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Rosharon, TX

Only white people live in Bandera? - 9/3/2009

It looks like only white people live in Bandera.

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Bandera, TX

Bandera Facts - 7/2/2009

Your review of Bandera is off. The only jobs would be hospitality in a good year and those are seasonal. Rent is high and water availability is very low -gas and groceries are higher here and you have to drive at least 30 miles if not further to work. Our jobs are low low wage $6.50 per hr at most. Just thought you should actually look at the facts. Bandera used to be a wonderful ranching area with plenty of water but not now. The more subdivisions you have the less water you have. We do not have any manufacturing jobs to speak of. With gas prices so high and jobs further away, people need to look at the actual cost to live here. Our taxes get higher and higher so add it up before you think you want to live here. Maybe retirement here is great but for young families, maybe not.

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