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"Abilene...not the best or the worst city in Texas"

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Logan, UT

High Crime? - 5/9/2015

I am considering different places to move in Texas (from Utah) and am doing a little research on Abilene. I found article about growing crime there and was wondering how much of an issue this is. Are there a lot of bad neighborhoods?

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Abilene, TX

Abilene - 11/6/2011

Grew up in the Houston area and went to college at ACU. I just moved back to Abilene after 2 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and 8 in Houston. Upon first glance, there isn't much to do. There isn't a night life to speak of, except going to movies and eating at chain restaurants. Bars and clubs are either dives or 18+ hangouts. But, upon closer inspection there is usually something to do on the weekends for families and if you know where to find them, there are some pretty good restaurants. Theatre at the local colleges is pretty good, usually, and there is also a very decent, however small art museum at the Grace, downtown. And, if you like college and high school football, you will not find yourself wanting. Summers are hot and it might freeze or snow once or twice during the winter, but generally comfortable between Sept-May. One thing to remember is that this is a very conservative community, but I've found that, like just about anywhere, you can find like minded people who share your views, if you want. With the three universities in town there is a portion of the population that is opened-minded, educated and thoughtful on political as well as social matters. Plus, there is something satisfying about being in the minority when it comes to politics. Plus, people are nice here for the most part and you won't get tarred and feathered for voting for Obama. At least, I don't think you will

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Abilene, TX

Single scene is lacking for over 30 - 1/31/2009

I have lived here for five years being stationed at Dyess AFB. I love the sense of community here and the first I noticed was how friendly the people were. I have become a member of a wonderful church that have become my family. My only complaint this city is the lack of places to meet quality single men over the age of 30. This is a great place to raise a family because of the reasons I mentioned before but not the place to live in hopes of meeting a mate.

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Abilene, TX

Comfortable, Easy Living - 8/25/2008

Cost of living is low, pace of life is easy, climate is mild, people are friendly.

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Abilene, TX

Abilene...The Friendly Frontier - 5/31/2007

Abilene is known as "The Friendly Frontier" and it really lives up to the name plus the city has a lot of other great attributes. Growing up in a large metropolitian area I came to Abilene to attend college and have never left...choosing to raise my family here. Besides all the friendly people here, Abilene is home to the "10 minute rush hour" and has a very low crime rate and the unemployment rate here is very low...about the only people not working are those who choose not too. The sunsets here are unbelievable... they are so beautiful. If you are looking for a great place to slow down and enjoy life check out Abilene...it won't disappoint you...it didn't me.

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Trenton, GA

Never going back! - 1/30/2007

I was raised in Abilene and thankfully was able to move away after I turned 18. I will never be going back for anything other than visiting family for a short time. It is an ok place to live if you have never been out of Texas and don't know any better. It has flat as a pancake terrain except for the tiny brown hills around Buffalo Gap with mostly bushes that they like to call trees, and almost dried up, murky, muddy lakes with reddish brown water. Deffinatly wouldn't be appealing to the outdoorsy type. The most excitement that I can remmember when I was younger was the beuatiful lightning displays and having to take shelter whenever a tornado would be spotted over Dyess. Anyway, hate to sound so critical but I did grow up there so I should know. I wouldn't ever recommend moving to Abilene, you can deffinatly do better. Oh yea, and the schools that I went to really suck!

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Abilene, TX

Excellent Educational Institutions - 11/30/2006

Abilene has 3 universities as well as several technical colleges. The town is home to a large Air Force base. There are a large number of retirees in the community. The city has a huge Christian base and numerous churches.

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Abilene, TX

Hot - 5/4/2006

Climate here in abilene is hot. Also, like much of texas, we have pretty bad thunderstorms in the spring.

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Abilene, TX

Abilene...not the best or the worst city in Texas - 7/18/2005

Abilene, once rated in the top 100 best cities to live in, certainly is interesting. It is also known for its large number of churches per capita. Overall, the city (which has a small-town attitude) is an okay place to live if you are retired. Home to Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene has many residents who are transplanted. It is also home to three Christian based Universities: Abilene Christian University (Church of Christ), Hardin-Simmons University (Southern Baptist) and McMurry University (United Methodist). Unemployment rates are high for the size of the city. Most jobs available are those in retail or fast food. In the last 3 years, the Abilene Independent School District has had to close down a particularly large number of elementary and middle schools due to families leaving the city. Most families have had to move to larger cities in search of better paying jobs to raise families. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I would have to rate Abilene as a 4 of best cities to live in - due to its unemployment rate, poverty level, and lack of culture.

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