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"Reno's a great place to live"

Reno's a great place to live - 8/27/2008
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Reno, NV

I’ve lived in New York City, Hawaii, Alaska, North & Southern California and the Reno area is a great place to live. More so if you’ve managed to escape from behind the ‘Tofu Curtain’ also known as the Volks Republik of California (yes I’m an ex- Californian). More high tech companies are bailing from California every week and many are relocating to Northern Nevada and not just because of the confiscatory tax rates (but frankly that’s more than enough for a reason). Reno has a better quality of life, decent freedom loving Americans, as well as a State wide pro-business atmosphere (unlike California). 2007 saw more citizens leaving California than came in, EXCEPT for illegal aliens, who are now coming in at a record rate, as other western states crack down because they don’t want to become “another” California.

Crime? Spare me, for the population size Reno has nothing compared to ANY similar size city in the once golden State. Ever wonder why the majority of retired law enforcement officers leave California and move to (wait for it….) Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, & Utah, in that order?

There are plenty of things to do other than gambling as others have stated. Reno has the mountains, Lake Tahoe, ample outdoor activities for the healthy outdoors life style set and lot’s of other social activates. There really is something for everyone in Reno.

Back to quality of life, of course not paying State income taxes! So if you work hard you get to keep more of it. What a concept! Those who may be a product of the California public school system or no desire to be intellectually honest, low tax rates means lack of “free” (AKA taxes) social services, so indeed there is the incentive to be productive and make something of yourself, instead of being a slacker hanging on the teat of the nanny state. That translates that vagrants don’t hang around for very long - they do indeed get on the bus to California next door.

Love freedom and self reliance; by all means come to Reno! You won’t regret it.

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Reno, NV

reno, Nevada-the only city in America that can get - 12/5/2013

people in reno are genuine and decent. good disabled community, no attitude here. among the driest cities in usa, so lather up with sunscreen. rtc is considered the best small bus system in america. very tough place for men and women to meet-like asocialness rules but you have to match reno with rest of country and since the top 20 cities are for supergeeeks and expensive, reno looks pretty good. everyone complains about their city. that's life. not the best city for young people. actuallly if i were young, i would go nuts living here- gay community is even a joke but good for geezers. good for disabled. with large hispanic population, hispanic community is muy agradable. reno should be 50 per cent hispanic within 10 years. botttom line good city for married people-for single people take a gun and shoot yourself. a friend of Howie Stern, i try to call it like it. university of Nevada should have better sports teams but this is a midsized city-and the casinos while not as popular as in days off old still dominate. medical care is improving. you would have to compare reno to spokane, winters too cold or tacoma, less sun but not as cold in winter. loook midsize cities are generally uneventful. but reno works hard at trying to put on a show /hot august nights and reno is artown are the best 2 shows in town. Reno is trying hard to make a new district called midtown happen. Whether it will or not will determine to some extent whether reno becomes a desired city. .and when i mean desired, i mean for young white 20's who are on the cutting edge. The dryness and lack of greenary are downers. the decency of typical renoite is an upper. if this city was more social, like a bit of Brooklyn Heights, this place would reach desired status but it is what it is-a city trying to figure out where to go beyond warehouses and casinos. Because america is in general a mess, reno looks good by default. even the homeless are prety nice. i hear there is crime, meth, and other bad stuff happening but somehow the decency of the citizenry masks it. [read more...]


housing and cost of living in california - 8/5/2013

housing and cost of living in California makes it very difficult for me and my family and tired of high desert living want 4 seasons [read more...]

Rochester, NY

Beautiful; but, has issues - 12/2/2012

The cost of kiving in this very beautiful area is great. The city is relatively flat, so it is good for cyclists, south of I-80. The constant wind didn't bother me; although, it was annoying at times. The housing costs are cheap, compared to most cosmopolitan cities; i.e., San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. When it snows, the landscape is gorgeous; this is a ski area, making snow a good thing. Now the negatives: 1 shopping mall in Reno; there is an outdoor mall in Sparks; it is decent, but not great. The Sparks mall is far away from Downtown. Too many wannabe cowboys live in Reno/Sparks, making driving or cycling dangerous at times. Constant work on Virginia Ave, all year long. Vegan food is extremely difficult to find and restaurants serve mostly carnivoires. Overall, Reno/Sparks can be socially conservative, making it a bad area for the GLBT population. [read more...]

Reno, NV

NOT a place to live if you're single! - 7/23/2012

If you're married, retired, affluent or have kids, it can be great here, IF you like the winds that blow you half way across the continent almost daily, desert heat that scorches you to death (that's summer) or the same winds that blow you half way across the continent, cold, cold weather and the wind chill that drops the temp. 10 degrees, black ice, and snow (that's winter). Spring can be challenging and usually lasts two or three days, summer 3 months of scorch, fall of 2 months which can be pleasant (except for the winds) and then winter cold that lasts 6 months. People are small town friendly, they just don't want to be your friend. I've been here ten years and still don't have a friend to hang out with in spite of joining various churches, and groups. So go figure. Retired, affluent and married is the best bet here; you'll fit in right away; and DON't be an outdoor enthusiast because those winds will keep you in A LOT. For a small town, it is very expensive to live here. The trek over the Sierras to Sacto or the Bay Area gets tiring going thru the windy mountains. Basically, I am so, so sorry I moved here and am looking forward to moving back to the Bay Area temperate climate, ocean air and LOTS to do that Reno will never have. The city will stay a small, crappy town with those smelly casinos and crappy downtown area. The only pretty place is first street and the river, which you can traverse in about 10 minutes.[read more...]

Sun Valley, NV

no future - 7/10/2012

Reno sucks there's no jobs and no opportunities if you are thinking about starting a new career this is not the place to live nor las vegas the counsel board of nevada is stupid because they don't know how to make better improvement for new businesses or for tourists to visit to promote jobs and make money for the city this town is sloppy i can't wait to leave i hate it.[read more...]

Reno, NV

windy - 6/1/2012

Primarily two seasons...winter and summer. Very short spring and fall. LONG winter, but not too cold and snows primarily in the mountains. Summers are warm, but with low humidity and it cools off nice after sunset. Often very windy.[read more...]

Reno, NV

The Great Outdoors - 2/27/2012

If you are an avid outdoors-person, you will adore Reno's 340 days of sunshine. Whether the weather is during the spring, summer, winter, or fall you can spend most of it outdoors while feeling the warmth of the sun. If you like the rain and overcast skies, then Reno, NV isn't for you.[read more...]

Reno, NV

Its not a great place to live - 1/9/2012

ive lived in reno all my life 19 years and reno is would be best just for a couple day visit but to live here is another story one major thing is economy wise its very hard to get a job here also not very affordable to live here it is expencive prices r expencive sales tax is high buying cars here will cost an arm and leg dont expect things cheap here also there is alot of drugs in this city such as anywere from marjuana cocaine crack heroin pills all the way to crystal meth so when ur downtown youll pass quite a few drug addicts begging for cash saying they need to pay for there "medicine" or need to feed there "child" also homeless people theres alot of crazies and most of all alot of disrespectful people threw out not just in reno but all of washoe county another crime is robbery and burgalars do to economy robbery has been a problem so secure ur house and hide tha ipod in ur car and make sure evrythings secure and locked also cops tend to not do the best job here they rather catch someone goin 5 over tha speed limit then go to investigate an armed robbery its also very dirty hear not very clean u basically dont even wanna sit on the public benchesi will soon be moving out of reno to a hole new better state and city were economy is much better because economy is my biggest problem but besides the bad visiting during an event in the summer would be fun such ass rib cook off balloon races air races and my personal favorite hot august nights to see classic cars for 7 days and many other events so in conclusion visiting: yes. living here: NO NO NO [read more...]

Leander, TX

Thinking about moving to Reno - 11/17/2011

I am thinking about moving to Reno Nv this summer of 2012. I have been reading and researching that city for a while and found a lot of positive reviews and comments about Reno and fewer negatives about Reno. No city in the USA or in the world is perfect. But overall Reno is a lot better than most cities in the United State and better than all the cities in Texas where I live. Reno is the number 9 best place to live in this country. I am getting very very tired of the climate in Texas because its so awful for seven months and its the summer in Tx that is awful and I heard that Reno has a very nice weather only nine inches of rain a year and 24 inches of snow and low humidity during summer compare to Texas. The surrounding mountains is just beautiful with snow on it all year and here in Texas we don't have that. I like the facts that there is a ton of things to do in Reno like hiking, camping, playing golf, bike riding, skiing, and much more things to do there in Reno Area. Any body reading my comments about Reno I need your opinion and where in Reno is the best area to live. I heard that sw and nw reno is nice area. I am getting tired of Texas and can't wait to move out of Texas and I want to make sure if Reno is the place where my family and I will be happy and the last time I visit Reno was in June of 2011 and overall I like everything about Reno because is a pretty town and so close to everything and its does not look boring at all compare to cities in Tx. I need people living in Reno opinion and informations about Reno that will be very helpful. Thank you. Jay[read more...]

Leander, TX

A Very nice city to visit - 8/3/2011

I just recently visited Reno Nv in early June of 2011 and overall about Reno its was very nice two day visit on my way to Oregon. The people living there are very nice because I notice that when I eat in restaurant and a stop for an oil change. The people there are so much friendlier than Texas people. I don't know why some of the reviews are saying that the people there are horrible because I didn't notice that at all maybe they are meeting the visiter from other places that don't lve in Reno. I love the surrounding snow cap mountains west of Reno its very beautiful mountains. Very comforable climate in Reno compare to Texas where Texas is so hot and humid. Its was in the upper 70's in Reno when I visit there in early June. Downtown was very neat and nice but there was a few rough people but its not bad at all compare to Las Vegas. Its more older people visiting Reno to gamble which I like that because you don't have to worry about young rowdy people acting bad. The housing and shopping centers and all the other buildings are very nice and its very clean there maybe because I was in the right area. One cool thing about Reno is so close to Lake Tahoe and a ton of stuff to do there like hiking, camping, skiing, and bike riding and those things are to do in the mountains and its very close by only about 20 miles. I was thinking about moving there just to be closer to California and Oregon but I worry about the unemployment rate being close to 12 percent I don't understand why is so high because I notice its looks so busy everywhere in Reno. But I would love to visit Reno again in the near future. Its a great place to visit to get away from the heat and only travel 30 minutes to Lake Tahoe. The Reno airport was very nice and its not very big or crowded. I recommend Reno over Las Vegas and I don't care for Las Vegas very much because of lot of werid people in Vegas.[read more...]

Sparks, NV

Reno Living - 6/20/2011

Reno is an upbeat city, with plenty of activities to do. Most organizations in our community hold events on weekends and its a chance to see the area. Such events include, The Reno Wine Walk, Reno Beer Crawl, Artown, movies in the park, 5k/10k run, bicycle through downtown, new condos with city skyline views, many many more.[read more...]

Reno, NV

Overall a great city - 5/26/2011

I’ve lived here with my wife and son for 6 years and still sometimes feel like I’m on vacation. We moved from the San Fernando Valley in California after living there 5 years. Climate: Reno has a great climate most of the time. The locals have a saying, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes”. Since Reno is considered a “high desert” conditions can change quickly, and temperatures in the same day can vary by up to 40 degrees. Humidity all year long is in the single digits. Summer days are hot and sunny…usually around 90 from late June to early September with a week or 2 around 100. Temps fall to the upper 50’s at night. There’s a very short spring and fall with all of the rain for the year happening during the spring. After the end of May you won’t see another drop of rain (or clouds for that matter) until the end of September. Winter usually starts by mid-November and ends by mid-April, with temps ranging from mid-20’s to mid-30’s. The snow melts quickly most of the time except for the 2 or 3 times it falls 8-12 inches. Every few years a 2-3 foot dump will hit. Keep in mind that snow means snowboarding (or skiing) in Tahoe, and no snow means…you get it. Probably the biggest drawback here is the wind. It’s pretty constant and can get quite gusty (you’ll need cast iron lawn furniture). Another drawback is that there’s little greenery (it’s very brown). Economy: Currently hurting. Things were booming back in 2006 up until housing crashed followed by the overall economy. Two of the larger industries, construction and casino/hotels, were hit hardest. Unemployment is still a few percent above the national average. There’s a high foreclosure rate, and a lot of vacant store space. Hopefully when the housing market works out the excess the economy will pick up. Crime: It’s probably lower than a typical city of this size, but it depends on what part of town you’re in. I live in the NW where crime is almost nonexistent. The SW is also very nice. Once you get east of Virginia St. (which runs N/S down the middle) it’s hit or miss. Downtown Reno, where all the casinos and night life is, is dirtier than it should be, but overall not much different than most big cities (downtown L.A. had endless miles of filth). Activities: Awesome. Lake Tahoe is about 30 minutes away with some of the country’s best ski resorts, and a beautiful lake to swim and beach in the summer. There are big city events most of the year including Hot August Nights (about 5,000 classic cars), Street Vibrations (Harley hog heaven), BBQ Rib Cook-Off, Art Festivals, Brews Brothers (microbrew festival), hot air balloon races, Reno Rodeo, Burning Man (if you’re into that kind of thing), and various others. Also lots of golfing, hiking and biking trails, off-roading, fishing (California is just over the border), great shows (famous bands and comics) in nice casino venues that are easy to book (no major stadium hassle), also an awesome semi-pro baseball team and new stadium.[read more...]

Mary Anne
Reno, NV

Excellent retirement City - 4/19/2011

I have lived in Reno, NV for 6 years now and what a place. It has everything and anything a person would desire...small town, fantastic climate, 24/7 town, low crime rate compared to Vegas and other cities, public transportation, great doctors & hospitals, down-to-earth communities, low cost housing, many indoor-outdoor activities, dog lovers and dog parks, animal friendly town, numerous restaurants for different food tastes and pricing, college friendly town, lots of sports events, museums, pioneer cultural center, water sports, and of course, casino's galore. Lake Tahoe is also close with skiing, gorgeous beaches, fun-loving nightlife, and dinner cruises. Reno is "heaven on earth". I was born & raised in NJ that had limitted opportunites in every area. :)[read more...]

Reno, NV

Outdoor Playground - 4/6/2011

If you love the outdoors, you will love living in Reno.[read more...]

Reno, NV

What I like (and Don't Like) about living here - 11/23/2010

I am originally from Massachusetts, I have never lived anywhere else and moved here sort of as a "trial". But I am getting homesick and thus am relocating back east next month. Pros:the summer is beautiful, if you like sunny days (which I do) TONS of stuff to do outdoors (biking, hiking, jogging, skiing) overall friendly, laidback atmosphere easy to navigate (i.e. no windy roads like the northeast) wide open spaces, which I have always enjoyed, although since living here I have come to appreciate the foliage and greenery from back easy--also, the Sierra Nevadas make for some beautiful scenery Cons: well, for me, I realize I CANNOT ever live within an hour drive to the beach. I LOVE the ocean. Lake Tahoe is BEAUTIFUL, don't get me wrong, but it is not the same. also...the winters here are HORRIBLE. And coming from Boston, I believe I am a good authority on this. I was here last winter, and I would take a Boston winter any day over it. It was frigid cold most days from late December until mid-March, and it even snowed one day in May. No thanks! When I left Boston last Christmas, it was mild like mid-50s and I returned to snow and freezing temperatures in Reno! Yuck! Also make sure you have 4WD if you move here. New England may get worser snow storms overall, but it is the duration and the extreme wind and cold of the winters here that make it unbearable for me. Really a lack of culture here; I really miss the big-city atmosphere. You definitely will not find that here. the mountains-I listed this as a pro, but I also see it as a con. Sometimes I feel very isolated because of the mountains. This is kind of silly: but can't get Dunkin Donuts here!!!! LOL[read more...]

Reno, NV

Pros and Cons of Living in Reno: - 10/26/2010

I have lived in the Reno area for 21+ years. Here are the Cons: Downtown is dirty, homeless, bars, casino controlled, not family oriented, adult only community, concentration of crime. State has no idea how to fund or improve primary education- yet. Downtown and core of city has over 2,000 gang members. Currently poor area for jobs, high unemployment, ranks bottom of states in most social criterias. Reno is alpine looking about eight months of the year with about four being brown, brown and not pretty- the summer and early Fall time period. No real hot or real cold. Here are the Pros: Almost all areas surrounding the city core, including many older and all newer housing subdivisions are excellent places to live, sans Sun Valley area. Low crime in the burbs. No environmental issues to speak of- water and air quality are very good most of the time here. Excellent, top notch recreation. Tahoe Basin 20 minutes from South Reno. Virginia City same time to the SE of Reno. Lassin NP three hour drive. Yosemite NP 1/2 day drive as are many Playgrounds os CA- Napa/Sonoma/Shanandoa Valley/SF/Mendocino/ N CA Coast, etc., etc., etc. Exploding arts scene in Reno. Top notch arts entertainment in SF. Reno has EXCELLENT climate- dry, but with mostly four seasons, some rain and snow, but allows ability to be outside mostly ALL year long. Lots of sun. No state income tax. By the way, HOUSING is AT AN ALL TIME LOW now- median price $169k and dropping. Great for new families to afford now. Great Shopping. Two top notch shopping centers opened in last seven years. Great food city. Great for hiking, best of class skiing, mountain biking. So, you get my drift- Reno city core sucks. Reno burbs and extended surrounding areas are OUTSTANDING. Take the good and leave the bad here. [read more...]

Reno, NV

Great for young families getting priced out of Cal - 10/13/2010

My family moved to South Reno from Southern California three years ago, and it has provided opportunities we never had before. We are saving roughly $30,000 per year by living just 30 miles east of the California border. That meant my wife could afford to stay at home with our kids instead of returning to work immediately after they were born. It meant we could buy our first home, which is only three years old, within one year of living here for only $200,000. Our house payment is $1000, which is half what we were paying for rent in California. We pay no sales tax, no corporate tax, 6.35% sales tax and the cost of things like registering vehicles is a fraction of what it is in California. We are 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe. We hike, kayak, camp, ski, fish or do some other outdoor activity virtually every weekend. The Reno Aces Triple A baseball stadium has revitalized the downtown area. In the summer, we have some sort of cultural festival every week. I have not been in a single traffic jam since living here. If something is 15 miles away, it takes 15 minutes to get there. No smog. Virtually every one of our neighbors is from somewhere in California, and came here because they were sick of being taxed and regulated to death in California. Reno was named one of the top 10 places to live in the US by Sperling's. Men's Home Journal ranks it one of the top 25 places to live, and ranked Old Southwest Reno one of the top 30 neighborhoods in the country. Completely surrounded by mountains. One of the easiest airports you will ever fly in and out of. Two hours from Sacramento, four from the Bay Area. Basically, it's like living in California, minus all the rules, taxes and regulation.[read more...]

Judy Lynn
Reno, NV

Golfing - 10/1/2010

You can play golf about 11 months out of the year[read more...]


Trouble in Reno - 9/28/2010

Reno is great because it's so close to lake tahoe and the ski resorts but the city life is no bueno! Downtown is white trash and ugly and can get young adults in trouble!! [read more...]

Reno, NV

rude people - 8/23/2010

The people here do not have any social skills and seem to go out of their way to be rude. You can be sitting at a table at the library using your laptop pc and they will sit down accross from you and bump your pc. Then they start bumping the table. I live in nice apartments near the river. The residents here leave their trash all over the place. You go down to the pool and somebodie's dog starts barking and barking. Stupid and rude people abound in this city. I am moving back to Louisviile, Ky. where people are sane.[read more...]

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