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"Crime from KC"

Crime from KC - 7/15/2008
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Ocala, FL

Based on what I have read, the crime from Kansas City does not spill over into the Overland Park/Olathe area. Is that correct? Do residents fear that happening. 10-15 miles is not that far away. I realize most crime happen at bad times in bad places but stuff can always spread.

Thanks for your input

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Overland Park, KS

Housing can be affordable - 10/25/2013

Overland Park, KS is a burdgeoning suburb just south and west of Kansas City, MO. Housing is affordable, depending on where you live and your buying power. First location: Lots of value based property exists in OP north of the I 435 loop that encircles the Greater Kansas City area. by value based I mean existing homes that are turning over to young families and people looking to buy their first home. You can get into a nice but modest 3 BR 2 bath home around 200K. There are plenty of "McMansion" neighborhoods in the sprawling suburb, especially south of I435. But if you're looking for "good value" and don't need to impress your relatives, like the idea of less congestion, good to great schools, shorter commute times and great parks, North-Central Overland Park can be great value.[read more...]

Olathe, KS

OP, Kansas - 6/1/2013

Good place to live in regards to infastructure. Safe, clean ,neat, good zoning. Boring & very homgenious in looks and people.[read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Great Place To Live!!!! - 11/1/2012

I grew up in Kansas City, KS and have live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and San Diego; and all of these cities are substantially more materialistic and unfriendly than Overland Park. Obviously in every city there are people that take themselves way to seriously, and there are some people in Overland Park that are centered around money but the majority of people are hard working, honest, and great neighbors. The schools are phenomenal, there are parks and bike trails everywhere, and plenty of resturants and shopping areas. I would agree with Tony's opinion on transit, as most large cities have a public transit system and it's one thing that is really stopping OP from getting an A+ grade. If you are one of the people that has met nothing but materialist people in this great city, you're simply hanging with the wrong crowd and need to find your friends elsewhere! There are a ton of us out here who just enjoy having fun and have no desire to "keep up with the Joneses".[read more...]

Hudson, WI

Looks good on paper... - 10/11/2012

My husband is a consultant, and we can live anywhere in the midwest we choose. In 2007 we moved to Overland Park for the great schools, inexpensive houses, and proximity to KC. It seemed perfect - but then we met the people! It truly is a mecca for materialistic and the close-minded. Our neighborhood had a high-school-like pecking order. No one was interested in anything but money and showing off. We have lived all over the midwest (WI, MN, IA, IL) and never experienced anything like it. Of course we met some nice people, but the overall feeling was so empty. It doesn't feel like a cohesive town - Just a bunch of suburban neighborhoods scattered about. We couldn't bear for OP to be our daughters' hometown, so we moved to the twin cities in 2011.[read more...]

Overland Park, KS

OP Truth - 5/23/2012

I completely agree with Robert. My family has lived in other cities/states and have never encountered meaner, more materialistic, money grubbing, two faced people in our lives. OP people really do teach their children that money is the most important thing in the world. When you meet someone new, the first thing they will tell you about is all the things they own and how much money they have. My opinion, don't move here if you want your children to grow up well balanced and adjusted to the real world! I wish we would have never moved here! Oh, and for all the OPers that would say I'm only saying this because I'm jealous/poor. I'm not saying this because I'm jealous, not that it matters but my husband is a doctor. I'm saying this because it's true and want to get the truth out to people who want to know about this city. These people are just plain mean and uncaring and teaching their children to be the same...[read more...]

Leawood, KS

best place evarrr! - 2/5/2012

So I have lived in Overland Park ever since my husband and I got married and had to relocate because of his job. I was a little worried at first because, to be honest, he is 57 and I am 23. But you know what, I totally fit right in. Like, this place is awesome. I feel like everyone cares as much about their stuff as much as I do. It's great. We don't have much of a lawn that we have to mow and my little pomeranian Phoebe just loves walking around the Plaza with me (well she rides in her awesome doggy bag that I carry hehe). I mean I know the Plaza isn't really in OP but KCMO is close enough and gas isn't too bad for my Denali (its not like gas is 4 bucks a gallon or anything). OH and i just love my workout classes at Lifetime. Its like, I have i have my own "workout" community there or something! I know Kansas is like flat, but when you have the money you can like buy your happiness anywhere here. There are soo many shopping opportunities! And don't get me started on all those awesome restaurants. Oh yea, and there aren't any bums unless you like go downtown. They can't afford OP so no worries there. Well, I hope that everyone else loves it as much as I do <3 lovies. [read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Cost of Living - 1/25/2012

Looking for reviews on Overland Park cost of living.[read more...]

Compton, CA

Overland Park - 4/11/2011

OP is a nice place to live. It is next to Kansas City and you can hop on 435 and be anywhere you want to be in a city that is jam packed with fun stuff to do.[read more...]

Olathe, KS

Overland Park, Get Over Yourself! - 4/5/2011

I moved to Kansas in June 2006 from Los Angeles and I was born in KCMO in 1969. My parents left KCMO in 1970. Alot of my immediate family remains, with no plans of trying something new. Since I've lived here it's unreal how far and slow Kansas is behind the curve. This KU thing is so out of touch, It is like the only school in the world. There thing's happening around in other cities and Overland Park still has it head up it's B#%T! Funning to watch. Homes are reasonable. I believe a light rail system could help. I'm blessed to be formally trained and realize that this area has alot of catching up to do, every major metro has some form of rapid transit system. [read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Kansas City - 7/7/2010

Nice place to live, but it is too cold for me.[read more...]

Overland Park, KS

An honest review - 7/20/2009

I moved my family to Overland Park from the East Coast back in 1999. At the time, my job was offering lucrative transfers for employees. After talking it over with my wife, we decided the Midwest might be a better place for us to raise our children, so I took the offer. Ten years later, we've seen the good and the bad, and feel we can offer a true evaluation of living in Overland Park. Good 1. It's cheaper to live here than it is on the East Coast 2. Very nice houses 3. Lots of business (Sprint and Cerner are the major employers) 4. Great schools 5. Nice parks 6. Lots of entertainment options nearby (pro sports teams the Cheifs, Royals and Wizards, Worlds of Fun Theme Park, Country Club Plaza, etc.) 7. Safety 8. Located close to a major international airport 9. Located about an hour away from the University of Kansas Now the bads: 1. It's cheaper, but not that much cheaper. Property taxes more than make up for the seemingly cheap price for a house 2. Very bland and extremely conservative population 3. It's about keeping up with the Joneses. People are materialistic and love their children through money, not actual love 4. Traffic is becoming heavier and heavier as the suburbs continue to grow 5. Lots of broken families and households due to money being the biggest priority 6. Unpredicatable weather throughout most of the year Overall, we aren't loving it here, but we aren't hating it either. Likely after our last child graduates high school in two years, we'll move back East. For the Midwest, they have somewhat skewed values compared to other cities and towns in the area. It was a bit disheartening as that was a big reason why we ended up settling here. If you decide to settle here, you'll have a nice, clean, safe life, but your children will be exposed to closed mindedness, greed and materialism that could give them the wrong ideas on how to live life. My two cents, for what it's worth.[read more...]

Tulsa, OK

People, before you get excited read this - 7/18/2009

Overland Park, the people. The economy is going backwards there anyway and it will keep going downwards, wherever there is a place, where people do not act themselves, is destined to be doomed... Look, this is a nice city, safe, reasonable house pricing, good schools. Also, good jobs, But, The people I have visited many cities (nature of the job) and i continue to find Overland Park people as sick, racists (I am very white by the way) and just plain depressed. I think it has to do with their school culture, arrogant and filled with politics. Do not move here, you will soon find out that they are a bunch of Robots and the are sucked out of life. No one in this City acts him/her self. Think about it, they are lost between whether they are southerns or east coast or west coast. Better go to New York or Texas (the extreme opposites) than this place. At least in New York, people are can be either real good friends or absolute strangers and so is the way in Texas. Find what you are inclined to, west coast, east, south, but please not Overland Park where people are sucked out of life, un natural, and arrogant in a very rude way. [read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Quality of Life in Overland Park - 6/25/2009

OP is a great place to live because of great schools, reasonable cost of living and easy to get around.[read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Kansas is probably like what you think it is. - 10/7/2008

Kansas is affordable, but boring and general populace is the kind of ignorant that just don't quit.[read more...]

Ocala, FL

Crime from KC - 7/15/2008

Based on what I have read, the crime from Kansas City does not spill over into the Overland Park/Olathe area. Is that correct? Do residents fear that happening. 10-15 miles is not that far away. I realize most crime happen at bad times in bad places but stuff can always spread. Thanks for your input Tony[read more...]

Ocala, FL

Flooding - 3/19/2008

I have seen tons of flooding in Missouri recently as I guess we all have. Is Kansas/Overland Park prone to seasonal flooding? Also, there are quite a few posts on this site theat give me the impression I will have to battle for my son not to be around and influenced by a bunch of snotty kids parented by a bunch of shallow adults. I just want a nice safe place with good schools to raise my kid(s) but if I have to constantly deal with "Timmy has xyz" then I am not so sure. I want him to aspire to be well off but not a jerk about it. Does anybody have examlpe of just how expensive it is in OP or just how yuppish people are? Sorry to be longs winded but coming from so far (Ocala, FL) to check things out. I would hate to have my hope crushed. Thanks [read more...]

Topeka, KS

Overland Park - 3/17/2008

Overland Park pros and cons Pros 1. pretty city 2. excellent location near KC and Lawrence 3. number of nice stores and rests 4. number of parks 5. very educated city 6. very low crime rate 7. excellent schools 8. nice place to raise a family 9. excellent shopping options Cons 1. the cost of living index posted isn't even close to being accurate, Overland Park is much more expensive than what the cost of living index chart posts. 2. Overland Park has a lot of people like Boulder, Co whom are driven by a me, me, me mentality 3. if you are a liberal minded person,O. Park isn't going to be the best fit for you 4. my primary criticism with O. Park is how many people flaunt their money, however, this isn't unique solely to O. Park but it is an off putting trait. Overall, O. Park is a very nice city[read more...]

Ocala, FL

winter and taxes - 2/19/2008

Hey Everyone, I am thinking of relocating to Overland Park. I wanted to know, how are the property taxes? Sales taxes, etc? Also, how are the driving conditions during the winter. We will be moving from North Florida, so I know it will be an adjustment. How big and how long of an adjustment period will there be is the million dollar question. Thanks Tony[read more...]

Ocala, FL

WINTER - 2/11/2008

We are thinking fo relocating from northern Florida to the Midwest. Kansas is on our list. We have one child (so far) and the school system is horrible here. We have read some good things about the school around the Overland Park area. However, we would like to know just what the winters are like and how the driving condidtions are? We know it will be a huge adjustment but we are willing to try something different. We lived in Miami for the first 27 years and the last three here in Ocala. We jsut want away from 83 degree Christmas Days. thanks tony[read more...]

Overland Park, KS

Quality of life - 12/15/2007

Quality of life is very good in Overland Park, KS. Very affordable golf courses, superior schools, very friendly people. It is a very good place to live.[read more...]

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