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"Great place to live."

Great place to live. - 6/26/2008
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Montgomery, AL

We moved to Montgomery after 5 years in Washington DC and it took us a couple of years to quit smiling all the time. The city is large enough to have most everything you want, yet small enough to get anywhere in 15 minutes or less. Montgomery has several colleges and a Law School. It has the world famous Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It has a AAA Baseball team and a beautiful stadium. It has many great parks, a nice zoo, and a beautiful river, plus the state capitol and Maxwell Air Force Base. It is truly a great place to live. Montgomery is an integrated city with a population nearly half white and half black. Race relations are good here.

Cons are the school situation where most black children attend public schools and many white children attend private schools. The schools have improved in the last several years.

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Montgomery, AL

Low property taxes - 10/28/2013

The greatest "cost of living" aspect of Montgomery AL is the low property taxes. Most other cost of living categories are about average in my experience. Overall, Alabama is one of the lowest combined tax burden states in the USA. I am even considering retiring to the northern part of the state for that very reason. [read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Not as bad as you think - 8/29/2012

Here is the scoop in Montgomery, AL. Obviously it has its racism problems. It was once the capitol of the confederacy and where MLK church is located. Show me a city that is over 200k people with no crime. Bad things happen everywhere. I have lived here for 32 years(im 32) and Ive seen it turn from nothing to do to alot to do. in 8 years a new outdoor mall has been built, baseball stadium, riverfront and massive hotels downtown. Downtown has almost 20 restuarants, 7 bars, a splash pad for kids. There is almost something eventful every weekend at the riverfront or downtown. Police patrol the areas and in 5 years we have gotten 5 brand new firetrucks. Every city in Alabama either closes down fire stations or fires people. We have an Insurance rating of 2 and the best is one. There is only 60 cities in the US with a rating of 2. Anyway I admit the schools are bad so either move to a surrounding city for descent schooling or private school. Also a childrens museum is opening downtown. Thanks[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

City of Montgomery Alabama - 6/26/2012

I must have been under the "witches brew that made me crazy as hell" when I move here. This has to be the worst city in the Alabama, but could be a great place if it had a worth while city government with leaders, not ones who only talk with the same phrase - "You know what I'm sayings". Folks if we knew what ones meant than why are you all talking about a dead subject? Wake Up! This is the Capital City; it does have a name world wide. Ones talk about family values, accountability and change than why not put those subjects as first priority instead of telling others the opposite once in office. Consider this Mayor Strange, if Gulf Shores looked like Montgomery there would be no reasons ones would want to go to the beach. People will not visit an area that has MT buildings, parking meters, limited entertainment and high city taxes. Not mention unsafe areas day or night, children playing basketball in the streets, kids wearing their pants down to their thighs. If city leaders cannot make change than whom in the heck do you think is going to do it? Who in ones right mine would pay to experience all that? Lack of money is a quitters thought, Montgomery has tax on several usual areas, except human gas, but ones will do that when they can find a "loop-hole" to implement a vote. No one shall mine paying taxes if the money is used to support ones city. The only question ones feel left out is that ones claim it goes here and there, but where is the proof, ones conversation? Give us all a break - Yea Right...Put those conversation figures in "black and white" print where ones can see where the money is being spent, show the cancelled checks and deposit slips. Prove to the people their tax revenues are being used as ones claim because I do not see or believe one thing I've been told, especially from a politician. We all pay a 5% tax plus .25 cents additional for every cable or communication bill to all subscribers in Montgomery. If 201,936 citizens live in City of Montgomery in 2011 according to census, that is a lot of money collected just on ones cable bill each month - Where is the money being used? Don't tell us, show us the facts because me for one is tired of all the rhetoric. Montgomery will "never" have any chance for change left until the dead sticks are voted out of these offices. These are the ones who have cheated the citizens with their offsets of MT opportunities. This country is crumbling around us all because we all are responsible for listen to dreamers, similar to ones in offices in Montgomery today. Now it has come knocking on several of our doors with job losses, foreclosures, suicides , divorces, our kids coming home cripple for life from a country that will not honor their code to its veterans and the lucky ones lie in a draped casket. Those will be missed, but don't cry, rejoice as ones have gone home. Had we had real thinkers representing our governments, not smoke screen actors we all could fulfill our goals without interruptions from these "dreamers". Everything moves in cycles, just like life, but to be ahead of the next cycle ones must do it without any interruptions. Remember we all only have so much time before we go to our finally resting place, so don't waste it on these dreamers. Why Mayor Strange did you go to another country to find opportunities for Montgomery? Are you scared someone's in this area might be smarter than those overseas? Alabamians are not stupid, just different in several ways. For starters Todd, we do not like others coming to take our jobs away, integrating our schools with unwanted languages and disease, we do not want to eat food from none other than American farmers, drink water from none other than American streams, and be able to call anyone we like without having to press "1" for English. I ask you again Mayor Strange why are you seeking opportunities outside of the area when you received your votes here! Are you really for the people are just for Todd… [read more...]

Florence, SC

montgomery,al. schools - 5/7/2011

Public schools are terrible. Most whites go to private schools. Crime is high and certain parts are to be avoided. If you are white and well off you can live well in the East side or white side of town. Cost is relatively cheap but so is pay for most people. Visit West and Centraland South Montgomery also check out school situation before moving there. Former Homeowner.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Alabama - 12/5/2010

OK place to live[read more...]


subject - 7/22/2010

Hated it.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL


Im having it rough here in alabama. I'm new to this area and ready to LEAVE QUICKLY. I was considering north carolina or san antonio tx. i cant stand the humidity but will bare with it. I'm in te medical feild and my husband is a truck driver for budweiser and coke-cola. Looking for a citiy with good pay, schools,neighborhoods, nite life and family fun. ooking for a rental home around 2000-3000 sq ft., 4 bed/3 ba around $1000.00-1200.00 mo. Can someone tell me how is life on a typical day in san antonio.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Comment - 7/23/2008

This place sucks. They don't pay well and the cost of food is not cheap at all. Sales taxes are 10% ...[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Great Place to Live - 6/26/2008

Montgomery is high on culture with a symphony orchestra, chorale, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, many community theatres, Mardi Gras festivals and balls, great churches, and many colleges. The latter include Huntingdon College, Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama State University, Faulkner University, Jones School of Law, plus Southern Christian University, Trenholm Technical School, and other schools. Not to mention the Air University at Maxwell AFB, with the Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officers School, the AF Senior NCO Academy, the Community College of the Air Force, and many others. Montgomery has a great zoo, great golf courses, many fine parks, and a great river front. It has beautiful lakes nearby with Lake Martin and Lake Jordon providing the finest boating and fishing plus summer and year-round residences and facilities.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Great place to live. - 6/26/2008

We moved to Montgomery after 5 years in Washington DC and it took us a couple of years to quit smiling all the time. The city is large enough to have most everything you want, yet small enough to get anywhere in 15 minutes or less. Montgomery has several colleges and a Law School. It has the world famous Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It has a AAA Baseball team and a beautiful stadium. It has many great parks, a nice zoo, and a beautiful river, plus the state capitol and Maxwell Air Force Base. It is truly a great place to live. Montgomery is an integrated city with a population nearly half white and half black. Race relations are good here. Cons are the school situation where most black children attend public schools and many white children attend private schools. The schools have improved in the last several years.[read more...]

Brooklyn, NY

OMG------This place is sad.... - 5/4/2008

My bf and I went to Montgemory, AL for a several days (last year in the summer 2007) to visit our friend from HS and I was extremely disappointed by just being there. It's a like freaking ghost town. You're either in your car or inside restuarant or the mall. I was just thinking to myself, where are all the people? To make everything worse, I didn't even want to eat at any restauarant or fast food place because it just look dirty and the customer service was horrible. At BK, people don't wear gloves and have no respect in regards to being clean. Our friend who actually went to Alabama State college pretty much got trappd in the "very affordable" housing wind because it's very CHEAP to live out here. Yet it's not like you need to make alot of money to live it out here either. Overall, we didn't do too much but hung out at his apt and probably ate canned, packaged goods at his house. He wants to move out of here but he doesn't know when since he has a nice house, currently but he definitely mentions that Montgemory is not a place for a single, vibrant individual who loves the nightlife. It doesn't exist there. Also, this is just my opinion about Mont so I'm not looking for anyone to tell me I'm wrong; this is just my experience. Thanks.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Wonderful - 1/28/2008

The climate is wonderful the winters are not that cold really. I've seen it get as hot as 106 in the summer but that's rare. Montgomery weather is sorta unpredictable no one expects 80 degree weather in winter but sometimes that's what it is.[read more...]

Volcano, HI

Sad place for being the Capitol of AL - Racism - 1/9/2008

Montgomery is the ugliest state capitol city in the entire US. All the white children go to private schools and children of color go to the deplorable public schools. Public school reps go around to apt complexes asking for pens and pencils to operate their schools. You would feel like you are living in the 1950s. The only thing good is Frazer Methodist Church for it is doing good things in the community.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Former Yankee - 9/13/2007

I moved here from the Midwest about 1 1/2 years ago. When I did, I gave away my winter coat and snow shovel. Although Kansas City will always be home to me, I have no desire to ever brave the ice & snow again.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery - progressive but boring! - 8/7/2007

Montgomery has come along way since my move here about 10 years ago. The shopping has improved greatly (no more having to drive 2 hours to Birmingham to shop), and the development and revitalization of downtown is one many people are excited about. The build up of East Montgomery, including EastChase has been the biggest improvement so far. However, I think Montgomery is a much better city for families - definitely not a town for single people. The nightlife is NOT happening and there is generally not much to do. Even though the mayor has been very progressive, there is constantly holdback with increased development due to racial tension, the increase in crime (this is becoming a huge problem), and conflicts between city council members.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Comparative moderate housing costs - 6/29/2007

Though housing costs within the city limits of Montgomery, the capitol city, are high for the area ($85-$95 per square foot for older homes and $100-115/sf for new construction on the East side of town where the city continues to grow), relative to other parts of the country housings costs are quite reasonable. Add to that the fact that Alabama has amongst the lowest property taxes in the country and it is reasonable to conclude that Montgomery may be a good fit for those people shopping for lots of house with minimal money.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Outrageous Sales Tax - 6/12/2007

Property tax is lower here in Montgomery, but at 10% the sales tax is outrageous. There are communities near Montgomery that have lower sales tax and therefore are more popular living and shopping areas.[read more...]

Montgomery, AL

Public School Education - 4/12/2007

a bill has just been passed for a couple of a million dollars to make renovations and improvements to the public schools here in Montgomery. That is a good thing however, most of the public schools here are not that good. [read more...]

Montgomery, AL

A Wonderful Place to Raise a Family - 3/30/2007

I would like to respond to some of the prior comments. I have lived in Montgomery all my married life (32 years) and it has been a wonderful place to raise a family. Montgomery may not have the very best school system but not all white children go to private school as one lady commented. My children had great experiences in the publics schools and in some of the magnets schools. Montgomery has an excellent magnet school program. The city has a great youth athletic program for kids to be involved and opportunities through parks and recreations for such things as tennis and gymnastics, dancing and art at very reasonable costs. There are lots of opportunities for involvement in the arts for the adults as well, with the outstanding Shakespeare theater and the Davis Theater. Many adults and families enjoy the fun at the Riverwalk stadium and Biscuits' Baseball. As for the racial problems, they do still exist with some individuals but there are a growing number of people, particularly Christians in Montgomery who are working together in unity to make this city a better place and one that demonstrates the power of the love of Jesus! Thank you for the comment about Frazer Church, as that is my church. There are other awesome churches in our community as well. MOntgomery has a tremendous background of history, as the cradle of the Confederacy and also the Birth of the Civil Rights Movement. We have had many differences in the past, but we are coming together as a tremendous group of people with a really great city![read more...]

Volcano, HI

A STATE CAPITAL???? - 3/14/2007

What an embarrassment. It is such an ugly town. I am originally from Chicago and I felt like I was living in the south during the 1950s. All white children go to private schools and other races to the deplorable public schools. Community members even ask residents to supply paper, paper clips, pens, pencils, etc for the local public schools. There is a spirit of anger and oppression within the city. One cannot blame the people of other races to be anything else but anger. The only great thing about the city is Frazer Methodist Church that has a congregation that truely loves people from their hearts. It is a wonderful church that does lots of outreach.[read more...]

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