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Outdoor paradise ruined by politics and religion. - 7/11/2017
The state is an outdoor paradise of breathtaking beauty and unending opportunities for all sporting, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing activities. Unfortunately the breathtaking is not limited to the natural beauty. The air quality in the state is abysmal and there is no political will to take any action to improve it.
Outside of Salt Lake County the state is extremely conservative, racist, and dogmatically Mormon. Sans a membership in good standing in the LDS Church including a temple recommend your political, business, and social isolation will be total. That said I left because I could no longer tolerate the air quality or lack of it. The burning eyes, runny nose, and wheezing just got to be too much.  Read More

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utah - 3/3/2016
i like Read More

My Home State - 3/3/2016
Utah is a pretty great place. Because the LDS pioneers settled this state, about 60% of the current population is a member of that religion. Most members are pretty nice, good people. They probably will try to convert you, but it's still a really nice place to Read More

Quality of life - 9/28/2015
Quality of life is important to live better, as i said it depends on you Read More

a good place to live - 8/3/2015
Living in South Jordan has been a better place to live. I have lived in Provo, Ogden, West Valley city and close to downtown Salt Lake City, but South Jordan has been a better place to live. Neighbors are friendly, there are joggers, dog walkers, etc. It has been peaceful and quiet here for 12 years. Only heard a siren maybe twice in 12 years. My children are grown, so I don't know if schools in this area are good. There are trails nearby and we go for a long walk often. Air is cleaner out here. Cost of living is not so bad. Where we live, the housing more expensive than we should have bought, but we are glad to live in this Read More
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We want to move to Utah! - 7/19/2015
Hi All! We are a family of four who are presently living in Italy (My husband is Italian and my two children and I are American :) Although we haven't got any family in Utah we know what a wonderful place it is and we would love to move there- especially anywhere close to the temple. As you can imagine it's not quite as easy as it seems to make this dream come true. I'm now looking on-line for a job as an administrative assistant/ customer service as I have a lot of experience in the area- I am also perfectly bi-lingual in Italian (obviously English). If anyone has any ideas on how to facilitate the situation of finding a job in Utah while still in Italy, I would be grateful for your advice. Just a note: please abstain from suggesting that we move and then find a job as this would mean having no income and no home Read More

Best Snow Ever - 4/15/2015
If you like to ski or snowboard , Utah is the place to be! Fantastic powder snow coupled with sunshine makes our long winters worthwhile. Read More

Plenty of outdoor activities - 7/28/2014
There are a lot of places for outdoor types in Utah and the seasons make nearly every outdoor activity Read More

People - 4/7/2014
The people here are always so Read More

Live Long Time - 2/13/2014
The culture here is amazing. Everyone around here are close and basically know each other. Not to say that there aren't problems, but it's still really nice. There are so many activities and possibilities here, from rock-wall climbing to boating. Hiking and outdoor activities are almost limitless. With Zions just down the road a ways, to all of the history of St. George Read More

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8641 N Cottonwood Aly E Unit H60
Bed 3 | Bath 3

94 S Meadow Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1500 W 6000 N
Bed 4 | Bath 5

2291 E Stone Crest Way
Bed 3 | Bath 4

2448 E Highway 144 Unit 144
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1661 S View Point Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 5

4400 W State St Units 43 & 44
Bed 1 | Bath 1


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