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Be warned! - 4/13/2021
I grew up here. And moved out as soon as I could. Age 29. It took that long because poverty is so rampant and the city lacks opportunities. Not to mention the sexual offender density is higher than 3x the national average per capita. Look it up. Your children are statistically more likely to encounter a sexual offender here. And get assaulted. It’s consistently ranked highest in the nation for suicide rates per capita. Your odds of getting murdered are higher than cities like Seattle. Yes look up the per capita statistics. The culture is extremely racist and nazi skinheads openly talk of white supremacy in bars. Lack of workers rights, and adequate healthcare is also a concern. Benefis hospital is a joke. This place is a cesspool. Other Montanans even talk about it. They call it the funk. Because it’s disgusting here. There is no opportunity, winters are bitter, and the culture of this Montana city in particular is less than desirable. You have been warned. Read More

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Don't Come To Great Falls! - 3/22/2021
Please do not move to Great Falls if you are a liberal. Don't make a great red place go blue and ruin one of the last best unspoiled country places not yet destroyed by transplants from Mexifornia and the like who belong in the cesspool cities they created. I lived there for many years. I'm going back.
Thank Read More

Mediocre Falls - 2/24/2021
I lived in Great Falls from 2012-2015 and could not leave fast enough! We lived near the downtown area (which you think would be nice with a $1200/month rent...) where there were two separate murders at the house next to ours! Drugs and crime were rampant. It was hours to the next largest city (can't remember if it was Billings? Helena was around an hour but nothing was there either) and about an hour drive to the beautiful Sluice Boxes. Watching Great Falls fade into the rearview for the last time was the best Read More

Decent overall place to live - 2/20/2021
18 years in Great Falls. It gets blistering cold here. Has a few okay restaurants. Shopping is not great. Job market can be challenging. Lacks ethnic diversity. Not the easiest place to live for some people. Best parts: Missouri River, River's Edge Trail continually being expanded, close proximity to great camping, Voyagers Baseball, military presence (Air Force/Air National Guard) and reasonable cost of Read More

Great Falls can be Great - 11/19/2019
Great Falls is great depending upon one’s perspective. Yes, it has many bars and casinos and we have seen many a car outside of them, but we were unaffected by it. Neither the gambling crazed nor the drunkards stormed out of the establishments flailing arms at us nor tried to persuade us to imbibe upon the offerings. It does have a lot of car theft and property crime, but violent crime is minimal. The governing body of Great Falls and the community of individuals try to keep it going. If you are one who desires lots of chain store shopping, many concerts or a barrage of food faire, this is not the place for you. However, if you like to shop local stores, can handle eating at traditional comfort foods or well known places like McDonalds, grocery shop at a place like Walmart or Albertsons and can enjoy entertainment that is ‘down home Montana’, you should be happy with Great Falls. They host parades and many community events. Montana is very supportive of the military and the Read More

o - 11/8/2018
I don't live here, but it looks nice. i would definitely live Read More

Community - 11/22/2014
Great Falls has a wonderfully supportive culture. Neighbors really do help neighbors here. We have the Air Force Base and are grateful for all they add to our community. We have an active arts program, a lot of local entertainment and programs for community enjoyment. We also have wonderful parks and the River's Edge Trail that is utilized by many. It is a wonderful community and a great place to raise Read More

I like Great Falls - 11/18/2011
I've lived here 14 years. Originally from Sacramento, CA. I'm very happy here. Yes, it's cold in the winter, but you get used to it. It makes you really appreciate the warmer months! There's a lot of recreation opportunities around Great Falls. Lakes, river, streams, hiking, boating, skiing. Great place to live. Good people and good schools. Read More

Not for us - 8/14/2011
A few thoughts about Great Falls-

1. It re-defines the term "isolated". The nearest city is hours and hours away, unless you count Helena, which in many ways is just as backwards and isolated as Great Falls.

2. The locals don't much care for outsiders....Air Force or otherwise. If you weren't born and raised in GF, with a High School Diploma from either CMR or GFH, forget about having a say at work. People who have lived here for years tell me it took 8 - 10 years of living here before they were no longer treated as outsiders. GF redefines the concept of parochial.

3. Watch out for the realtors, even the ones who are acting as buyer agents will let the locals slap on a premium if the buyer is from out-of-state.

4. Rudeness is the order of the day. If you think you are coming to small town charm, think again. It may not be NYC-style rudeness, but it definitely gives small town New England a run for the money.

5. Read More

Not thrilled - 12/15/2010
I currently live in Great Falls, Mt. My husband and I moved here because after he retired from the military last year he couldn't get a good job in Boise where we were living and so it was necessary to re-locate. We were optimistic about the move and hoped it would be a great place to settle down but it really doesn't suit our needs. Montana itself is beautiful but Great Falls needs a lot of work. The houses are mostly old, the streets are in great need of repair and there's not much to do here. There's a casino on just about every corner and a few adult entertainment establishments. Restaurants and shopping leave much to be desired, although there are a couple that we like. There's only one movie theater, a Home Depot but not Lowes, and they have a mall which includes stores like Herbergers, JC Penny, and Sears- the usual. On the other side of the water is a Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, etc. The weather isn't great either. There's not much of a summer to speak of and the Read More
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