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Vermont is a beautiful state known for its stunning landscapes and lush green forests. It's also home to many outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and biking. Additionally, Vermont offers some of the best craft beer experiences in the US. From artisanal breweries to farm-to-table restaurants, there’s something for everyone to experience in this state. The locals are friendly and welcoming and provide visitors with an amazing hospitality. The reviews of Vermont state offer great insights into all that it has to offer - from the delicious cuisine to outdoor recreation opportunities. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Vermont has something special for everyone who visits.

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Vermont - 6/27/2015
Hi, I'm looking for beauty, good hiking trails, and some light sight seeing. I have a couple of friends who have been to Vermont and loved it. They say that Vermont easily meets my top three requirements. My only other concern is the mentality of the people that live in Vermont. last summer I married a very wonderful woman that is of the browner tones of humans that inhabit this planet. I wanted to know what was, if any, Vermont's general attitude toward diversity. Read More

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Burlington, VT - 1/4/2015
Burlington is a safe and lively place to live; including the metro area the population is medium sized. Employment is only mediocre and the winters are long and cold. Still, it is a nice place to call home. The airport is modern, plenty of shopping, no sales tax on clothing or food. Read More

Do your homework - 12/2/2014
Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states.
The reason we moved to Florida three years ago was because of taxes, politics, taxes, cold winters(lots o snow), taxes. We figured that Florida was the place to go.
Do your homework... yes the taxes are cheaper, but the homeowners insurance makes up for the difference. Example on average house $100,000
In Florida taxes around $600 and insurance over $2000.
In Ny taxes several thousand and insurance around $800.
So there's not a great savings there, as for utilities heat expensive up there, A/C
expensive in Florida.
Now for wages, florida has the poorest wages that you could imagine and what that drives is the poorest work force possible. It also carries very low income families and a lot of poor neighborhoods. With that it's fair share of crime.
We are thinking Vermont is looking good again.Read More
JM | Pace, FL | Reply | 1 Reply

Green Mountain State - 3/24/2014
Beautiful and green . Great ski area's and home to Ben & Jerry's ice cream . Cost of living is high as are property taxes  Read More

"COST" of living in VT - 12/31/2013
I have lived in VT almost 40 years-have watched it grow-have to tell you it is a beautiful State-but extremely exspensive-school taxes are out of control,everything costs soo much here-and you pray every summer that you will GET one,winters are not the same,hardly any snow in the valleys,and LONG-cost of living if you are working a modest job far outweigh the pay-constantly catching up,state is filled mostly with trust fund or out-of-state wealthy-and very low income,if in-between,well sucks to be Read More

Secular - 7/4/2013
secular Read More

Look before you leap - 4/2/2013
VT is a cool state. I was born here and grew up here. And my family is leaving. We simply cannot afford to live here any longer. Welfare is out of control, prices are over the top, and wages - if you can even find job (good luck with that) - are poor. Then there are the schools. DO your research. Our best ranked school does not even begin to compare to schools across the country. Class size is not everything. Healthcare? Not so great, and very expensive. Need a root canal, expect to wait and then spend up to 4k for it, if you can find a dentist who is taking patients. Expect to travel over an hour to get to your job, and pay very high gas prices. Groceries for a family of 4, expect to pay $500 a month, minimum... I love VT, it's beautiful, but I am sick of living on the poverty line, scraping by, with few to no options, and no programs or opportunities for my kids. Costs are still going up, no end in sight. Just do your research, and think twice. VT is not all it's cracked up to be. Read More

cost to live here - 2/17/2013
Vermont is a beautiful state, but for people on a fixed income it is almost to expensive to live here  Read More

Cold and long Winters - 12/30/2012
I've lived in Vermont all of my life. For the first 19 years in Saint Johnsbury, and the last 2 or 3 in Jonhson. Let me first say that the Autumn is the best you'll ever witness. But when Winter hits, don't expect it to stop until mid-April. Just last year, We had a Rugby tournament in Lyndonville against the college on St. Patrick's Day and we were digging up ice. We had a week of nice heat after that. For the next month, more snow got dumped on us. Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful in a place like Johnson, but if you don't snowboard or ski or do any winter activities, it's a real bummer.
Summer's are pretty hot all around, and there are a lot of lakes/rivers to cool off in. Spring basically doesn't exist. It jumps straight from Winter to Summer. If you are thinking about moving to Vermont, think about whether you like 6, sometimes 7 (November through April) months of snow. Also important factor to remember is that Denver, Colorado gets 63 inches of snow a year avg. The Read More

Recreation in Vermont - 2/25/2010
Great if you like mountain related sports plus if you live near Lake Champlain it is one of the best sea kayaking places you can find. Also reasonably close to the coast of Main, Boston, etc. Don't forget right next door are the Adirondaks and the White Mountains.

Cost of living and the dumbest politicians on the planet ruin it Read More