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Murrieta, CA

Murrieta is a great place to raise your family. Trust me I have done it and now my grandchildren are being raised here. BUT let me say I do not like the school system...sorry thats the cold truth. They pass you like cattle and some of the teachers are should not be teachers. The GREAT news is murrieta and temecula have great CHARTER schools where you child can go 2 or 3 days of the week or you can homeschool them at home. MORE OPTIONS in murrieta than other counties a big, big place. YES it does get hot in the summmer AC is a must.
Fall is gorgeous you will love it.

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Menifee, CA

Crime - 7/2/2012

The crime rate in the Murrieta/Menifee Valley is low. We are hearing about incidents recently. The police have been reacting well and have been successful. Important that citizens are vigilent and help where they can to keep our communities safe.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Murrieta - 6/8/2012

Murrieta is a great family friendly city [read more...]

Murrieta, CA


Murrieta is a great place to raise your family. Trust me I have done it and now my grandchildren are being raised here. BUT let me say I do not like the school system...sorry thats the cold truth. They pass you like cattle and some of the teachers are should not be teachers. The GREAT news is murrieta and temecula have great CHARTER schools where you child can go 2 or 3 days of the week or you can homeschool them at home. MORE OPTIONS in murrieta than other counties a big, big place. YES it does get hot in the summmer AC is a must. Fall is gorgeous you will love it.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

President - 12/14/2010

Nice City[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Murrieta - 4/12/2010

Fantastic suburban community that finished a huge population boom with the onset of the recession. Great public schooling system and plenty of available shopping and infrastructure for comfortable living and mild climate changes year round. Uniquely located between all major cities of Southern California. Suffers from typical California housing problems with higher than necessary housing prices and higher than normal foreclosure rate. Great place for raising a family and enjoyable lifestyle.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Not My Favorite Place - 10/23/2009

I have lived all over the United States and would like to make some points on the town I have been living in for the last year: - High Rent - Low Utilities - No Jobs (still unemployed and I have a B.S. Degree) - Good Schools - Low Wages - Extreme Weather (very hot in summer) - Not Alot To Do - Far From Major Cities - Horrible Traffic On Hwys [read more...]

Murrieta, CA

A Growing Community with A Lot To Offer - 5/19/2009

While much of the state of California is going down the drain, Murrieta is a thriving community. With great places to shop and eat one does not need to leave the Temecula/Murrieta area. Pechanga is a great casino to spends hours gambling, the wineries are great to spend an afternoon tasting, the golf ranges are great to play a round, and the big movie theaters are a great way to cool off.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Overall Good Place to Live - 4/6/2009

Murrieta is overall a good place to live. More affordable than many other places in SoCal, the schools are really good, crime rate is low and a family orientated community.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

The Heat - 4/6/2009

By late summer one has to turn on the air conditioner to sleep at night. A large number of people have their own pools, which can get into the low 80s just with sun power. In the winter it can gets down into the mid 30s, but by the afternoon it warms up to the 50s. I have only see it snow here once. My one complaint is that I wish there was less days that got over 100. The best thing about the climate is that in the fall and spring you can still sit outside and eat dinner due to the nice weather.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

cost of living in the summer because of climate - 5/5/2008

Although house prices are at an attractive low, bear in mind the summers here are a good 10 degrees hotter than in other parts of Riverside County. This drives the cost of living up dramatically. It is not unusual to see $300-$500/mo electric bills in the summer due to air conditioner use. Think you can bear the summer without air conditioning? Think again. The breezes, if present, are hot and do nothing to cool you off.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

slower pace in So Cal - 10/26/2007

Murrieta, CA is a well planned and engineered city for families and singles alike. This bedroom community offers a slower pace of life here in Southern California, with plenty of activities for all, many retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and an excellent education system. We've got it all: mountains, desert, ocean, and beautiful clear blue skies!! It's a dream to live in this easy going, sunny, and friendly place![read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Murrieta is a Great Place to Live - 8/5/2007

I read Nicole's review and I disagree with several of her points. I have lived in Murrieta for about 3 years and I agree that Murrieta has become a "bedroom community" of San Diego. There really is nothing wrong with it being a bedroom community as Southern California is filled with these thriving communities. Murrieta has a much more affordable housing market than most of San Diego County which draws many people to the area. Murrieta was recently rated one of the lowest crime rates by a national survey and that is due to its 'touch on crime' policy. In my 3 years of living here I have never heard the helicopters overhead or excessive police sirens. The banks are note constantly being robbed as she mentioned, not any more than other areas of So Cal. We settled here in Murrieta because it is such a GREAT place to raise kids with the best schools in all of Riverside County, ones that even rival the best that San Diego County has to offer with the Poway School District. Murrieta has grown to a population of over 97,000 but they are growing it right compared to some other areas of So Cal. Murrieta has made sure that infrastructure and services have kept up with the population. The are aggressively building new schools to meet the future needs of residents. Murrieta has a very business friendly attitude and is seeking to draw in many businesses from areas around Southern California to the residents can work local and not have to commute. They still have a small town feel with some of the bigger town draws like housing, shopping, employment, and other key services. Their medical support services have been lacking a little but they are expanding that as well. Overall, Murrieta is a GREAT place to live, play, and raise a family. Yes, a commute to San Diego or Riverside may be necessary but other businesses are coming to the area and offering new employment opportunities all the time. No, I am not part of the Murrieta area City services or visitors bureau, I am just a resident that makes a commute to San Diego and continues to raise my family here in wonderful Murrieta. [read more...]

Winchester, CA

CJ - 1/26/2007

When I first moved here in 1999 the cost of a mid-priced house was around $200,000. Utilities were not low but they were reasonable. I should have gotten a clue to the future trend when I learned that people from nearby San Diego county were starting to relocate for affordable housing. Orange County (expensive!) residents had been migrating here for the past 15 years because it was affordable living for them as well. The Murrieta/Temecula area was still a 'small town' by most standards. I thought I had found a great place but apparantly so did too many other people. Over the last 8 years housing and utilities have shot up so much that most folks have to dip into savings to survive. Houses have doubled in price. Illegal immigrants fill the ER's causing great delays in care for residents. Traffic has become a nightmare due in part to the influx of new residents and very much because of poor planning for growth. An easy 10 minute ride to my doctor's office now takes almost 30 minutes depending on the time of day. Very few alternate routes to anyplace are available. City Planners have shown to be in league with Real Estate Developers. This lovely town close to charming wine country is also a mecca for tourists on weekends. I'm ready to move on to a more peaceful location if there is such a place anymore. Many of my neighbors are doing the same.[read more...]

Orange Park, FL

Welcome to Murrieta...... - 12/19/2006

This is a commuter city so be prepared to spend a lot of your life in a car. If you're lucky enough to work close to home, your neighbors probably aren't. It's considered along with Temecula to be a "bedroom community" of San Diego. The shopping is awesome where every store imaginable is close by. The crime however was too much for us, the banks were constantly being robbed and frankly I was tired of wakiing up in the middle of the night to the sound of search helicopters and we lived in a $500+ neighborhood. Overall, if you're looking for the best place to raise your kids, I'd keep looking, it's easy for them to get lost in the crowd here. Don't get me wrong the schools are pretty decent and do do some pretty wonderful things for the kids, it's just the sheer volume of people here moving in and out of the area.[read more...]

Temecula, CA

Poorly planned??? I don't think so.... (response - 10/1/2006

I think that, just like any highly desireable area, the Inland Empire didn't expect so many people to love it and want to live here so quickly. The Inland Empire has grown quicker then the city managers planned, poorly planned ? maybe ,but isn't it great that so many people had the same good taste as you did to want to live here?[read more...]

Riverside, CA

Schools??? - 8/16/2006

According to school reports academics scores are good to excellent in Murrieta and Temecula. With the over-crowding comments how is it that they are doing well compared to other so. cal. schools? Is it really that bad?[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Poorly planned. Overcrowded schools. - 7/24/2006

We have lived here 5 years and watched it grow from under 40,000 to over 90,000! The schools are way over crowded and the city took too long in purchasing proper land for new schools. The city planning would fail on SimCity! There are many religious people that drive extremely rude in their jumbo SUVs! The good things are the proximity to San Diego, Disneyland, and the mountains, as well as the weather.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Great place to be... - 7/2/2006

Other than the fact that Murrieta is in California with great climate year round and lots of activities, this is a great place to be. Surrounded by snow, the Pacific Ocean and high desert, not to mention Los Angeles, San Diego and all of the coastal communities, there is no shortage of things to do or see - all within a two hour radius. All of this, but we are far enough away in the inland valley to enjoy clear skies and temperate climate. The best thing about our community though is sense of family. There is a strong foundation of family oriented viewpoints and activities. We are the suburbs of the surrounding urban areas.[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

Nice Place to Live - 6/14/2006

Good schools and neighborhoods. Crime is beginning to increase[read more...]

Murrieta, CA

NOTHING STAYS THE SAME..... - 6/4/2006

I've lived in several states across the country since my husband was frequently transfered due to his job. Last stop when we retired: Northern California. We then decided to move to an area that had milder winters yet still within California. There is every kind of climate and region to choose from here! Coming from New York and remembering how much I love being by the ocean, my first thought was San Diego! Since my first visit there about 30 years ago, that was my "perfect place". The smell of the ocean in the air, the seagulls cawing, the sun glinting off the water: after all these years I'm ready to go! HA! I should have bought a place back 30 years ago because now it takes a million or so just to start looking 10 miles inland. The people we met who were also looking to move, all recommended the cities of Temecula and Murrieta for affordable and beautiful housing. Temecula is Wine Country and it is just over the San Diego border (inland) in Riverside County. No ocean but it was doable for us. The area was still like a small town. We quickly found a house "on the edge of town" by a beautiful golf course. We got a great price in a new subdivision and settled in to enjoy the peace and quiet. That was 7 1/2 years ago and some say we have a much better quality of life here now. We have every kind of restaurant, fast food, small boutiques and large stores, a huge man-made lake and recreation area just down the road from us and houses, houses, houses. We are no longer on the edge of town. Four more subdivions have been built around the golf course. At least 500,000 more houses are being built past us. Most families commute to work in L.A. or San Diego which means lots of traffic and gridlock. It used to take us 10 minutes to get to our doctor. Now we have to plan at least 30 - more if school is just getting out - and hope there are no accidents on the way. Many "new" residents here before us came to get away from the congestion and overbuilding in Orange County. O.C. was once like the old Temecula/Murrieta area. Sure, it is nice that we have so much more available without making a trip out of town. All those amenities do make for a better QUALITY OF LIFE. For me though, I'm ready to move again to a place without the road congestion and overbuilding. There must be such a place. And when I do find it (sshhhh) I may not tell.[read more...]

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