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"beautiful lake, beautiful lake front homes! "

beautiful lake, beautiful lake front homes! - 3/31/2010
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Dewitt, MI

Port Huron, is a great place to live. It is so beautiful and nice in the summers. The lake is gorgeous, and their are great resturants along the st.clair river. This is a ideal place to live if you have a good job and you are motivated. Their is alot of money around the Lake area, specifically Lake Shore. Rd where all of the lake front mansions are! Best place, will live here forever.

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Flo Rida
Clearwater Beach, FL

Think twice on P.H. - 7/10/2013

I was born and raised in P.H. since the 70's...and still visit every year. Would I want to live there? No way.Very poor economy. It has ALWAYS been a place in which the rich love the place and the overwhelmingly poor loath. That has only worsened over the last few years as a result of the Recession.I looked up my childhood home that my parents sold in 1987( in what was then considered one of the better neighborhoods in town), and it is still worth 35% less than it was sold for back then! Poor economy, little job opportunity, the vast majority of the educated natives continue to migrate elsewhere to find work and raise their families. Fair warning.[read more...]

Dewitt, MI

Beautiful! Lakefront living at its best!!! - 1/2/2012

I'm not understanding all of these negative comments. Yes, there are rough parts of Port Huron like every other city in the world. There are also very rich exclusive areas in Port Huron. If you going to move to Port Huron there are a few nice areas that I would recommend. Lakeshore Rd, Conger st, there are also a few very nice high end subdivisions. I recently purchased a lakefront cottage in Fort Gratiot,MI and it has been the best decision iv'e ever made! The lake is just beautiful, and the beach is great! If you plan on moving to Port Huron, living on the lake is the way to go! Lakefront homes start at $350,000 up to $2,000,000. [read more...]

Port Huron, MI

be smart -_-'' - 5/31/2011

if your going to move to port huron michigan it doesnt matter what time of year because there is almost always something going on but honestly if you arent going to be smart then dont even bother coming because you have to be tough and street smart if you plan on trying to survivor here not saying that this place is the worst but its not the best especially with more and more people moving from other places to here such as detroit and or flint a couple of the worst places in michigan so before we give port huron a bad name look at flint and detroit much much much worse.[read more...]

Ann Arbor, MI

Port Huron is Terrible - 3/9/2011

Ok I used to live in Port Huron for awhile, now I am in Ann Arbor (you'll see the point of why I say where I live now) if you keep reading. Ok Port Huron is not a very nice place, I was constantly taken advantage of, robbed, and found that many of the people there were not very nice at all, Ok I didn't even realize how bad it was until a couple of nights ago, apparently some people "from port Huron" are going to other cities as well to hustle and take advantage of people, Just watch out regardless of where you are in Michigan for people that say they are "from port Huron" that is not a good sign usually, Some of the people (I wont name names as thats probably against the terms of service) decided to come all the way down here (since they figured this town was so nice and tolerant) to harass and rob people, un freaking believable. Port Huron should just be made part of Canada, and a border should be put around that town to keep them from spreading their nonsense all over this state. They like to prey on people with disabilities, and will swarm like flies to agencies that are trying to help them, and take advantage of the vulnerable population. What a shame. I think port Huron needs to make some mass arrests and take crime more seriously. [read more...]

Port Huron, MI

Lived here all my life - 9/29/2010

I am getting to move out of state for the 1st in my life. I have lived on almost every block in Port Huron growing up(not kidding about every 6 months as a child).I also would like to state that I have been a rentie for the past 3 years and have only moved 2 times. The crimes that have happened recently are scary! The reason for my move is to attend college but I see that the cost of living almost every other place in the U.S. is higher. I am looking for some place that is going to be a better(meaning less violent and more productive) area that I will be able to afford. [read more...]

Port Huron, MI

My Hometown - 4/26/2010

I would like to respond to all of the negative comments about Port Huron in a respectful manner. I am senior in college, and I grew up in Port Huron. I absolutely love my hometown and I think people who dislike it are crazy. We have beautiful fresh water beaches, some of the prettiest, bluest water, which is great for recreational use. The town has concerts, carnivals, parties and activities for all ages (thank you Acheson Ventures!). I can't wait to move back and to raise my future family in the unique town that I grew up in! [read more...]

Dewitt, MI

beautiful lake, beautiful lake front homes! - 3/31/2010

Port Huron, is a great place to live. It is so beautiful and nice in the summers. The lake is gorgeous, and their are great resturants along the st.clair river. This is a ideal place to live if you have a good job and you are motivated. Their is alot of money around the Lake area, specifically Lake Shore. Rd where all of the lake front mansions are! Best place, will live here forever. [read more...]

Port Huron, MI

Prejudice and rude! - 11/2/2009

I've lived in this town for 8 years and i never saw so many IGNORANT and ARROGANT, rude people in one town! You have your neighborhoods divided w/ the black and the whites. I live on a clean side and across a busy street is what I call the "Red Zone". Cops out here don't do CRAP for you..if your house gets robbed! They practically laugh in your face! In the bad neighborhoods you have your druggies, drunks and bums. They closed down a homeless place and so we have bums sleeping in our yards or under our porches! The bars are prejudice of certain people, I got kicked out of one for nothing! It's hard to make friends here..If you're not from the school system or lived here your WHOLE life,'re "nothing" A nobody-outsider! Also, try keeping to yourself, people like to pry into WHO you are! They have a yacht club which I see is a joke in this's to segregate the rich from the "normal" people! And there's not very many rich people in this town anyway! No jobs and nothing but welfare here. I see the town is trying to be fancy, we have new buildings..still.. it doesn't change the crime rate or the citizens of this town.[read more...]

Lansing, MI

Please Read This For Your Own Good Before Visiting - 11/2/2009

I moved there about a year ago and if you look at the city without knowing anything about it, it looks beautiful and inviting. I never made the worst decision in my entire life. First off I am Autistic and tried to get into Community Mental Health (they denied me 4 times), no jobs were available. Through out the course of me being in this town I was carjacked at gunpoint once taken down to detroit and forced to give my car to this crackhead cause I would not buy/give him drugs or cooperate with his messed up plan. I had two cameras stolen from me out of the back of my car (that was before this incident) I had my 800 dollar computer stolen from my house cause I left the window unlocked, I had this crackhead he/she that I met while taking somone over to CMH steal my cell phone, playstation, about 200 dollars all because my supposed best friend trusted him, and then as a matter of respect (the way port huron works he later said) he said I could not grab my playstation and cell phone or snoop around her house to find it once I had a feeling she was going to take off with it. Finding good and honest people in this town is hard even if you go to legetimate places to meet friends. Literally almost everyone I met (about 30+ people from all around the city) was either on drugs, alchohol, or both. I had about 5 incidents where crackheads kind of moved themselves in and took over my apartment and would not leave. Even the poliece told me that there wasnt much they could do. I heard of about five suicides the last two weeks I was there alone. The last day I lived there someone got into an arguement on my front lawn with a knife and cut themselves. Then later that night my supposed friends taunted her and tryed to hurt her while she was crying on the street corner. My friend told her she was too young and too beautiful to live in port huron. The list goes on this is only about 20% of the bad things that happened to me in port huron. A lot of stuff was stolen from me at different times through out the course of a year that I lived there (including 8 Mp3 Players 3 Digital Cameras, 3 Tv's, 3 Bikes, 2 boom boxes, A comcast cable box, lots of clothes, About 3 pieces of furnature, over a thousand dollars, several refrigerators worth of food, an electronic razor, My wallet with just about everything in it, about 60 pills that I was prescribed to, a couple board games, and several headphones) I had two formal break ins one in broad daylight at 2:00 in the afternoon with me inside the house (ski maskes baseball bat crowbar they just took off the door and did not even care that my neighbors were watching and stole the tv comcast box and my "friends" x box) I just pretended to be asleep when this happened and the cops took 10 minutes to get there after a neighbor called 911 and then just pretended to investigate and never caught the guy or called me back or anything. People here are for the most part arragant, judgemental, non progressive, and basically all this town is is a bunch of predators trying to "hustle" eachother and prey on the few good people that have the misfortune of moving here. At least thats my experience by no means have I told anywhere near it all but I think you get the picture.[read more...]

Warren, MI

hello - 9/20/2008

if you would like to visit the worst place in this entire world, then just lean towards port huron. thank you.[read more...]

Port Huron, MI

Outdoor activity - 5/4/2008

Lengthy paths along St Clair River & Lake Huron are for walking,sightseeing and biking. Great Lakes freighter traffic, recreational boating and wind surfers can be seen from the shore, especially along Thoms Edison Parkway where the international bridges frame the of Lake Huron to the north.[read more...]

Little Rock, AR

Dead End - 1/12/2008

I lived in Port Huron for about 3 years and it was the most depressing 3 years of my life. It appears 90% of the town was drunk and on welfare, and these people seem to think this is normal and everyone else is weird. Nightlife consists of all-nighters at the bowling alleys and fist-fights among men and cat-fights among women seem to be the sport of choice. And because everyone is bored out of their minds, I met plenty of people who did a lot of cheating on their significant others. People seem very unmotivated, and have no ambition. Forget about finding a good job here. Housing is cheap but good neighborhoods are very scarce. Nearby Marysville or St. Clair may be better choices for places to live if you were planning on moving to this area, unless you prefer this type of Jerry Springer-type life-style.[read more...]

Port Huron, MI

Professional Job Availability - 12/11/2007

With two main interstate systems passing through my area, and not to mention the second busiest Canadian/US boarder crossing in the country; there continues to be a lack of professional job in my area. Most of the population lacks formal education, while yet are very hard workers within their perspective occupations. I am new to the area and have to work for an employer in AL to provide for my family. I don't understand why the local government can't lure business to our area considering we have such great resources to offer. Heck maybe it's the public; they do complain alot about new development. Yet when action is taken they are teh first to complain about what type of industry is coming. Cake and eat it too! Just not how it works.[read more...]

Port Huron, MI

The truth about PH - 3/11/2007

I moved here about 7 years ago from a very small town in search of a new start... I can't really say it's that great, in the last few years alot of jobs have left this area and we are in desperate need of new business, many people are out of jobs and well economy is not that great anywhere in Michigan. As for the town it's just like most towns except you have the advantage of the water very near by, the north end of town is nicer, housing wise or port huron township area, but the south end is ghetto! I lived downtown when I first moved here and I will never ever live downtown again unless they do some major revamping, which they are cleaning up the downtown area alot but as for housing no way, most of the houses are old, big and I mean big houses, but they mostly have slum loards who have unfortunately turned then into apartments that are poorly taken care of it's too bad because the downtown area was probably beautiful a long time ago. I refuse to live in the downtown are... I haven't lived downtown for the last 6 years... housing is cheaper downtown but beware, I wouldn't raise my kids in those neighborhoods and the schools downtown like woodrow wilson no way... there's crack houses like across the street, check out michigamme or indian trials for little one's. Port huron township is a nicer place to be definetly it's quiet and has more of a country feel with access to shopping within minutes.... the north end has grown a bit in the last 5 years, and is continuing to grow. But as for jobs Michigan isn't the place to be. The summers here are nice but toooooo short, lots to do with the boat races, carnivals, cruise night, and there are a number of beaches to choose from but the downside to the beach is rocks everywhere.[read more...]

Piedmont, SC

Pretty Place - especially down by the water. - 1/8/2007

But if you'll be needing a job,.... FORGET IT, there are none to be had here.[read more...]