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"Scottsbluff offers a great quality of life."

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Scottsbluff, NE

sco-blo - 3/6/2013

scottsbluff is definetly its own world if your from there and raised there managing the ways of any place beyond this panhandle if your not from hear the adapting to the lifestyle is definetly a challenge but it doesnt take long to fall into the ways of small town 308. theres nothing to do no where to go no activities or any entertainment at that thers only a few events the youngsters do and thats meth, drinking theft, and sex, so unless thats your interests in life and you have no goal of being succesful or being someone i would not recomend coming to this black hole once your hear you never leave and if you do you always end up going back everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everyones bizness dont plan on having any privacy in this deciving drama filled meth town. 14 year old gurls pregnant and 9 year old kids doing drugs and building felony records sad dark place that suks you in like a tornado only it never spits you out if ne way possible avoid all contact or visits to this bored ass tired waste of land town it will screw you any way it possibly can

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Scottsbluff, NE

Nothing do, unless you like meth or getting drunk - 6/10/2010

This town is so afraid of change that it attempts to boycott everything: adult stores, tobacco shops, interstates, etc...I don't know if anyone here has noticed but the things you don't want your children around are already here. Because there is nothing to do, most people are drinking by 10 am, on meth, or having unprotected sex (which explains the teen pregnancy rate as well as the high rate of stds). There are almost no jobs, no sort of entertainment, there's not even a greyhound stop to get you out of this hole. Maybe having a walmart and some rocks to look is enough for people raised in a cornfield, but if you are from anywhere else in the country you won't like this place. The cost of living is cheap, but at what expense? There isnt much living to be done when there is nothing to do. Theres 2 seasons here, harsh winters and summers spent running from tornados. With Cheyenne, all the cities in Colorado, Rapid City, SD and the Lincoln/Omaha area surrounding this town you can defintely find a better place to live in proximity to Scottsbluff. I was moved here based on promises that it offered more than the Tupelo,MS/Memphis,TN area I lived in before, and that was just grossly inaccurate.

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Scottsbluff, NE

Small Town - 9/10/2008

Scottsbluff is a small town, and people here pride themselves on their "small town values." It is a safe place to live, and it is fabulous to not worry about big city traffic. However, there is no shopping and no night life to speak of. If you are used to being able to go to Chili's, or you enjoy fine dining, don't expect to find it here. Appleby's is the only big chain restaurant here. There are a few bars, but they all hold old regulars, and aren't much fun for a younger crowd. There is also no younger crowd. People here tend to skip their 20's and go straight to having kids. It is a great place for kids, and the young parent crowd excels here. If you're looking for a place to raise your kids I highly recommend it here. However, if you're a young single you probably won't like it.

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Scottsbluff, NE

Scottsbluff offers a great quality of life. - 5/14/2008

Scottsbluff, NE is a great community and has much more to offer that other communities of the same size. It offers a low cost of living, and an abundance of things to see and do. Family lift is a high priority in this community with a very low crime rate, short commute times, and plenty of activities for kids. There is a vibrant arts and entertainment community as well, with 3 venues for live theater! I moved back here after living in Los Angeles for several years and have found it an absolutely wonderful community. I recommend it for anyone! If you need to find more information about the community, you can check out their local community website, which really does a nice job of showing what the community has to offer.

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Scottsbluff, NE

Quality of Life - 1/25/2008

Scottsbluff is on the old Oregon Trail and is a very laid back and restful place to live.

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