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"nice place to live but too hot in summer"

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Kerrville, TX

Tivy High School - 12/14/2011

My son is a Senior at Tivy High School and I must say I have been highly impressed wtih the school. It has gotten much better in the last two years with a change in administration. The discipline is strict and the principal is kind of a "non nonsense" type of guy but really has the kids best interest at heart. He is exactly the type of person you wht watching out for your kids. Apparently the teachers really respect him. As for the teacers, they are good for the most part. There are a few that were probably good 20 years ago but have not changed with the times. The sports program is amazing and that the school is known for but the other programs seem to be high quality alos. I would certianly recommend Tivy to anyone moving to the hill country.

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Kerrville, TX

nice place to live but too hot in summer - 5/30/2011

Kerrville is a great small town to live and raise children or retire. The area is beautiful, the winter temps gets cold but not for long. The summers are hot, mid 90s to over 100 degrees all summer. The heat is the reason I'd like to move away. Crime in Kerrville is low, I think because of our law enforcement, the crime rate stays to a minumium. The problem is it's a small place so not many places to work but if you don't mind a commute and can find employment in San Anotonio that might work out for you. Schreiner Universtiy is a small college in Kerrville, it has a beautiful campus.

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Kerrville, TX

Love the views and wildlife in Kerrville, TX - 9/5/2008

I love the views as I'm driving aroud. I really love the wildlife around my tiny house: deer, turkeys, sheep, squirrels, antelope, all kinds of birds. I love watching their antics; they make me laugh because they are so much like people. People are very friendly here, everyone dresses very casual, we do need a few more popular stores such as Target and SAM's. Weather is good, better than Houston, TX.

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Kerrville, TX

Best in the Texas Hill Country - 4/6/2006

The elevation averages 1650-1900 ft. here depending upon which hill you live on. It's usually 5 degrees cooler than San Antonio with lower humidity. The plant hardiness zone ranges from 8a to 7b. Exceptionally scenic. Healthy environment -- top scores in air and water quality. Pop. 20K and growing too fast. Largest city in the Texas Hill Country. Too many pickup trucks everywhere/bad traffic/poorly maintained streets(particularly Hwy16).

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San Antonio, TX

Nice Hill Country Town - 2/2/2006

Kerrville is a pleasant town an hour nw of San Antonio. The pretty Guadalupe River runs through the town. A great, small University is here (Schreiner Univ.). A nice getaway from San Antonio. Surrounded by hills and 5-7 degrees cooler than San Antonio on the average. A fairly popular retirement area. bz

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