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Morrisville, NC

wonderful place!!!! Must go back.. - 8/26/2012

i stayed with a friend for two years... i am planning on moving there myself..such a nice place.. i am from Ny..i am going back to "Morrisville North Carolina"!!! asap

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Morrisville, NC

Nice place to live for corporate america - 10/2/2008

Right in the heart of the Triangle in NC. Housing is nice. The community is nice. Very safe place to live overall.

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Morrisville, NC

Great place to live! - 8/20/2007

We have been living in Morrisville for close to a year now and we absolutely love this nice little town! The parks and aquatics+fitness center are nicely maintained. The town is expanding rapidly, which is both good and bad -- on the good side, we have many new places to shop, dine and have fun, but on the flip side, the roads are more crowded and the house prices are moving up north!

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Cary, NC

Good Weather - 8/27/2006

This is a nice place to live, low crime rate, good weather, nice people..

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