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Canoga Park, CA

OVERALL VIEW - 11/4/2011


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San Fernando, CA

Nice resonably-priced working class burb of LA - 10/17/2009

To start off with this entry is for the City of San Fernando not the San Fernando Valley as whole. I wish people talking about the Valley as a whole and the many communities of LA would post there instead of here. The City of San Fernando is a small city 1 mile by 2.5 miles and only has about 23,000 people living here. It's a largely working class bedroom community for Los Angeles. The commute to most parts of the valley isn't that bad. It is served by 3 major freeways the 210, the 118 and the 5. Commuting into the basin or downtown could take 30 minutes to an hour but if you're commuting to another part of the valley say Burbank it's a 15 minute commute. It is one of the few places in the NW San Fernando Valley that is actually affordable and safe. Housing prices in Southern California are high but San Fernando isn't all that bad. I bought a house in '09 for around 200,000 and it's on a 7200 sq. ft. plot. Try buying something in Burbank, Studio City, or Northridge for 200,000. People always complain about cost of living but what we have a lot of beside high property values is jobs. I've seldom been out of work since I moved back. So is housing expensive in Socal? Yes. I would argue the City of San Fernando is an Oasis in the Valley for a decent if not glamorous place to live. Finally I'd like to say is that if you move to any part of Southern California and are offend by things written in Spanish then GO BACK HOME. There are a large number of Spanish speakers here and that isn't changing. If you are offended by signs in different languages I suggest you don't travel either. The USA is a land of immigrants unless you are Native American you came from somewhere else and hey the Spanish were the first Europeans on the continent to settle permanently. Spanish is the first European language to be spoken in California too. No, I'm not a Latino. My family is originally from England and Germany but we were in new world to fight in Revolutionary War. So I'm not some new comer to these shores but it would be nice if we could extend some hospitality to those who are.

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Chatsworth, CA

San Fernando Valley - Northwestern portion of LA. - 10/2/2009

I have lived in the San Fernando Valley practically my entire life. This is a part of Los Angeles that is far enough from the bustling downtown areas yet still with plenty to do. And the climate is unbeatable. However, it is expensive to live here: high State income tax, high sales taxes; generally, the cost of living is very high here with exception of property taxes which were capped at 1% by prop. 13 many years ago. Best of all is the variety of things to do and places to go. It takes about a half hour to get to some of the best beaches in the US. During the winter, great snow skiing is less than an hour away. The high deserts are close also. Culturally speaking, there is almost nothing missing here. Many actors and musicians live in this general area and we sometimes see them here and there. If you want to check out some of the nicest estates in the US, Beverly Hills and many other exclusive areas are nearby. I love it here, but as I approach retirement (I'm 56 yrs old now), I wonder if my retirement savings should be spent somewhere where they will go farther. I've checked out many places in the US but I don't think my wife and I can leave all this behind. Oh yes, and the hills, ocean, desert, etc are absolutely beautiful especially since the air quality is now superb in most areas.

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Sylmar, CA

Its okay - 8/14/2007

There are some nice parts but the biggest issue i can't drive down the street and read the billboards cause I don't speak spanish.

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San Fernando, CA

You Don't Always Get What You Pay For... - 7/6/2007

Everything here is way over-priced. From the water to the price of housing everything is jst outrageous. If you don't make $5k/mo you can't afford anything. Don't try raising a family because you'll need to get two jobs just to support one child. If you can avoid moving here then by all means do so.

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Canoga Park, CA

West Hills, California - 12/4/2006

West Hills is a wonderful community located in the Northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley. West Hills has a temperate climate and many fabulous views of the San Fernando Valley from it's hillsides.

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Granada Hills, CA

It's because the San Fernando Valley is part of th - 5/31/2006

Unfortunatley this just lists by actual incorporated cities, and most of the valley is the city of LA, with few exceptions like San Fernando and Burbank.

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Northridge, CA

Where are all the San Fernando Valley Cities? - 5/21/2006

I live in Northridge. The cost of living is unbelievable. As soon as I graduate college I'm leaving for a more affordable city.

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