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Glens Falls, NY

All the Charm of a Dressed Pig - 3/24/2013

I moved to Glens Falls in 2009 from downstate, sucked in by their new facade and tempted by the surprisingly low cost of real estate. There's a reason why this area's property is cheaper than Saratoga Springs. It's not the difference in proximity to Albany. Glens Falls was and always will be a little mill town whose core population has been here for generations. They want nothing to do with outsiders beyond taking their money in exchange for a little touristy hospitality. It's a fine place to visit, but don't be foolish enough to attempt to lay down roots here, unless you're trapped in an 80's time warp, still drinking and smoking. Then you'll find yourself right at home amongst the charming dives of South Street. The property taxes and utilities are high and growing because of poor management, particularly with respect to the water and sewer department. Potential investors should be aware that the town's water and sewer facilities as well as the dam are in need of tens of millions in renovations - money that the town's existing population can't support. Don't be fooled by the price per cubic foot of water. There's a "minimum usage" charge, even if you haven't used a drop, making the water much more expensive than New York City for singles, small families, and part-time residents. There are also numerous superfund clean up sites from multiple sources - not just GE. Notice all the medical facilities? Many people who live here for awhile develop cancer from exposure to PCBs and other toxins. The renovated buildings across from the hospital are section 8 housing. The town is full of people who just aren't making it. While there is some talent, the few who have it go nowhere fast because of the incurably stagnant atmosphere that underlies the town's shallow charm. Don't get trapped here. Glens Falls is the place dreams go to die. If the region appeals to you, you're much better off renting in Saratoga Springs than sinking your money into Glens Falls.

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Fort Ann, NY

Back to Growth - 9/6/2011

I used to seriously dislike living near here. The town used to be falling apart, with no future, and not much to do. It has changed greatly in the past decade, from going to plenty of empty, miserable store fronts to being a hustling small downtown area full of neat shops with unique goods, run by friendly business owners. My favorite coffeeshop/cafe is right in the heart of the area, the Rock Hill Bakehouse, complete with a DVD and book library that you can borrow from, and fun open mic nights. There is a theater, a small arts community in multiple buildings, and the library has since remodeled and is very welcoming (although often too loud for reading) with a good selection and tons of interesting programs by various local organizations. Even better, it isn't a far drive to the Adirondacks, and there is plenty of good hiking right around Lake George. Lots of locals have gotten into various forms of recreation, and the bike trail that cuts through Glens Falls is worth checking out. Shopping isn't too bad, the Queensbury business district is nearby. The Aviation Mall has mostly died and doesn't have much to offer, but the shops near Lake George are worth checking out, and you can go to Saratoga or Albany for goods like clothing. If you like bigger chains (especially for restaurants), those keep popping up around here. The worst part is trying to find a high-paying job around here so that you can afford all of these things, and this has been a long-standing problem here, even before the economy went bad.

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Johnsburg, NY

City Revival - 10/18/2009

Glens Falls was featured as "Hometown USA" in Life magazine in the 40's, but for years afterward slowly died. In the past 5 years, however, city seems to be in a revival: new state-of-the-art additional to Crandall Library, a summer theatre program at "the Wood", new traffic engineering. Lots of new bistros on Glen St (be sure to check out "Rauls" and the "Chocolate Mill". Great outdoor opportunities in the "forever wild" Adirondack Park just to the north. City located north of culture and summer fun of Srataog and Lake George to the north. Real estate taxes in the city high; if moving to town check out areas around the city: Queensbury, Hudson Falls, Fort Edward.

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Johnsburg, NY

Town in revival - 10/4/2009

Glens Falls was featured as "Hometown, USA" in Life Magazine years ago, but then followed years of decline. City now going through a revival with re-energized downtown (new traffic patterns, new restaurants, micro-brews). Major expansions of Library, Hospital and C.R. Wood Theatre completed. Very safe city, but taxes within city limits high as they are in all of NYS.Taxes much lower in neighboring Queensbury and small rural hamlets in region. Great life-style at the foot of the Adirondack Park (6 million acres of private and public "Forever Wild" lands). Minutes from resort towns of Saratoga to the south and Lake George to the north. Lots of ski areas in the region, too. Cold, snowy winters and August can be hot with high humidity. Only 3.5 hrs to cultural attractions in Montreal, Boston or NYC. Have lived in area since 1964 and have always found local people very friendly and helpful.

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Granville, NY

Life here from a newcomer's point of view - 4/1/2008

I moved here from the New York City Metro area. I knew that the pace here was slower, the area more rural, and I am pleased with that. My surprise came with the level of goods and services available which I thought I had lost being so far from the "Big Apple". This is not only true for such things as shopping and recreation, but most surprisingly, for health care. I am 63, with some health problems. I have consistantly found that the health services match OR EXCEED those formerly available to me. Terrific doctors, a GREAT hospital, VERY short waits for most specialty services, etc. If you want this quiet rural [semi-agricultural] lifestyle, give us a try...and don't worry about access to healthcare!

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Glens Falls, NY

Quiet little spot close to everything. - 11/28/2007

If you enjoy being able to go for a walk late on a warm summer night, or have the kids sliding down hill 10 minutes out of the door, we've got a secret we'd like to share with you. Our little city is nestled in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world yet has access to some of the greatest cultural influences in the country. You can go hiking in a six million acre forest preserve during the day and experience world class music or art in the evening. Crime is a non issue. Education is excellent and the cost of living is reasonable. This is a good place to raise a family. Cold weather means skiing, snowsports, and an excuse to take a day off from work to build a snowman with the kids. The summers are perfect for camping, boating and living outdoors. If you are a type A personality, maybe you should stick with traffic jams and a 60 hour work week. Here we enjoy the scenery and don't really worry about what the clock says. Come say Hello. We will smile and say Hello back.

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Ithaca, NY

Hometown USA - 8/17/2006

Glens Falls, NY is a wonderful place to raise a family. Lots of mountains, the most beautiful lake, Lake George, that I have ever seen, just 10 minutes away. Nice cross country ski trails, with lights for night skiing. Local downhill mountain offering discounts to local school children, also has lighting and night skiing. Low crime, excellent schools. From Glens Falls you are 3 hours from Montreal and 3 hours from NYC. Glens Falls, as well as Queensbury, right next door, but not listed on this site, are both wonderful places to live. I sure miss it!

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