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"Seeking info regarding employment/ "green" employm"

Seeking info regarding employment/ "green" employm - 3/30/2008
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Kalispell, MT

I am a single mom looking to relocate, and the dept. of labor stats show the Clarksville unemployment rate to be pretty high; also, from others' comments it appears the pay rate is pretty low. Any hopes for a gal who just wants send her youngest off to college (we're in the Pell grant socioeconomic bracket) and take a weekly hike to rejuvenate? I don't need to make tons of money, but I don't want to starve either. And what about race relations, gangs, drugs, etc? Any comments would be helpful.

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Clarksville, TN

2 wal marts - 1/1/2013

I earlier stated that there were 3 wal marts in Clarksville, there are actually 2, 1 is in Oak Grove, Ky. But still serves ft campbell area. Just to be correct[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

It's not much but it's like most typical army town - 12/24/2012

I've lived here for 2 1/2 years starting may 2010, deployed for 10 1/2 months of that time. Clarksville is like most military towns, it's kind of run down, although they have a very small downtown that is not bad, most of the city is along 41a or along wilma rudolph boulevard, that would be where most of the action takes place. Clarksville does have a mall, 2 movie theatres, 3 walmarts and a Target, not exactly booming but it has the essentials. Around post it's an absolute dump, all the businesses and housing looks so grubby, beat down and ghetto it makes you wish you were stationed somewhere else bedides ft campbell, but this being my 1st duty station I had no choice in the matter. There's some restaurants and pubs mostly by the mall and a few downtown, but after a few weekends of that you've seen everything in clarksville and then your counting the days til your out of this place. The unfortunate thing is it rains constantly here, I wondered why ft campbell was the highest military suicide rate (and suicide is no laughing matter, I'm a mental health tech), not just in the army, but in the entire military anywhere. It rains on average 131 days a year here in clarksville( US avg is 100 days a year), that's the average since 1981, Ive planned to go on long motorcycle rides, bbq outside and have friends over for dinner, but 1 in every 2.9 days it rains here and besides being very depressing, more than 10-15 times rain has cancelled my plans in the short period of time I've lived here. I run alot outside (love to mountain climb also but no mountains here, swim and go to the beach, but no beaches here anywhere, and try to ride my motorcycle as those are some of the things that make me happy but alot of people just don't like hanging out in the rain. It's been a very depressing experience living in Clarksville, TN. I'll definately never reenlist to stay here, I don't think it's good for a soldiers mental health or physical well being to stay here longer than a year, it's overall just a depressing place. Although I have talked to a few soldiers that like a real slow pace of life and enjoy hunting and fishing around here and land between the lakes, they live on the outskirts of clarksville and hopkinsville, they love it. They say no one bothers them and they live in peace and quiet daily. Something to think about as views from both I went to AIT at Ft Sam/San Antonio which was a great city, and Basic at Ft Sill/Lawton which didnt seem like much was there but the weather was definately much better at least. Hope this helps any future soldier thinking about reenlisting to come here. All the best[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

good place - 10/7/2011

clarksville tenn was alot smaller when we moved here 22yrs ago. there are more things for kids to do. the schools arent terrible, alot of family functions. i wish there were more (small town) type community evenys. but all in all, not so bad. very close to ft campbell army base, so a large variety of backgrounds. close to nashville as well, so many things to do with the family[read more...]

Woodlawn, TN

poor city to live in - 8/3/2011

looking to move. pop was 80k when we moved here and now over 125k (in just a few short years) with possible 25k-50k more service people moving in. city support hasn't grown to keep up, water/electric/sewer etc. police/fire protection in the county barely exist. it's one of these 'good ole boy towns'. being the '5th' largest town in the state but as very little activity for young kids, no major water park, intertainment center for different ages. you want to eat or sleep plenty of places for that. shopping center doesn't have full blown stores,local owned places are best places. getting from one area of town to the other takes you all over the place, road system way out of date, not enough major roadway, roads are not wide enough to handle the traffic. widen one east/west road few years back to four lane and already overloaded. area depends to much on military to keep it alive.[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Great Place to Live - 7/6/2011

I have lived in Clarksville 31 years. I originally came from New York City. My child grew up here and now my granddaughter. The cost of living is extremely affordable, average rent of a two bedroom apt is $750. Average cost of a home is about $150,000 new construction! The jobmarket is very spread out but Clarksville has landed one of the largest and most progressive companies, Hemlock Semiconductor Corp, part of Dow Corning. This billion plus plant will hire from the community and Austin Peay State University has installed a chemical engineering facility to teach the skills needed to work at this plant. They will manufacture chemical materials needed in the production of solar panels. This is only one of many plants here in Clarksville. It's also a great place for retirees because all of the necessary health care is here or in Nashville, 50 miles away. The county is 583 sq miles and within 500 miles of 2/3rds of the country. This is a very central location for those whose children have scattered all over the country. [read more...]

Clarksville, TN

County Living - 11/4/2010

Affordable,low taxes[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Quslity of Life - 9/2/2010

Clarksville, Tn is at the confluence of two rivers,the Cumberland and Red. It is the 5th largst city in the state of Tennessee and has a very stable economy thanks in part to Ft Campbell,Ky. Home of the 101st Airborne Div of the US Army which is located on the border between Tennessee and Kentucky. Clarksville has Austin Peay State University and OVC school, and other junior and technical colleges. Hemlock Semiconductor Corp, a subsidiary of Dow Corning , is building a billion dollar plant to manufacture solar panels. We are within 500 miles of two thirds of the country. We have art, shopping, museums, theaters, restaurants, hiking and biking. Parks and pools. We have a brand new 170 million dollar regional medical center, Gateway Hospital and we are 1 hour from Nashville, Vanderbilt, St. Thomas, Baptist and Centennial Hospitals as well as Opryland Hotel, Ryman Auditorium and many favorite excellent restaurants and entertainment. Take a look at us. We have the youngest population in the state and a good number of retirees.[read more...]

Bend, OR

Definetly not what we expected - 8/4/2010

The place has its ups and downs.I do like Clarksville, job situation is a whole nother story. We moved across the country to here reading all comments and researching the place and discovering all on this website. It says the unemplyment is lower here then the national average. Maybe so, but, if it is true then maybe I can get one? And maybe get one that pays? The only job after almost a month of looking and calling, going to business after business nothing has come up except one place. It was a restaurant that wanted me to be a server. That doesn't bother except the little part of how much they offer to pay here. It was no more than 20hrs a week no overtime and here is the real kicker, $2.13 hourly. And if you want to stay there then you better get tips and keep your quota up or they will remove you from that position and give you less hours. That is their story that I have come accross is that people here are not willing to pay a living wage if they are willing to even give you a second look. Come with a job or some other way to make it. Don't expect to find something that you can support yourself or a family. [read more...]

Adams, TN

20 minute drive - 6/5/2010

Clarksville and Montgomery County is very spread out. You will find a 20 minute drive to get to most places. The time of day will determine to traffic congestion. Just put this into your planning and you will adapt. Also, the city has some public transportation, but I have not used the service.[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Family - 2/3/2010

Clarksville is growing and a great place to raise a family. Clarksville is the sates 5th largest city landing the largest corperate headquarter relocation in the states history. We are the home of the 101st Screaming Eagles with the Army. We are a diverse melting pot and proud home of our Army neighbors. The largest mall in America is being planned 10 minutes north of us an the city and county are revitalizing Riverside Dr leading to a prosperous downtown and Franklin St. We have the quickest growing unversity in the state with Austin Peay State University. We are a bedroom community and better value to Nashville 45 minutes southeast of Clarksville. Check us out on the web!![read more...]

Clarksville, TN

TN - boring - 1/18/2010

Living in TN - boring - no sidewalks - many areas are run down and the cities lack the money to keep the areas up. Been here only a short time but have seen the KKK in the flesh - even on a military base. If you like to raise your kids secluded that is the area to raise them. If you are retiring - no kids - that's the place to be. Low cost living and you get your money's worth[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Clarksville - A college town full of friendly peop - 5/6/2009

Clarksville hosts Austin Peay University. Has terrific real estate values. Exceptionally friendly people, who have an honest smile when they say hello. We moved here from the east coast when we retired to take advantage of the lower cost of living, and the lower cost of housing compared to the east coast. Clarksville is close to the Fort Campbell Army base in Kentucky, and you can say the war comes home here. Clarksville hosts a festival every year to thank the fighters for our freedom.[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Education in Clarksville - 9/3/2008

The biggest disappointment about living in Clarksville is the education system[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Clarksville/Ft. Campbell Area - 4/27/2008

We moved to Clarksville in 1992 when my husband was selected to stand up 526 Support Batallion. At that time they were converting Discom to forward support batallions. We loved the area and decided to retire in this area. I have been doing Real Estate since 1988 starting in Northern Virginia and then moving to Ft. Stewart, GA and finally to Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area. We had planned to retire in Northern Virginia however after moving to Clarksville we realized there would be a better quality of life in Clarksville to raise our kids, cost of living and housing is very reasonable, if you are retired military you are close to military facilities, there is not a state tax and if you need more than what Clarksville offers Nashville is only an hour away. The spring and fall here are absolutely gorgeous compared to other areas we have lived. Clarksville is a large city with a population over 140000 to date and still growing however it has a small time feel. It is easy to get involved in the community and make a difference. I also tell people because there is still so much room for growth here it is a great place to start your own business.[read more...]

Kalispell, MT

Seeking info regarding employment/ "green" employm - 3/30/2008

I am a single mom looking to relocate, and the dept. of labor stats show the Clarksville unemployment rate to be pretty high; also, from others' comments it appears the pay rate is pretty low. Any hopes for a gal who just wants send her youngest off to college (we're in the Pell grant socioeconomic bracket) and take a weekly hike to rejuvenate? I don't need to make tons of money, but I don't want to starve either. And what about race relations, gangs, drugs, etc? Any comments would be helpful.[read more...]


Army town - 3/3/2008

Typical Army town, but close to Nashville, STL, and a lot of other cities. Not bad as far as Army towns go, there seem to be less strip bars, but just as many tattoo parlors and lending shops.[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

2007 One of the Best Real Estate Years in Clarksvi - 1/31/2008

The national media has tried to convince us of how bad the real estate market is, with all the foreclosures and trouble in the subprime mortgage business, but 2007 will be remembered as one of the best real estate years in Clarksville's history with over 4,000 homes sold. Fort Campbell is a very important part of our community and we miss them any time they deploy, but unlike the first Gulf War with the uncertainty over the length of deployment, today families tend to stay in Clarksville knowing when their loved one will be home at a given time. Industry plays a major role in the vitality of our town and I believe we have a robust, mixture of industry, and I'm pleased to see our local political leaders being aggressive in the pursuit of new industry. With a great relationship with Fort Campbell, a good industrial base, aggressive industrial recruiting, coupled with contained low interest rates and positive recognition nationally such as the recent report by Kiplinger Magazine (January 2008), things are good. The Kiplinger article quotes a survey by Fiserv Lending Solutions that states they expect Clarksville, Tennessee, to lead the way through 2009 with a projected 6.4 percent increase in home prices. Many cities all over the U.S. are projected to lose as much as 15 percent a year. The article should be very encouraging to those that own or plan to buy a home in the near future. Any time Clarksville can be mentioned nationally in such a positive manner is good news for everyone. It's obvious I'm extremely positive on Clarksville and what the future holds for our community [read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Cost of Living - 11/1/2007

Growing up in California, Clarksville is a huge change. The cost of living out here is so affordable. As a young couple, my husband and I have been able to but a house that I don't think we could ever afford on the West coast.[read more...]

York, PA

Seeking more information. - 5/3/2007

I am considering moving to Clarksville in a few years. I've been checking out the job market, particularly with Tenneessee State government. The wages seem rather low, in some cases comparable to the minimum wage. Is this par for the course in Clarkesville or are there other well paying organizations in the area for college graduates.[read more...]

Seattle, WA

Weather in Clarksville? - 3/26/2007

We're looking at places to relocate and are wondering if "big" storms (tornadoes, hurricanes & such) are something to be much concerned about in the Clarksville area? We read about some tornadoes in the '90's but can't find much else. Thanks in advance.[read more...]

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