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Castaic, CA

Castaic - 2/17/2014

Formerly a "truck stop" town, Castaic is the last town before going over the Grapevine, heading North on I-5 towards San Francisco. The town is unincorporated and sits among the hills, within the Santa Clarita Valley, about 40-50 miles from downtown LA. Castaic and Santa Clarita offer affordable housing, good schools, a low crime rate and distance from the heavy population within the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Castaic is approximately 45 miles down highway 126 from Ventura, California and the Pacific Ocean. It is approximately 90 minutes from beautiful Santa Barbara. A great place to raise a family and just enough distance from LA to enjoy it when you want and feel like you've left it behind when it becomes too much.

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Valencia, CA

Safe to live? - 2/14/2013

I currently live in Valencia. Before I consider purchasing a house in Castaic off Lake Hughes Rd and closer to the lake, is it safe to live in this neighborhood? Any crimes occur in that area...rarely, seldom, or often? I was told that it is NOT safe to live in that area -- Emerald Lane, Quartz Lane to Lake Huges Rd. Is it true? Also, are supermarkets too distant? I live in Valencia for many years but never had a chance to go there because I was told that it was not safe to go there.

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