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Cedar City, UT

Works well for all .. - 11/13/2015

Gin and I Moved to Cedar 1997 from NW Wyoming climate search mainly. Have found what we thought would be a 10 year plan a bit more permanent. Cedar is a desirable location for outdoor activities Yes golf and skiing. Down home type residents with the amenities for theater goers, S.U.U. activities, Shakespeare, sports ,hiking , water, mountains,, IT's here. We have been involved in the Real Estate industry for 17 years and still believe and know IT is an affordable housing market. Employment is plenty, I have always said employment can be had if you care to work. Religions of all denominations exist cooperatively with the Utah main stay. Give us a call for more first hand information 435 559 3722

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Cedar City, UT

Cedar City - 10/5/2015

Cedar City is a real nice place to live. Always, something to do!

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Pleasant Grove, UT

I would never recommend this place to anyone!! - 5/18/2014

Honestly, this is the worst place I have ever lived! I have lived in several different states, and even overseas, and this little town is in a league all of its own! For a town with under 10,000 people, I have seen more corruption and the city has been in the news more times than I can count. Unfortunately, almost always negative stories. If you are not LDS, it will be even worse! There is a lot of discrimination and you can see for yourself if you read the city's message boards. I have always been surprised at what I am able to find there. Unfortunately, I purchased my home when real estate was high, but am hoping to sell within the next year or so. I live in an area called "The Cedars" and I could go on and on about the poor HOA management. If you are thinking about a move to Cedar Hills, I would definitely google it first! You may change your mind!

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Cedar City, UT

Pretty but not much else - 1/3/2013

I've lived in Cedar for a year and while I like the sunshine (it literally shines everyday) there isn't much else. I am originally from the mid-west where it is almost always overcast so the sun and low humidity is amazing but the weather is one of the only pluses. There are no jobs here. The SUU students never go out. I go to the two bars here in town and no one ever is there. Just guys, no girls. If you are single, stay far away. It is near impossible to find normal well adjusted partners here. I am not a student by the way. Everyone gets married at 18 and has kids. Drinking is shunned by the community. There are nice bike trails and you have the beautiful mountains to look at but don't count on any kind of night life. Go to church, that is honestly the best place to meet any people. You'd think this place is deserted if you don't attend church. Clean city, nice people, very scenic, but nothing else. Glad I am leaving Utah in three weeks!

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Cedar City, UT

Cedar City a.k.a. The Festival City - 9/5/2012

Cedar City is a beautiful place to live with a 360* view! The people are great with plenty of places to play with the kids no matter your budget. There is everything a family could want here in Cedar City. It is a University City, we support our local University with great pride... GO T-Birds!!! You can enjoy the festivals almost year round with everything from the world renowned Shakespeare Festival, the Blues Fest and the Renaissance Fair. Among all these wonderful qualities you also get to enjoy the beautiful seasons, which is the only real complaint I have about being here. 18 years of snowy winters with my health is too much :( I love the snow covered winter wonderlands and our unlimited hot cocoa at Denny's but now that our kids are all almost all of age we prefer somewhere we can just relax in the warmth. The biggest thing to note is that, partial to rumor, this town is not only for the LDS, it is filled with almost every major denomination!

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Cedar City, UT

Love it here - 2/2/2010

I have lived in Cedar since I was 18 (came here for college) and I have loved it the entire time. My first impression moving here is that everyone I met was so friendly. I stayed here after I graduated, and am sad to think about leaving. My husband moved here from out of state, he's originally from a much larger city, and although he originally thought he would be bored all the time without nearby concerts, shows, etc - he soon fell in love with it too. It's very pretty and safe here. Cost of living seems pretty low, apartments are much less expensive here than anywhere else I've looked at. The only downside is that it's difficult to find jobs, there aren't a lot of openings here. St. George is about 45 minutes away and there are more stores, business and job opportunities there although the drive might be a pain, especially during the winter.

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Cedar City, UT

Nice place to live or visit - 5/18/2009

Nice cultural area with Southern Utah University's theatrical presences and the surrounding National Parks, Zions, Kolob, Cedar Breaks, Bryce and Grand Canyon

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Cedar City, UT

Not a great place if you are single - 6/29/2007

This town is wonderful in all aspects unless you are single. I do have a son but its so hard to just have a fun single life except for a few special occasions that bring a larger number of single, available people to the area. But if you have a family, this is the place to be!

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Loves Park, IL

I visited Cedar City in 2006 & I fell in love with - 4/6/2007

I had never visited Utah in my life before, but after searching online for months, for a place to buy a home for me & my husbands retirement years, I found Cedar City. We went to visit this adorable city in the late summer of 2006. When we got there, we knew it was the place we wished to live. It has a lot to offer, it's quaint and the people are just great. We fell in love with this wonderful little city right away and we decided to buy a new condo there. It is the place that we will spend the rest of our lives enjoying the beauty and peaceful living.

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Cedar City, UT

Real Estate bubble just popped - 4/2/2007

In two years time there was an incredible rise in the cost of real estate. Speculation began to grow and individuals and developers were riding an unreal real estate market. Alas, all good things must end...and now individuals and developers are literally sitting (or losing their properties). There's no employment base for all these housing developments...where are the people going to come from if they can't find work?

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Cedar City, UT

Small Town Life - 10/26/2006

Our family just moved to Cedar City and we are in heaven! Of course, it is for people wanting a small town atmosphere and all the benefits that come along with that. You may have to shop outside of town sometimes but it is more than worth it. There is so much to do and just the drive to take my kids to school each day is breathtaking! We are not LDS yet respect the religion and appreciate what positive affects it has on a community. Homes have gotten too expensive here but haven't they everywhere. At least here there is some justification. The quality of life is amazing compared to our native CA. People are friendly, respectful and seem to have a positive attitude which is refreshing to say the least.

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Victorville, CA

too expensive already - 7/26/2006

how can the local ordinary people afford any housing here is beyond me. Nice little town but seems to have already been inflated by out-of-state investors.

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