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Omaha doesn’t belong in Nebraska - 11/28/2020
First off, I’ve lived in Omaha my whole life. If there’s one thing I could say, it’s that Omaha doesn’t belong in Nebraska. If your looking for an urban place that feels like an actual city, Omaha is your place. However it’s costly to live here. We’re super segregated still, and most of the suburbs were created as a means to solidify segregation. My tip is to learn about the history of Omaha before you move here Bc it’s like a Chicago 2.0. People are nice to a certain point. The weather sucks. We’re progressive in terms of social standards. And our mayor, Jean Stothert, sucks at her job. Read More

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Not the Good Life for everyone - 8/4/2020
Have lived in the suburbs of Omaha for 14 years, coming here strictly for family reasons.
The weather goes from too hot & humid to cold that goes to your bones. The state seems to make money solely off of property taxes that are extremely high, many times greater than the state we came from. Schools seem to be the big winners in the taxes we pay on our home. State income tax is one of the worst in the Country, taxing all forms of income, so retired folks don't get a break at all. The Legislature seems to be non-functional, unable to advocate and pass anything meaningful for the citizens. If you are a foodie or enjoy swaying cornfields, or going out with your friends, then you can find things to Read More

Omaha isn't the good life! - 7/11/2015
Whoever said living Nebraska is the good life, they obviously have never lived anywhere else. This place is pathetic. The unemployment rate is false. Most of the poor here are ostracized in bad, violent neighborhoods with low waged jobs and bad schools. The job market is overrated because it lacks entry-level jobs and most professional jobs are blue collared. Most businesses here only hire native omahans. If they hire someone from somewhere else the your managers and coworkers will give you a hard time on the job for no reason at all. You will get fired or quit your job due to harassment. There is this annoying small town mentality, snobbish attitude that most of the natives have. Its very difficult to make friends here because everyone is so afraid that someone will air their business. Rude, bad drivers. The public transit is very limited despite the bus routes been modified in May. The people are boring and monotone without any personality and hang in high school cliques. The Read More

climate - 6/4/2013
is it Read More

Arkansas Livin' - 5/14/2013
Arkansas is one of the best places I have ever been to. I have traveled a lot in the US, but Arkansas stands out, has good people, great food, and its just an overall great place to live & work. Also, raising a family in Arkansas is very affordable and family values here are very strong.And even if you are just coming for a visit its an amazing Read More
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Winters - 10/29/2011
Too cold for too Read More

right -to-work - 9/28/2011
Nebraska is a right-to-work state. Not good for Read More

Cost of living good, weather....not so great. - 1/9/2010
The title says it all. Money spends well here but the climate is something to deal with. Summer highs can hit triple digits and winter lows are typically below zero (sometimes the HIGHS are below zero) Something to keep in mind when considering living Read More

All the info u need about Nebraska - 2/26/2008
Ive lived all over in Nebraska and many other states. Im 20 years old and joined this site because i want to relocate. Not because Nebraska is bad just because im ready for a change.

Nebraska has everything someone needs. Its not the biggest state so if u need a change of scenery its a maximum drive of two or three hours. The west is far more country, BEAUTIFUL scenery rolling hills and farmland, sunsets to die for.

The middle is where i live. Its a little flatter but just as pretty. There are plenty of jobs everywhere in Nebraska. Cost of living is extremly low. Id say the average income for someone in Nebraska is 30,000-60,000 a year and that is more than enough to live comfortably. My parents make about 40G a year and they live in a comfortable 4 bedroom house with a huge yard and a garage.

The weather in Nebraska changes everyday. A very common thing people say is "if u dont like the weather wait 5 min and itll change.  Read More

Great place to live, but..... - 9/16/2007
I have lived in the Omaha area now for almost ten years. I came here as an Airman stationed at Offutt AFB. I moved to Papillion after I got married and we started a family. We bought a house at a pretty good price in a great neighborhood. A year after we moved in our taxes were asseted and that's when the tax man came a callin'. A mortgage that was once just 800 bucks over night became $1200. My wife and I had been forewarned, but we had no idea it was going to be that much. Seven percent sales tax on vehicle purchases is also outragous. Outside of that, this would be a great place to raise a family or Read More

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