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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Retired


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Lebanon, OR

growing community - 11/20/2007
11/20/2007 Spent the summer in Lebanon and it is a growing community. It is pretty with friendly people. They sure could use some road improvement and traffic at times is horrible.

Lebanon, OR

re: Beautiful Little Lebanon
- 11/20/2007
11/20/2007 Spent all summer in Albany and Lebanon combined. Lebanon is a growing community for sure. It is pretty and friendly, but they could sure use some road improvements. The traffic at times is horrible.

Prineville, OR

Quite small town
- 11/7/2006
My wife & I stayed in our travel trailer and visited with some friends in the summer of 05'. We loved camping in the Cascade's to the west, gambling at the indian cassino to the north and the Prineville Reservior to the southeast of town. Did some shopping in Bend and Redmond while there. Also visited Smith Rock just a hop west of town. Fuel was resonnable, groceries a tad high. There are no major supper markets there. I needed a diesel fuel filter while there and they poked me the eyes with the high price. Twice the price of Auto Zone. There is a major automobile tire manufacture there also, Schuobe or something like that. All in all we enjoyed it while we there and would not mind living there, being our son lives in Albany, Oreg.

Pleasanton, TX

- 7/6/2006
jobs are hard to find here, unless you are skilled. Example: electrician or plumber. Best jobs are found in San Antonio, 25-30 miles north. But, because fuel prices are high commutting may not be feasible.

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