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 Palo Tucker
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Star Rating 8/27/2008
I’ve lived in New York City, Hawaii, Alaska, North & Southern California and the Reno area is a great place to live. More so if you’ve managed to escape from behind the ‘Tofu Curtain’ also known as the Volks Republik of California (yes I’m an ex- Californian). More high tech companies are bailing from California every week and many are relocating to Northern Nevada and not just because of the confiscatory tax rates (but frankly that’s more than enough for a reason). Reno has a better quality of life, decent freedom loving Americans, as well as a State wide pro-business atmosphere (unlike California). 2007 saw more citizens leaving California than came in, EXCEPT for illegal aliens, who are now coming in at a record rate, as other western states crack down because they don’t want to become “another” California.

Crime? Spare me, for the population size Reno has nothing compared to ANY similar size city in the once golden State. Ever wonder why the majority of retired law enforcement officers leave California and move to (wait for it….) Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, & Utah, in that order?

There are plenty of things to do other than gambling as others have stated. Reno has the mountains, Lake Tahoe, ample outdoor activities for the healthy outdoors life style set and lot’s of other social activates. There really is something for everyone in Reno.

Back to quality of life, of course not paying State income taxes! So if you work hard you get to keep more of it. What a concept! Those who may be a product of the California public school system or no desire to be intellectually honest, low tax rates means lack of “free” (AKA taxes) social services, so indeed there is the incentive to be productive and make something of yourself, instead of being a slacker hanging on the teat of the nanny state. That translates that vagrants don’t hang around for very long - they do indeed get on the bus to California next door.

Love freedom and self reliance; by all means come to Reno! You won’t regret it.



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