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"beautiful state"

beautiful state - 6/7/2007
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Manchester Center, VT

If you like 6 and 6, meaning 6 cold months and 6 summer months then you would love vermont., once the winter gets it's idea to move on, it takes the atmosphere time to listen, the mountains are still holding on to late spring storms, and when the wind blows, here comes the cold air off the mountains., then when all the snow has melted, the air warms up a little more, until such a time when the air comes from the North, where there is yet still more snow up there., so finally, it warms up, but the nights are still cold until June or so, and alas there is warmth...and you soak up the warmth from about June, July, Aug. now the days are getting shorter, and the nights cooler and you know what's coming again. otherwise, if you're young, and love the cold, Hey, vt. is the state for you.

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Colchester, VT

Burlington, VT - 1/4/2015

Burlington is a safe and lively place to live; including the metro area the population is medium sized. Employment is only mediocre and the winters are long and cold. Still, it is a nice place to call home. The airport is modern, plenty of shopping, no sales tax on clothing or food.

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Milton, FL

Do your homework - 12/2/2014

Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states. The reason we moved to Florida three years ago was because of taxes, politics, taxes, cold winters(lots o snow), taxes. We figured that Florida was the place to go. Do your homework... yes the taxes are cheaper, but the homeowners insurance makes up for the difference. Example on average house $100,000 In Florida taxes around $600 and insurance over $2000. In Ny taxes several thousand and insurance around $800. So there's not a great savings there, as for utilities heat expensive up there, A/C expensive in Florida. Now for wages, florida has the poorest wages that you could imagine and what that drives is the poorest work force possible. It also carries very low income families and a lot of poor neighborhoods. With that it's fair share of crime. We are thinking Vermont is looking good again.

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Hinesburg, VT

Green Mountain State - 3/24/2014

Beautiful and green . Great ski area's and home to Ben & Jerry's ice cream . Cost of living is high as are property taxes .

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Bristol, VT

"COST" of living in VT - 12/31/2013

I have lived in VT almost 40 years-have watched it grow-have to tell you it is a beautiful State-but extremely exspensive-school taxes are out of control,everything costs soo much here-and you pray every summer that you will GET one,winters are not the same,hardly any snow in the valleys,and LONG-cost of living if you are working a modest job far outweigh the pay-constantly catching up,state is filled mostly with trust fund or out-of-state wealthy-and very low income,if in-between,well sucks to be YOU.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Secular - 7/4/2013


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Rutland, VT

Look before you leap - 4/2/2013

VT is a cool state. I was born here and grew up here. And my family is leaving. We simply cannot afford to live here any longer. Welfare is out of control, prices are over the top, and wages - if you can even find job (good luck with that) - are poor. Then there are the schools. DO your research. Our best ranked school does not even begin to compare to schools across the country. Class size is not everything. Healthcare? Not so great, and very expensive. Need a root canal, expect to wait and then spend up to 4k for it, if you can find a dentist who is taking patients. Expect to travel over an hour to get to your job, and pay very high gas prices. Groceries for a family of 4, expect to pay $500 a month, minimum... I love VT, it's beautiful, but I am sick of living on the poverty line, scraping by, with few to no options, and no programs or opportunities for my kids. Costs are still going up, no end in sight. Just do your research, and think twice. VT is not all it's cracked up to be. And the crime rate is also going up very, very fast.

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Colchester, VT

cost to live here - 2/17/2013

Vermont is a beautiful state, but for people on a fixed income it is almost to expensive to live here

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Johnson, VT

Cold and long Winters - 12/30/2012

I've lived in Vermont all of my life. For the first 19 years in Saint Johnsbury, and the last 2 or 3 in Jonhson. Let me first say that the Autumn is the best you'll ever witness. But when Winter hits, don't expect it to stop until mid-April. Just last year, We had a Rugby tournament in Lyndonville against the college on St. Patrick's Day and we were digging up ice. We had a week of nice heat after that. For the next month, more snow got dumped on us. Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful in a place like Johnson, but if you don't snowboard or ski or do any winter activities, it's a real bummer. Summer's are pretty hot all around, and there are a lot of lakes/rivers to cool off in. Spring basically doesn't exist. It jumps straight from Winter to Summer. If you are thinking about moving to Vermont, think about whether you like 6, sometimes 7 (November through April) months of snow. Also important factor to remember is that Denver, Colorado gets 63 inches of snow a year avg. The Burlington area of VT? 78. Johnson gets at least 5-10 more. Johnson is North-Central VT, Saint Johnsbury is North-Eastern VT, and Burlington is North-Western VT.

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Grand Isle, VT

Recreation in Vermont - 2/25/2010

Great if you like mountain related sports plus if you live near Lake Champlain it is one of the best sea kayaking places you can find. Also reasonably close to the coast of Main, Boston, etc. Don't forget right next door are the Adirondaks and the White Mountains. Cost of living and the dumbest politicians on the planet ruin it though.

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Philadelphia, PA

good life - 2/20/2010

want to live somewhere warm and safe

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Cabot, VT

Vermont certainly has changed - 11/27/2009

Vermont, over the years, has gone from an extremely conservative state to very liberal.

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South Londonderry, VT

Cost of living - 11/9/2009

Salaries are less than the cost of living.

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South Hero, VT

Beautiful State - But May Not Be Able to Afford It - 7/9/2009

I have lived in Vermont most of my life. Times are certainly changing around here. I heard on the news tonight that Vermont topped yet another list of the most taxed states in the union. I am here to tell you it's true. So what will it be - beauty or taxes. It's up to you.

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Ogunquit, ME

where??? - 4/12/2009

I lived in Vermont for 32 years and raised my children there. In 2004 I got a temporary (6 mos.) job with the United Nations in Kosovo. That was great and i would have liked to continue in international development work but no one offered me another job. I then joined my husband for a year long sailboat trip to FL, around FL and then back to VT. We have traveled and lived in many different place since returning from the boat trip. We have also lived on the boat part or all of the summers on the New England coast. My husband has a business that he can operate from anywhere with Internet (we have a mobile Internet card) and phone. I've had it with traverling and spending a lot of time hanging around on the boat while my husband works. I want some independence, my own money, friends and everything else that comes from living in one place. I know there are ups and downs. But, I want to give it a try again. But, over these years I have come to really dislike cold weather. So where to live. CA is so expensive, though it has the right weather. Suggestions?

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Brattleboro, VT

Southern Vermont Living - 4/1/2009

Vermont is a beautiful place to live if you love long, cold, snowy winters, mud season, hot summers and picturesque fall color. There are 4 very definite seasons here. But combine this with a high cost of living due to taxes, the housing market, and fuel costs with only an average pay scale and sometimes you feel like Vermont life can be a struggle to stay ahead. There is definite small town charm and everyone knows everyone here. Dummerston is a very desirable place to live just outside the larger town of Brattleboro being only 10 minutes away. Dummerston has only one Elementary school that is know for its good academics and sports teams which consists of grades K-8. There is little to no night life but there are some very nice charming restaurants and wine bars in downtown Brattleboro nearby. A great place to raise a family if the higher cost of living and change of seasons is what you are looking for. A bit boring for the college age however!

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Richmond, VT

Vermont is a State of Mind - 4/30/2008

I first moved to Vermont late 1968. I moved out of state in '71 to the Bay Area, CA and after 5 years I moved to southern MN. I finally returned to VT in 1979. It is hard to remember the other places I lived (even my native state, NY) but VT always called me back.

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Bellows Falls, VT

Bellows Falls - 12/7/2007

Bellows Falls is trying to revitalize--slowly. The is a trickle of solid middle class that is slowly buying homes in need of TLC. The area just needs more jobs.

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Cape May Court House, NJ

cost per child - 9/11/2007

Your data on education cost is outdated. Vermont now spends an average of 15,000 per child per year. It was all over the news last month, as many feel that we don't need to give our kids a "cadilac" education. I personally don't have an opinion about it, I just thought it was an interesting statistic. FYI

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Cape May Court House, NJ

Reasons to Move to Vermont - 9/3/2007

Even though a Vermont town couldn't make the charts for one of the most romantic cities, the state in general makes the top ten economically. It has the lowest pupil to teacher ratio in the nation, spends 15,000 annually per child, the third highest minimum wage ($7.53), real estate values in many towns increased at a rate of 12-13% in 2007 next to the national average which was 9.8% and the cost of living is only 7% above the national average. Add the rolling green mountains, sparkling streams and you've got it all.

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Williston, VT

Housing vs Income - 7/30/2007

Cost of living in Vermont has skyrocketed since 9-11. People from outside Vermont have are purchasing property here at extremely high prices, raising the average price for a home or lot. In the North Eastern part of the state a house on the lake sold for $100,000. Now, the cheapest ones are $200,000 and they are less than 900 sf with long stairs down to the water and absolutely no parking off the road. Homes that are livable are typically in the $400,000 range. New homes with custom features are between $500,000 and $800,000. This area has no real industry and local people are now priced out of the market. Typical income is less than $25,000. Even if people can afford the homes, the taxes are very high. A $300,000 home is taxed about $5000 or more per year. In the western part of the state, there are jobs and housing but these home (2,500 sf) are between $300,000 and $400,000 with taxes in the $4000 to $6000 per year range. Income in this area is closer to$40,000 and a livable wage in Chittenden County is now over $13.50 per hour (most hoursly people are not paid this level.) So, Vermont is now ranked as the highest taxed state per income percentage and is in the bottom third of the states as worst states to do business. It is a beautiful state with much natural beauty, but be prepared to pay a lot for that aspect if you decide to move here.

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