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"A vibrant beach community"

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Port Hueneme, CA

Best Climate - 8/3/2011

3 August, just before noon two miles from the sea, it is sunny, 68 degrees with a slight breeze. It's pretty much like this in the winter, too. Sometimes it gets down to the high 30s, but that is rare and only at night. We do have some fog and overcast, but gorgeous skies other times. For those who say there are no seasons, we have fall in December when the leaves that are going to fall turn color and drop. Then in January, spring blooms begin. I guess you could say we miss out on winter, but that is not far away in the local and not so local mountains.

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Port Hueneme CBC Base, CA

If you want coastal living, there are much better - 8/25/2009

This is a checkboard town you are playing Russian Roullette when it comes to Port Hueneme even Oxnard can be thrown in. If you are looking to live somewhere in Ventura County there are better choices. My best advice is if you really insist in living in this area look into the Silver Strand and Oxnard Shores areas although many of the homes there are well close to a million dollars if not more. The only reason Port Hueneme isn't as bad ( gangs,robberies and other crime, slums.etc..) as it could be is because of the Naval Base there and the military families and retired military personnel that accompany it.

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Port Hueneme, CA

Weather - 12/29/2008

I think the best thing about Port Hueneme is the weather. The climate here is always comfortable all year round. No real drastic climate changes which makes for a very comfortable living.

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Pam in PH
Port Hueneme, CA

A vibrant beach community - 2/27/2008

The City of Port Hueneme (pronounced “Wy-NEE-mee”) is the gem of Ventura County’s Gold Coast. Situated between Malibu and Santa Barbara, Port Hueneme is a southern California beach town with a rich history dating back to the Chumash Indians who made their home in the area for centuries. The City’s name is derived from a Chumash word (Wene’mu) that translates as “resting place” for its opportune location halfway between the larger Chumash settlements in Malibu and Ventura. Newcomers attracted by the family friendly small town atmosphere, low crime rate, quality schools, clean coastal air, and plentiful business opportunities fall in love with Port Hueneme’s picture perfect climate and relaxed beach lifestyle. Residents enjoy strolling among sandpipers, biking to the lighthouse, and taking in island views from the fishing pier at the 60-acre Hueneme Beach Park. Port Hueneme offers a diverse economy serving as headquarters for the United States Navy’s Construction Battalion Center, home of the “Pacific Seabees” and the largest commercial deep-water harbor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Port serves International businesses and ocean carriers from the Pacific Rim and Europe including the import and export of automobiles, fresh fruit and produce from California's central coast and valley regions. Part of the unspoiled charm of Port Hueneme is its location a few miles off the beaten track. Nonetheless, the rest of the world is easily accessible via Highway 1, U.S. Highway 101, Southern Pacific Railroad with service by Metrolink and Amtrak, plus numerous recreational and commercial airports in the area. Admired for its successful redevelopment activities and its residential and commercial revitalization efforts, the City of Port Hueneme has undergone a renaissance over the past 25 years and remains committed to preserving and enhancing the City’s many assets. Visit Port Hueneme on the web at www.ci.port-hueneme.ca.us

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