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Birmingham Al - 5/11/2009
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McCalla, AL

extremely corrupt government in Birmingham Al and jefferson Cty, read about the Jeffeson Cty sewer mess and the indictments againt Mayor Langford.

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Calera, AL

Birmingham not the place - 1/3/2013

I have lived here for 12 years, and don't like it at all. My family and I live outside of Birmingham in a suburb. The suburbs are nice, quiet and the cost of living is low but there are few jobs there. Also right outside of the suburbs lurks HIGH CRIME Birmingham laced with murdering youth who kill for no reason. I am a Black female with a MBA and have to constantly fight to get hired for jobs that pay more than $50k per year. Thankfully a Fortune 500 company from a northern state has hired me to work from home in Alabama with a six figure income. Sad enough this could not happen locally, pretty sure due to racism. Outside of this I am terrified that my husband will be hurt or murdered by a senseless crime. committed by the youth from Birmingham. There is so much gun violence it is ridiculous and sad. We are seeking to move away but are still trying to decide where.... We have a 11 month old baby and this is no place to raise a family, or for minorities looking for fair pay and opportunities. Nor is this the pace anyone of any race who is trying to get away from random violence. Look up news on Birmingham Al I am sure you will find many articles on the violence etc. We can't wait to move![read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Suburbs of Birmingham - 10/23/2012

Living in surrounding areas of Birmingham i.e. Mt.Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, Hoover, Southside, Pelham, Trussville, Pelham, Chelsea, or any other small city should not be on a best place to live. The center of all these small cities is a high crime, highly polluted city of Birmingham. Have lived here for a long time and have had to deal with indifferent people, horrible traffic problems(have called the State Transportation Dept. many times and all I get are excuses), air filters in my home are always black from poor air quality and air pollution levels as bad as Flint, MI not to mention what the water quality must be. Crime rates and pollution in Birmingham in top ten in national polls. So there are no cities that surround this type of badly run large city that is going to be a great place to live or bring a family. I have seen to many positive reviews on internet that make no since at all. Get real or get off the internet with the false information. We are moving as soon as possible and will not look back. Do not move to these areas. You can tell people do not like their living conditions here: they are mostly unhappy and indifferent.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL - 2/21/2011

Birmingham is more of a big-ole-town rather than a city. People and businesses alike strike to make it a better community for all to live in. We have a world class medical center called University of Alabama in Birmingham. The landscape is mountainous with trees making for a beautiful back drop for our sunsets. [read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Job Initiative - 11/20/2010

Birmingham is currently undergoing a change in the job market. A change for the worse! In the last year jobs have decreased by 8.72%, therefore helping to raise the unemployment rate to 9.90%. Politicians have made promises to bring jobs to the state, cities, and counties, and we have seen little or no results! Those expecting results should not hold their breath because the last time a politician had to look for a job it was to seek election. No one currently in office has any solutions adn will not present any for the next 2-4 years. It is not in their best interest to do so. We as citizens should force them to change their ways of thinking and it should happen now! Birmingham Water Works constantly brags about having the top 5% best water in the country. As a member of the Birmingham Regional Cahmber of Commerce you receive bottles of water for attending meetings. My question is to anyone listening is this: If Birmingham has the best water in the country why are there no bottles for sale on the shelves at local stores? Maybe the Water Works does not have the capabilties to produce bottles of water like that i do not know, but I seem to know one of the oldest bottling companies in America is headquartered in Birmingham. Why is there not a partnership between Buffalo Rock and the city of Birmingham, creating a Birmingham Water Bottling Division? That alone would create jobs automatically! [read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Great School Systems - 7/15/2010

As a school teacher, it is nice to live in a town with lots of options for education! We have several great public school systems to choose from: Mt. Brook, Vestavia, Hoover and Shelby County are all great systems for any family. The teachers are really dedicated to their students and the community is really involved in the local schools! Sadly, you don't find that everywhere you go. Families can find housing in all price ranges in these different communities as well! [read more...]

Lincoln, NE

Is Birmingham Right For Me? - 6/28/2010

I am someone who would like to live in the South, and I am considering Birmingham, but I'm not sure if it's the right place for me. I prefer warm, humid summers and mild winters (very little snow and only a few days where the temperature would be close to freezing). I am a current college student who is considering majoring in psychology. How would the job situation be with trying to find a job in this field? I like to see wildlife, especially alligators, snakes and turtles. I also like to fish. I am a United Methodist Christian, and I would probably go to church every Sunday if I find a church I really like. Thank you in advance for any responses to my post.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

cost of living - 7/13/2009

cost of living[read more...]

McCalla, AL

Birmingham Al - 5/11/2009

extremely corrupt government in Birmingham Al and jefferson Cty, read about the Jeffeson Cty sewer mess and the indictments againt Mayor Langford.[read more...]

Bessemer, AL

Birmingham? Not bad--I guess. - 9/22/2008

I moved to Birmingham from central Texas recently, and while I like the area, I am looking forward to moving home to Texas. The areas are so drastically different--from street to street. I had the hugest challenge in finding somewhere to live based on the horrific crime rates. While the area offers pretty views in the trees and rolling hills, much of the 'city' portion of Birmingham is forgotten, as the majority of buildings appear to be falling apart or seriously condemned. People are nice enough, although don't tend to go out of their ways to offer a simple smile in passing or anything--keep in mind, I don't think this is anything crazy, being from Texas and all! :) The overall religious backlash is a bit too much as well--I'm a very spiritual person, but the overload of conservative mindset behind modern issues is too Mayberry for me. It is 2008, after all. It's not a bad place to be, if you're a family, desiring a life in a suburbia, full of small-town activities and church life... if you can stay away from the crime of the inner city.[read more...]

Buffalo, NY

If you really love sprawl... - 5/12/2008

Birmingham is the place for you. I grew up in this city and as a teenager in the suburbs did not enjoy it much. There seems to be a stark economic dynamic between the urban and rural areas. The old industrial urban downtown is notoriously impovershed and plagued with crime. On the other hand the suburbs, mostly of shelby county, for as long as I remember have been at an insanely rapid state of growth. This development and sprawl constantly cuts into the natural beauty of the area and replaces it with high-end shopping, a bounty of strip malls and monsterous churches. Speaking of which you MUST own a vehicle to get anywhere. This of course created serious traffic problems in my area. The car dependency and hot days also culminates into serious pollution issues. What they called "ozone alert days" are a common occurance. The whole culture of the birmingham metro area seems to be one of consummerism and suburban isolation. But if this is your thing then join in on the great southern migration and buy yourself an SUV, just remember not to go outside in the summertime.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Weather - 2/10/2008

The weather here is very warm, even during the winter time.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Education - 9/1/2007

If you plan on moving to Birmingham, AL with children or to have children then you should plan ahead to living in an area where they'll get an quality education from elementary to high school. So far, I've been here 2 years, and I have NEVER heard of schools being closed down, with children still attending. Literally, kids being moved from another elementary school in the middle or toward the end (can't remember month) of their term. It's not impossible or unbelievable, but there are so many empty school around Jefferson County it is sad! People have to literally move out from the downtown area of Birmingham AL or areas very close by, in order to put their child in school or a decent school. It is not the family's fault 98% of the time that they live in that undeveloped area, but the city is not focused on that problem. They cannot get teachers to stay put, and who can blame them. They have to survive also on what little they receive, regardless of how big their heart is for children. If you are lucky or blessed with finances (not saying you have to be rich), move out to the outskirts ex. Highland, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Hoover, or go to a private school. Forgive me for not adding support to the inner-city schools, but it is not their fault that the city is not supporting them. Many people are helping children thrive in those inner-city schools, but who's to say how long they will be able to stay open![read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is great - 5/15/2007

I have lived here since Jan 2001, and have grown to love it. It has all the big city stuff, but still a small-town flavor. Everyone is generally nice and helpful, and the weather is good most year-round. The best schools and housing is found generally along and south of Red Mountain in the suburbs. Traffic is never too bad, just thick from 7-8 am and 5-6 pm. Lots of great restaurants, shopping, clubs, and for the family-oriented: Churches and Oak Mountain State Park, a diamond of a facility. Area police are dependable and professional, and health care is superb. Only bad areas are the areas north of I 59-20. Jobless rate is almost non-existent. If we could just get the elected officials to get some things done, it would be outstanding. I rate birmingham a 8 on a 10 scale.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Great outdoor activity just around the corner - 4/17/2007

Birmingham is surprisingly outdoor-activity friendly, with a great state park just a few miles south of town.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL - 12/14/2006

Birmingham is a great place to live if you're family, football, and church oriented. More later.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Life in Birmingham - 7/13/2006

Birmingham has been a great place. I came from more affordable housing so home prices have been a little bit of a shock; however, they are not as bad as Atlanta and the commute is tolerable. I live on H280; so, I had to get used to traffic but everything you need is within 10 miles. State parks and excellent restaurants make the area around 280 very desirable. Economy is robust but jobs are scarce in the $125K - $150 level. Plenty to do![read more...]

Birmingham, AL

great ootdoor activitites - 6/13/2006

Oak Mountain State Park is a gem! It offers mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, gold, swimming, fishing, camping, backpacking and more![read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Coming from someone who just moved here.... - 5/27/2006

I currently attend school here in downtown Birmingham. If you plan on moving to Birmingham, having your own transportation is a must! Everything is located on the fully developed outskirts of this city when it comes to retail, shopping centers, grocery stores, majority of housing, and etc. Mind you, the outskirts range from 10mins away to 30 mins away from the downtown area. It is also normal to hear of people travelling 40 mins plus everyday just to get here from Tuscaloosa or Gadsden. There are many GREAT places to eat, tour, and find entertainment (clubs and pubs mainly) downtown. Majority of healthcare is also downtown. Traffic is crazy...let me repeat...CRAZY. Everyone is trying to either get into the downtown area or out. It is normal for 5 to 15 mins trips to take 15 mins to an hour long, that is completely normal. In fact, everyone drives anticipating that long of a wait. WHY? WEll everyone is trying to go to the same area, with only one way to get there. No matter what shortcuts you take, you end up on the same piece of highway, spending the same amount of time on the road. 459 doesn't even circle the downtown area, it actually is half a circle. With everyone going or coming left on I-20 to Tuscaloosa and surrounding towns, right toward I-59 Gadsden, Center Point, and Trussville or I-20 toward Pell City and Atlanta, north 65 toward Huntsville and surrounding cities, and finally, south 65 toward Hoover, all from the downtown area at 7am, noon, 3pm, and 5pm you'd wonder how people make it to destinations at all. Mind you, if you're without a vehicle, you'll struggle even more. People here are actually halfway decent. Half of them naturally have that Southern Hospitality while the other half is not worried about anyone but their own. I see that as quite normal. The weather is very sunny with a high of 80 and humidity at 80%! That is for a good 3 months tops. Otherwise, it's fairly warm considering I'm from Indiana. When it rains, it pours. When it storms, it storms (potential tornadoes esp. in the spring). It is sunny a lot, but don't let the beautiful sun fool you! Always have an umbrella handy, it may rain in the evening, even at 30% chance. If it's not rain, then it's the humidity that grabs you in the doorway. In the end, I'd give Birmingham (downtown) a 7. Living in the outskirts that are 10 to 20 mins away would be the best living, in my opinion.[read more...]

Birmingham, AL

Crazy Weather - 2/24/2006

The weather here fluctuates greatly day to day. It can be below freezing one day and warm the next.[read more...]