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Apple Valley, California SperlingViews

"Roy Rogers Home"

Roy Rogers Home - 6/5/2010
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Apple Valley, CA

Roy and wife Dale Evans lived here for many years. Apple Valley is a town of about 75,000.It is 1/2 between Los Angeles,CA and Las Vegas,NV in the middle of the Mojave desert. It gets seriously hot in the summer temps reach triple digits on a daily basis and cold in the winter,believe it or not we get an ocassional snow storm

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Apple Valley, CA

apple valley is not a bad place. - 4/21/2013

I have lived here for 24 years and I must say I love the sunsets here they are so beautiful.I love dirt bike riding and hiking.yes we have hot summers and cold winters.yes we have drugies and welfare recipients here but its like that every where now is very hard to find good jobs here that is true.but I love this place its home for me.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley: Who would love it and who would not. - 11/1/2012

To start off with, I never blog or chat, but I feel compelled to join this site and express my thoughts regarding Apple Valley and the high desert so here it is. I have lived here for apox. 15 years and can't imagine living anywhere else and doing as poorly and as unhappily as I have here. It has been like a void that has sucked the life out of me as it has many others. It has a service economy. The economy is horrid; more like 20 percent unemployment than the 12 percent that they say it is. I get accosted by beggers at most of the stores that I frequent. Worse of all, the mentality is such that many of the poplulation don't even want to work, if there were any jobs to be had. Being in your 20's or 30's and still living at home is acceptable. I can't hold an intelligent conversation with hardly anyone. It is a cultural black hole with nothing to do. Even if you were the wealthiest person in town, there is nowhere nice to spend your money. You have to drive out of the area. I find myself wanting to get out of the house and talk to people and when I get out, I just want to go back home. If you have a trade, you will not be able to put it to use because the real estate market and all the businesses having to do with that have expired and will not come back for years to come. If you are the kind of person that does not want to work, likes using drugs on a regular basis, or has no sense of self worth or aspirations, then the high desert is a great place for you to live. To be fair, it is a great place for dirtbike riding if that is your thing. For the rest of us, I feel like I have done my civic duty in giving you fair warning if you are considering moving here. I am currently getting rid of nearly all of my possessions and moving somewhere, practically anywhere else, and far away. Cheers. [read more...]

Colorado Springs, CO

Desperate Desert - 10/3/2012

The High Desert as a whole has gone down hill since the mid '90s, when the state thought it a good idea to break up the gangs in L.A. and move them to the High Desert. Don't know what they were thinking! The gangs just brought more homies and family with them and established New ground in the desert. Getto choppers fly overhead all night. Apple Valley has tried to stay out of the loop longer, because Hesperia and Victorville had more infrastructure early on. Apple Valley held out on commerce till mid 2000's. I got so tired of it that I moved out of the area, for another state in 2001. Great weather for retirement though. Jess Ranch Apple Valley is isolated from most nonsense, for retirees.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley, ca - 9/8/2012

Apple Valley is not a bad place to live,if you don't mind long summers. California has a whole has lousy laws,poor politians who take all the tax payers money without giving anything back in return.The state always is in a deficit.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

life in Apple Valley - 8/18/2012

I live in rural Apple Valley. Dirt road and 2.5 acre lots. The weather can be extreme here. Hot and windy in the summer and freezing at times in the winter. We couldn't live anywhere else in the county affordably and have horse property etc...Further in town there are many problems with crime and unemployment at an all time high. I just moved my young sons to flagstaff, az where they found work immediately. Also, due to the large numbers of poorly educated people the local community college fills its schedule with remedial classes. My youngest son wasted two years there never getting a full schedule of academic classes. My husband and myself are professionals so work is not a problem for us but most people either commute or are unemployed. I do not recommend this area to anyone!! We are out of here as soon as possible most likely to Idaho. This community is overrun with illegals and gangs. We live out in the country and so don't experience the gang violence but it is prevalent here in the high desert. Don't move here unless you have to!!!!!!![read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Don't move here, Welfare-dump capitol!! - 8/30/2011

my parents moved here from Los Angeles in 1978. This town was great in those days, quiet, low crime, no gangs, decent schools. NOT anymore this town has no jobs, bad schools, bad cops, horibble medical facilities. It is overrun with trash, welfare recipients, drug addicts, and backstabbers!!!! I moved away for 12 years, came back and its alot worse, theres a 'Hood" now, murders, armed robberies, car theft, and drugs! lotsa drugs! Meth capitol of the desert(adelanto too)! This is the worst place i have ever lived! If you want a future in this world, leave california! run far away!!!! i wasted too much time here! :( bye rat nest town!!![read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley Homes - 8/1/2011

Apple Valley California definitely has a lot going for it these days! The cost of living is very affordable here and the weather is nice year round. You get a taste of the seasons here in the High Desert. I found a home Im going to buy in Apple Valley the other day on the apple valley california realtor website He is a real estate guy in town and seems to know the area very well. I like the place we found on his website in Sunset Hills with a view overlooking Victorville and Hesperia homes. Hopefully more jobs and dining come to the area in the future......[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley Weather - 9/17/2010

One thing you can count on is it will be sunny. The wind blows alot. Best times to visit are the Spring and Fall.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Roy Rogers Home - 6/5/2010

Roy and wife Dale Evans lived here for many years. Apple Valley is a town of about 75,000.It is 1/2 between Los Angeles,CA and Las Vegas,NV in the middle of the Mojave desert. It gets seriously hot in the summer temps reach triple digits on a daily basis and cold in the winter,believe it or not we get an ocassional snow storm[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Living Condition - 7/8/2009

I just read two negative issues about Apple Valley and want to set the record straight. The weather in Apple Valley is almost perfect. A bit cold for two months and and bit warm for two months. However the rest of the year it's gourgeous. Summer months are hot however it's a dry hear and does not seem to be that hot, and the evening cools down to the 60's. The mornings are gourgeous with clean crisp clean desert air and no wind. Yes, it's freequently windy, specifically in the afternoon which really helps to cool things down in the summer. The town is making great strides to ensure residents can shop to keep tax dollars in Apple Valley. Once the economy settles down there is NO doubt employement will be available with good paying jobs due to, ( as the say down the hill) space in now limited in the Los Angeles basin and there is only one place to grow and that is the High Desert. Apple Valley is a semi rural community, and it's beautifully set up to maintain a minimun half acre lot's and you can keep and ride horses in various places in town with trails. How many communities can say state that. Bottom line, it's a great place to live as Dale Evans said how beautiful the sunsets are and decided to settle in Apple Valley along with Roy Rogers.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

quality of life - 6/28/2009

If you like being inside all day, because of wind, sand or oppressive heat/cold, then... Apple Valley is the place for you. If you like to be limited on eateries, entertainment, crime free living, or shopping, then...Apple Valley is the place for you. If you enjoy a 1-2 hour freeway drive to anything interesting, then, this is place to put down roots. If you are caucasian and don't mind being the minority in the area, then, this is your place. If a good education is not important to you or your children, then, this is your kind of place. The list of objectionables goes on and on. I WISH I could have know about Sperling's BEFORE I moved here. We are moving somewhere nice soon![read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

Jobs - 1/26/2009

After having lived in Apple Valley for 22 years, came here in 1987 I have learned the really hard way that the employment situation is completely hopeless. Unless you are a true professional, Doctor, R.N., Lawyer...etc you stand no chance of obtaining a good job locally because they just don't exist here. But if you are into working at fast food, wal-mart, k-mart, target and the like your in your element and stand a good chance of getting a job. Sadly I bought my house in 1997 and at the moment would have a hard time selling it, but just as soon as the housing market picks up even just a little, it's going on the market and I and my Son are out of here, I'm so tired of hearing how good paying jobs are coming to the desert, it's been 22 years and their still not here, if I continue to wait my child will starve to death. With the years of experience I have in this God forsaken place, my best advice to anyone considering a move to this desert is please don't, you don't know how sorry you will be because the "good" jobs will NEVER come.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

gangs - 12/14/2008

How to stop new members from joining and to start a peace treaty amongst those that are already in. Mainly to stop crime and tagging.[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

crime - 1/28/2008

crime rate 1--10 1 low 10 high apple valley---6 LA----8[read more...]

Apple Valley, CA

gang problem - 6/23/2006

Getting much worse with gangs and drugs[read more...]