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Pleasanton, TX

growing community - 11/20/2007

11/20/2007 Spent the summer in Lebanon and it is a growing community. It is pretty with friendly people. They sure could use some road improvement and traffic at times is horrible.

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Lebanon, OR

foggy - 3/27/2007

The climate is a little foggy for me here.

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Lebanon, OR

Beautiful Little Lebanon - 8/27/2006

Lebanon is a small city nestled into the foothills of the Cascade mountains. Most of our winter you can expect overcast skys and a drizzly misty days with very little wind or extremes in the weather. A brisk wind is rare but does happen once in a while. People almost go into a panic if we get a forty mile an hour wind. The temperature usually stays in the forty's or fifty's. Then comes summer and you can wake up in the morning expecting clear skys and sun all summer long with very few exceptions. the temperature ususally ranges from lows of upper fifty's to highs eighty's and even ninty's at times but very bearable, with green green grass all year long.

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