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"looking to relocate"

looking to relocate - 1/24/2010
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teri renee
Ketchikan, AK

i am done here in alaska 48 years is enough ,,can you help,,

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New Cumberland, WV

WV is refreshingly tranquil, and close to hip & ha - 8/27/2012

Cities rich with art & culture in WV are Shepherdstown, Berkeley Springs, Huntington, Charleston, and Morgantown, but I happily live in the Northern Panhandle of WV near Pittsburgh,Pennsyl.which is green, progressive, and rejuvenated for the 21st century, I'm pleased to say. I am a native West Virginian with a Master's Degree and teach college, in fact. So, tired and outdated stereotypes of the Uneducated Hillbilly--please R.I.P. WV is a mellow, low-crime state with friendly, welcoming people. Technology and social media have helped it to evolve in many respects.

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Los Gatos, CA

Montani Semper - 8/7/2012


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Milwaukee, WI

need a new start some were new - 5/27/2012

I want to know what kind of jobs and schools are offered here

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Point Pleasant, WV

very little in comparism - 4/2/2011

Coming from a big city 8yrs ago I appreciate West Virginia for its beauty,humbleness,churches,and lack of real major crime to the degree in which i was previously used to seeing.Although drugs are redily available its a far cry from anything i have seen in the big city.Its actually a very refreshing place to be.

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Fairmont, WV

Beautiful State but very low in quality of life. - 11/7/2010

About the only good things I can say about WV is that it is a beautiful state and that the people are friendly here but that's about it. The cost of living is relatively low compared to bigger metro areas is probably one more good thing. But the summers are hot and humid, it's a bad state for people with allergies, the infrastructure is not that great, shopping is horrible, there is no public trnsportation whatsoever, the local governments are corrupt, the politics is not progressive at all, there is no culture, there are not enough parks or things to do, and the people are uneducated for the most part. Wages are low. There are not many good job opportunities. Nice place to visit but you do no want to live here.

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teri renee
Ketchikan, AK

looking to relocate - 1/24/2010

i am done here in alaska 48 years is enough ,,can you help,,

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St. Albans, WV

Best kept secret - 6/10/2009

West Virginia is a great place to live. Please don't tell anyone or it won't continue to be so.

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Cabin Creek, WV

Business - 8/8/2008

West Virginia has one of the worst climates for business. We ranked last out of the entire united states in the most business friendly climate. This ranks the size of our workforce(there are more people in Pittsburgh than in our entire state), the educational levels achieved by our population, and our taxes on businesses, among other factors. Jobs are extremely scarce here. Furthermore, we are one of the poorest states, and we are taxed the most. In West Virginia you are considered well off if you make 40-60,000 and super rich if you make over 100,000 a year. We have had the same old leadership for decades. I'm 24 years old and I think we have had the same 2 senators my entire life. How does a state progress with the same ideology in control for that long. I think computers weren't even mainstream back in those days. If you are contemplating a move here, then have money.

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Keyser, WV

If you like the outdoors - 1/9/2008

West Virginia is a small state that packs a wallup of outdoor activity. We have a lot of unspoiled wilderness for hiking, mountains for skiing, lakes for boating. There is no season when you can't find something to do outside

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Charleston, WV

LIVIN IN CHARLESTON WV..neva knew such a sucky pla - 9/29/2007

Im 18 yrs old and ive lived in both long island ny for a large majority of my life and ive lived in syracuse but i just graduated and decided to change scenery because i was getting tired of the the extremely cold syracuse weather and theres not much to do w/o getting bored quick so i moved to charleston wv have been here 4 months and cant wait to get enuff money to get the heck outta here there are way to many old folks now i love old people but theres hardly any young people around theres not very many places for the small amount of young people to go there accents suck theres way to many hills the buses and all the stores close down early as hell the ethnic ratio is all messed up and theres way to many dirty busted crackheads runnin around. this happens to be the pill poppin state and almost everybody abuses prescription drugs (xanax,lauratabas,etc)even the teens mostly the teens i hate it here sooo much its way to slow paced for me

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Summersville, WV

Summersville, WV - 5/5/2007

Finding a job that pays enough to support a family is next to impossible in this area.

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Oak Hill, WV

home sweet home - 2/27/2006

great climate friendly people

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