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"Not Much Culture"

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Great Falls, MT

Community - 11/22/2014

Great Falls has a wonderfully supportive culture. Neighbors really do help neighbors here. We have the Air Force Base and are grateful for all they add to our community. We have an active arts program, a lot of local entertainment and programs for community enjoyment. We also have wonderful parks and the River's Edge Trail that is utilized by many. It is a wonderful community and a great place to raise kids.

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Great Falls, MT

I like Great Falls - 11/18/2011

I've lived here 14 years. Originally from Sacramento, CA. I'm very happy here. Yes, it's cold in the winter, but you get used to it. It makes you really appreciate the warmer months! There's a lot of recreation opportunities around Great Falls. Lakes, river, streams, hiking, boating, skiing. Great place to live. Good people and good schools.

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Great Falls, MT

Not for us - 8/14/2011

A few thoughts about Great Falls- 1. It re-defines the term "isolated". The nearest city is hours and hours away, unless you count Helena, which in many ways is just as backwards and isolated as Great Falls. 2. The locals don't much care for outsiders....Air Force or otherwise. If you weren't born and raised in GF, with a High School Diploma from either CMR or GFH, forget about having a say at work. People who have lived here for years tell me it took 8 - 10 years of living here before they were no longer treated as outsiders. GF redefines the concept of parochial. 3. Watch out for the realtors, even the ones who are acting as buyer agents will let the locals slap on a premium if the buyer is from out-of-state. 4. Rudeness is the order of the day. If you think you are coming to small town charm, think again. It may not be NYC-style rudeness, but it definitely gives small town New England a run for the money. 5. The educational level here is low, so Casinos, drugs, and alcohol are considered quality entertainment. There are plenty of all three to go around. 6. DANGEROUS. Geography, weather, high speeds, and low tax base means that the roads are incredibly dangerous, doubly so once winter hits. 7. Sure, Great Falls has an airport, but flights out are expensive. 8. The weather is basically 8 months of winter, 1 month of heavy spring rain, 1 month of something that vaguely resembles fall, and 2 months of summer. In all fairness, the summer months are awesome. 9. Big Sky, Big Mountains, Big Open Spaces - Enjoy them, because the geography is a nicer than the people are. 10. Altogether - if you were born and raised in Montana, have nothing more than a high school degree, and think of booze, drugs and casinos as quality entertainment, you might enjoy Great Falls. If you are from out-of-state and have a college degree - think twice. Great Falls is incredibly isolated, so if you don't fit in - and the default is, as an outsider, you won't - your time here will feel like an eternity. Beware!

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Great Falls, MT

Not thrilled - 12/15/2010

I currently live in Great Falls, Mt. My husband and I moved here because after he retired from the military last year he couldn't get a good job in Boise where we were living and so it was necessary to re-locate. We were optimistic about the move and hoped it would be a great place to settle down but it really doesn't suit our needs. Montana itself is beautiful but Great Falls needs a lot of work. The houses are mostly old, the streets are in great need of repair and there's not much to do here. There's a casino on just about every corner and a few adult entertainment establishments. Restaurants and shopping leave much to be desired, although there are a couple that we like. There's only one movie theater, a Home Depot but not Lowes, and they have a mall which includes stores like Herbergers, JC Penny, and Sears- the usual. On the other side of the water is a Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, etc. The weather isn't great either. There's not much of a summer to speak of and the winters are really cold and lots of snow. When I say cold I mean -17 degree cold. Some people love it here, and if you like winter sports and activities it can be really nice. Oh, there's also no sales tax. :)

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Urbandale, IA

Great Falls not that great - 4/13/2010

I was born & lived in Great Falls for 18 years. The weather is warm in summer & freezing in winter. You will need to find things to do because you can get bored here fast. There are plenty of good stores & malls. Downtown area is nice. The city has its share of dickheads but is better off then other cities. Low violant crime & high petty crimes. School sytems are not good except elementry for kids. I never worked in Great Falls so I cannot talk about the economy. Great Falls is ok if you live here temporarily (2-7 years). If you want to live someplace longterm I would recommend somewhere else.

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Great Falls, MT

Not Much Culture - 7/21/2009

There are not a lot of different types of people and cultures. They hardly support anything local, it's mostly chains here, so it's not for people who want to eat organically or who like to support local things. It's probably best for people who are very cheap and don't mind any local businesses getting shut down.

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Fargo, ND

i miss this place - 4/23/2009

i loved living in great falls. always something to do. parks, bars, local eateries, and lots of hiking within a short drive. if anyone knows how to make the almond gravy from the Peking Chinese place by walmart let me know. I miss that place the most.

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Great Falls, MT

Great Fall - 12/19/2008

Great place to live and raise a family. Small schools, and lots of growth.

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Los Angeles, CA

Not a bad place to live. - 11/17/2007

Great Place to live. City has really cleaned up over the last few years. Cost of living is reasonable. lots of new home development. Cold winters but rest of year is very comfortable

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Pasco, WA

Great for the Family - 10/21/2007

You won't find a safer place to live than Great Falls. I was born and raised there until I was 18 and it's a great place...however. Great Falls is somewhat culturally isolated, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Relatively low crime, mostly just hyjinks, random voilent crime I would say is extremely rare. The schools are good, relatively safe places that take education seriously. However, aside from an overrun of video casinos and a couple of movie theathers, Great Falls doesn't offer up much as far as entertainment. No concerts, no shows, few sports, nothing. I always thought it was because I was too young to get into the good stuff, but still it's an extremely dull town, no excitement (good or bad). It's also true about the economy, I can't see what would bring someone to Great Falls, but I could see why they leave. There's a lack of opportunity in the town, but most residents I would say were born and raised there and aren't big into opportunities or advancement. From here on out, I'll always enjoy my time in Great Falls...on short visits only.

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Great Falls, MT

Great Falls, MT - 4/10/2007

Wonderful place to live. Full of friendly people!

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Great Falls, MT

Economy lacks...... - 5/25/2006

The economy here in Great Falls is lacking. There aren't enough jobs to keep money in peoples pockets so they can put it back into our community.

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Eielson AFB, AK

Longing to go back...... - 5/14/2006

I was fortunate enough to be stationed in Great Falls for 5 yrs. It is a "wholesome" place to raise kids. It has GREAT schools, museums, art, interpretive center, parks, pools, restaurants, shopping. It is true that salaries are lower, but so is the cost of living. Jobs are not plentiful unless you want minimum wage. The people are friendly and helpful. If you are lucky enough to get a good job there I recommend staying. It really is one of the last great places.

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Meridian, ID

Big Sky, small minds - 3/22/2006

I grew up in GF leaving when I was 20. Whenever I return to visit family, I am reminded of just how backwards and small minded Montana in general truly remains. If you are thinking of moving there to get away from the pace of "big city life", great. Make sure you bring ALL of the cash you need to live there for x number of years because it will be difficult to find anything paying over $30k/year. The college grads from the MT schools have to either study agriculture or vet sciences, leave the state to find a real job, or become the next assistant manager at McDonalds. It looks great from the outside but expect to move away after your second winter (believing that your first one there was just a fluke) and your money reserves have started to dry up. Been there, done that, never moving back there!

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Great Falls, MT

Hard to beat the quality of life! - 3/11/2006

There's a reason Montana is called the "last best place" and Great Falls is one of the reasons why. When you are done with the "big city" come to a place where the airport is 5-15 minutes away, the daily commute averages 12 minutes, sunny days far outstrip cloudy days (regardless of what other surveys say). Heck, have the time it's warmer here than in many of the hot spots down south! Great schools, a thriving culture in music, arts and dance and a SAFE community.

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Great Falls, MT

we finally have a star bucks - 9/12/2005

Great Falls,Mt. has a star bucks that just open on 10th. ave. south

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