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North Carolina Reviews

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Get to know North Carolina with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited North Carolina

Western NC is Not the place to live - 3/4/2020
Western NC (eg Asheville, Hendersonville and surrounding areas) is Not the place to move to. No proper supporting jobs except tourism and elderly care. Horrendous drug problem of Crystal Meth and other deadly addictive illegal drugs. Children kidnapped for sex trafficking (worst kept secret) and significant increase in violent crimes (due to drug problem).

It's expensive to buy a reasonable home - expect
to pay over $300k for modest house and property. Air, water, and soil are polluted and NC state and local governments refuse to do anything about this growing environmental disaster.

Do Not move here if you have children and want them safe and reasonably well educated. Do not move here looking for decent employment. Do not attempt retirement here because prices have skyrocketed and medical care is overwhelmed by other baby boomers jamming doctor's offices.

Locals are slow, stupid and nasty. If you want Anything done correctly, seek Read More

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Retirement living - 2/10/2018
Lots of scenery, slow moving, minor crime and mostly friendly people. Natives only want your money: was told I needed to spend my money locally and not else ware. If you were not born here you will never fit in. I an glad I do not need a job as there are none and don’t even think about starting a business here. Simply put summary: nice weather for 10 months, quiet, shop in Asheville or Atlanta and watch out for the local shops prices, they vary greatly.Read More

North Carolina is not safe. - 2/8/2017
To Best Places:
Due to an archaic discriminatory common law North Carolina is not a good place to move to or to live in.
It is known as the 1% contributory negligence law.
For a company or corporation that has been negligent and is without conscience they and their insurer will use the discriminatory law to try to find you 1% responsible for your injury (in my case it was a hazard created by Biltmore Farms LLC that caused my fall).
I took one year prior to moving to NC to research NC and other states. Nowhere did I find a mention of this NC law. I may have seen Best Places lists however I didn't read any comments such as the one I'm posting here.
This is critical information, particularly for people who want to retire to NC.
AARP partners with Hartford Insurance, the corporation that worked with Biltmore Farms LLC to try to find me responsible for my injury.
I wrote a petition on change dot org that I use to advocate for myself and to Read More

Love the parts of NC I've seen ! - 12/12/2016
I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy enough for a second home ! I've traveled much of NC and all that I've seen the places are beautiful and the people are very nice ! My wife and I love to vacation there Read More

Keep an open Mind - 8/16/2016
Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture do not like the south. I am from PA, (I know, to people in NE that's the "south"), but I fell head over heels in love with southern culture. If you keep an open mind, embrace the slower speed of life, attend a community event, and eat the food, they welcome you. Southerners are very proud of their culture and heritage. And why shouldn't they be?
They have a lower cost of living, lower taxes, a healthy economy, and fantastic weather. If you say they turn their noses up at northerns its because northerners do not embrace the culture and think "slower" and "Christian" mean "backwards." Its a different country; and when you live abroad (as I have), you embrace the experience, the good and the bad. You show the people there that you are willing to learn and adapt to their ways. Its called assimilation. This is required when you move to a different part of the country, since the US is so lucky to have such a vast and varied Read More

Durham NC - 1/25/2016
I love where I live in Durham NC. It is nice that it is close to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Lots of great shopping and events nearby which are very important to me. Read More

Dobbs Youth Development Center - 12/28/2015
No place to vent this information. Dobbs Youth Development Center in Kinston, NC is a all male youth detention center that is privately operated. It is a horrible place that is in my opinion given a blind eye to. I know that there is bullying going on there where some of the boys there take food from others and the "guards" see this happening. There is fighting and recently a big one. Does anyone care about the boys here? And they are all boys. Try and contact this place; no one will answer or call you back. Are we going backwards? Someone please Read More

housing in N.C. - 11/5/2015
would like real estate info about Read More

Retirement - 10/5/2015
Looking for a good retirement Read More

relocation to N. Carolina - 10/2/2015
preferably up into the mountains. North and West. Any help working on a Read More

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North Carolina
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