offer sledding, cross country skiing, and tobaggan shoots if you're interested in tobagganing. If fishing is your thing, you can go ice fishing on Lake Erie as well as many of the other lakes. Autumn is absolutely beautiful with it's fall foliage, especially while driving through the hills and mountains. Buffalo is also known for its many restaurants. We do have the chain restaurants, but if you're from the area you know there are so many great restaurants so why bother with a chain. The Elmwood area, located in Buffalo, is known for it's art, sidewalk cafes, and shops. There's so many great things about the Buffalo, New York area that I can't just keep going on. Unfortunately there are some negatives that can be a problem. The job market isn't the best and the taxes are high. If you have the chance though, I definitely think you should check out the Buffalo, New York area. [read more...]

Covington, GA

living in buffalo - 12/16/2010

I was born and raised in the buffalo ny area namely Niagara falls ny, and I have always hated the place. You have to be crazy recommending that place to be one of the best cities to live in. I always thought something was wrong with me until I left there, those people in that area are crazy and totally unless. I left there the day I received my high school diploma and hate going back but my mother still lives there and I can only stand to be there for three days at the most. I quit going to church because I realized that I was born in hell so I have no fear of going there. The whole area should be torn down an made a ski resort, that's the only thing good I see the place could be. [read more...]

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Heart of the Super Shore - 10/27/2010

This night satellite photo of the lights of Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Erie PA is the basis for declaring the greater region as the Super Shore and Buffalo as it's heart. This shoreline is a feature of practically every North American TV weather program and as such is begging to be commercially exploited as a regional identifier. There are approximately 7,000,000 people living along the shores from Toronto to Erie, PA. Smart people who have chosen to live next to the preeminent source of fresh water. The region is centered on a thriving international border crossing and a world famous waterfall not to mention being within 500 miles of all the financial centers of the Northeast. Buffalo is a great place to live for a bunch of local reasons but the best way to bring ourselves to the attention of the global marketplace is by promoting the greater region. [read more...]

Buffalo, NY

Jobs and economy - 4/7/2010

The economy is very bad in Buffalo, since we have been going through economic problems for years the recessions has hurt us the least and that is a sad thing to say. there are not many careers and jobs in buffalo, other than telemarketing and collections.[read more...]

Akron, NY

Overall, a good place - 2/1/2010

Friendly people, average costs, longer commutes compared to where I moved from (Kalamazoo, MI), has many of the challenges of older urban areas.[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

ummmm - 1/25/2010

best food in the Nation[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

Cheap - 9/10/2009

Great![read more...]

West Palm Beach, FL

moving to buffalo - 8/2/2009

looking for a neighborhood where i am able to walk to shops, restaurants and bars[read more...]

Rochester, NY

taxes - 6/30/2009

Although housing is inexpensive, property taxes, state income taxes and increasing taxes on consumables, are onerous. Over 30% of the state's income taxes originated from Wall St. and with economic downturn and new regulation coming, taxes will increase. 1500 sqare foot townhouse= $6300, also among highest utilities in US. Buyer Beware.[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo NY - 4/23/2009

Cold, high crime rate, high obesity rate, high unemployment rate.[read more...]

Murrells Inlet, SC

City of Good Neighbors - 3/21/2009

I'm from the Buffalo area and you will not find a harder working, rough and tumble denizen than in Buffalo. Always willing to help friends, family and yes even strangers, I can't wait to get home. I've lived all over this great United States, but there has always been a sense of homesickness for my hard knock city, Buffalo. We are bad luck shlep rocks, I admit, but I would rather be counted among my fellow shlep rocks than be counted among any others. People leave Buffalo all the time, but you know what we have left? The people who really love the place, cold, snow, negative population growth, all of it. One day, I pray someone will step up to the plate and make this beautiful city shine again. Until then, I'll keep returning home where theres just no other place like it, to be with the people I feel in tune with. My city of good neighbors, Buffalo.[read more...]

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