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Bellaire, TX

I wouldn't recommend that school to anybody! - 8/10/2015

Some of the staff at West University Elementary let horrible children do whatever they want and treated them like innocent people instead of taking them to the principal's office. The school needs to be punished for hiring that bully Mr Rodkey. He treats children like trash there. He treated me and two of my friends like trash too! I wished my teacher didn't have to send me to him before I moved to Pershing. Mr Rodkey is jealous of children's stuff like their balloons and pencil sharpeners. He blamed me for somebody else's behavior in the hall onetime. He even pulled me out in the hall to chat with me when I had a test to take onetime also. That man is horrible news and people just don't care to admit it! I think the principal let Mr Rodkey do whatever he wants! My A.P.E. teacher refused to let me it with one of my friends so I left her class.

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Bellaire, TX

Bellaire, Texas - 12/19/2012

Great place to have a Business..Close knit community..Very visible Police, but a tidy city... Children's Collections 5219 Bellaire Blvd. Bellaire, Tx 7740 713-664-5219

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Bellaire, TX

Bellaire - 10/9/2010

This is a small town in a big city. The politics is narrow. The noise and congestion of the freeway makes being outside uneasily peaceful. I am close to cultural attractions in Houston. Being close to the Houston downtown and also having the enclave features of a suburb are welcome. Land prices and the gentrification of the neighborhood are challenging the small town friendliness.

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Bellaire, TX

cost - 3/12/2007

acceptable and less expensive than many states

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Houston, TX

Fabulous! - 6/7/2006

IF you can afford the area, I was there from '84 to '03, so know it well. Best Fire, Police and Library I ever saw. Safe. Neighbors are so-so friendly and not the chatty type, in general. Just a wonderful place to be.

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Houston, TX

Great IF you can afford it - 6/7/2006

Lived in Bellaire from '84 to '03, so know it well. It has one of the best Police, Fire and Library departments that I have ever seen. Safe. People on my deadend were not particularly about to go out of their way to be friendly, so no mingling with the neighbors. However, I was too darn busy to care anyway. Just a fabulous area in Houston, and, if you can afford it, I say do it. You won't be sorry.

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