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"Burbank CA is a great place to live"

Burbank CA is a great place to live - 1/30/2010
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Burbank, CA

Burbank CA is a great place to live. Good public schools, lots of things to do and can't beat the weather

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Burbank, CA

Burbank CA review - 2/15/2012

Burbank is a nice city with a focus on the entertainment industry. The city benefits from southern California's mild climate with no snow, moderate temps in the winter and occasional hot but dry days in late summer. Burbank features its own police and fire departments separate and distinct from the rest of the Los Angeles area. These are a real plus because the city services are very responsive to its citizens. [read more...]

Burbank, CA

A Great Place to Raise a Family - 2/25/2010

Burbank is a city with a small town feel and all the conveniences of a big city. The schools are good, crime is low, gangs are non-existant, and shopping is pretty good too! the cost of living is somewhat high, but it is mostly middle class with a focus on families and community. Burbank borders with Los Angeles, so access is easy if you can handle the traffic, but Burbank has it's own airport so you don't have to if you don't want to. The city has two large community pools and the beach is an hour away. Overall, Burbank is a great place to live, especially if you wan to raise a family.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Burbank CA is a great place to live - 1/30/2010

Burbank CA is a great place to live. Good public schools, lots of things to do and can't beat the weather[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Average Temperatures - 12/10/2009

Ideal[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Small Town Feel in the Middle of a Jungle (Los Ang - 10/2/2009

Why I love Burbank. Great Weather, Great Schools, Our Own Police & Fire Dept. (Not LAPD or LAFD), Downtown Burbank , Low Crime, Friendly People, and a feeling of community.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

So Sad - 8/5/2009

I have lived in Burbank most of my life.It is not as bad as some of the surrounding cities,but most certainly has changed. The housing is not much better,houses are old and still too expensive to live. The crime has really gone up,and you really have to watch how you drive in this town,because they drive like maniacs. My children and I are no longer happy here,hopefully someday soon get out of this place!!!!![read more...]

Sunland, CA

Too Expensive! - 7/23/2009

Too Expensive![read more...]

Burbank, CA

Burbank, ca - 7/17/2009

Burbank Ca is a nice City. The Cost of Living has greatly gone up and the economy is down. Its a great place to live if you can make ends meet[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Love it! - 5/1/2008

I've lived in Burbank Ca for almost 15 years. I used to live in the Sherman Oaks area. I love it here! It's as crowded or as stretched out as the rest of the San Fernando Valley, it has a small town feel and while it has been getting more crowded than when I originally moved in, it's a much better experience, especially if you have kids. My neighborhood is very friendly and I'm within walking distance to many amenities. If you are looking for a true small town, this won't be for you, but if you want the small town feel within the confines of a bigger urban environment, this is a great town. The only downside is the air quality, due to the fact that we have two freeways that traverse the town. But the many parks, proximity to biking, hiking trails and Griffith Park are great.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Burbank - Small Town feel in Large Metropolis - 4/27/2008

One reviewer commented that they could not afford to buy a house in Burbank. That's probably true, esp. with the rise in prices in the last 4 years. The cost of our house area has risen 200K in 4 years. That is down from the 300K rise a year and a half ago, (so down 100K value in last 1.5 years.) Insane. The houses here are post-WWII, so they are small 3 bedrooms of about 1000 sq ft each. Lots avg about 6000 sq ft. TO buy, you need two incomes and help from family, or plan to rent out some to other people to help cover the mortgage. Houses generally rent for about 2100-2500, which covers mortgages plus taxes. The city has a small town feel, and small government, so things get done. If you want to open a business, you call them and they answer the phone (yes live person!) right away. If you go down there, the business license office has no line, and people help you right away. The police and school district are separate from LA. The police are responsive. The schools are really good, and its an added benefit that they are separate from LA Unified School District, which has so many people and students that it could be its own city. That's why people buy here. The lawns are generally manicured, and gardens well kept. The schools and police are good, and its safe to walk the streets, even at night. There are few areas where it might not be a good idea, but in general people take care of their properties,a dn the neighborhoods are good. The downtown is vital shopping and restaurant area, and family oriented. They are improving the Burbank Blvd with trees, and 2 years ago a bike trail was designed on former rail line, along Chandler Blvd. Its very nice, with trees now. To give you an idea of the small town feel, everyone was very excited when a new Bakery opened in the Magnolia Park district, which has a lot of nice trees and antique shopping. It was an event to go to the new bakery. (!) And I was among them, because that area at the time needed more restaurants, and who doesn't like pastries! There are long commutes to some jobs. If you work in Westwood, which is by the 405 FWY at Wilshire BLvd., the commute can take 1 to 1.5 hours each way. That is very long. It's about 45 min to drive to the 101 and 405 Fwy intersections. Working in Glendale, Pasadena, or Studio City would be fine. For Pasadena, you would be traveling opposite the flow of traffic. The traffic on the freeways on the weekends is very bad, too. Everyone gets out on Sat. to go do stuff, so its crowded from 10:30am-2pm often. generally, we are doing stuff around this town, so it isn't a problem. Some areas are under the Burbank airport (I am one). It's loud, and our hosue was soundproofed. You can't keep the windows shut all the time, esp. on summer nights. The airport has been increasing service in the last 3 years, and high end jets and small prop planes have increased too. That said, its really convenient to fly out of this airport. Imagine coming home and having a 10 minute drive home!! Flights are a little higher in cost because there is less competition- sometimes $160 per ticket. We are looking for a new place to live because we want to live without planes, and in a smaller city. Being in LA can be difficult. Long commutes are hard when you have small children, because its time away from home (11.5 hours on a 8 hour day plus 1 hour for lunch.) Jobs are definitely here. Where to look for houses: Just north of Alameda, east of Buena Vista is very nice; also these: NE and SE of Glenoaks and dntn Burbank, up in the hills. But really, there are nice homes all over, and nice neighborhoods. I have heard there might be gang activity N of the Burbank mall around the park there (N of Kmart), but I haven't confirmed that. Hope that helps you with your search.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Churches - 2/8/2008

There are many good churches in Burbank, CA, that are active in social and compassion issues in the community. The city government works closely with church leaders to solicit input, provide support and help with initiatives related to compassion. A wide variety of churches are involved from evangelical, Catholic and a diverse group of Protestant churches.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Nice sense of community, but too expensive - 8/4/2007

I love Burbank's "small-town feel," but like everywhere in L.A. county the housing is just outrageously expensive. It's not feasible for a middle-class working stiff like me to purchase a home here.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

climate not worth the cost - 7/18/2007

I grew up in Burbank and I can honestly say, I do not think it is worth the money. My husband and I are looking to move (my husband grew up in Glendale) to a more family friendly affordable area and we are thinking Tennessee. I know it is humid in the summer but summers in the San Fernando Valley are stifiling hot and smoggy. Wish us luck :) [read more...]

Plano, TX

all i can say is BLECH! - 8/2/2006

i lived across from warner bros studios for a few years. OMG, imo, this place is a cesspool like most of sfv. i was told it was better than NoHo, but honestly thats a matter of opinion. tacky, shabby neighborhoods with high prices for no apparent reason. schools are bad. summers can get really smoggy & bad (this is true of the entire sfv). if you work in burbank, i suppose the commute is fine, but if you must commute to LA, be prepared to spend your entire life on 405, 101 etc *trying* to get somewhere. 1-2 hr commutes are common.[read more...]

Burbank, CA

Weather in Burbank - 6/2/2006

Aside from some smog, the overall weather makes this part of the world very attractive. We do not get four seasons...basically two. The heat is dry and usually below 100.[read more...]


great place, but . . . - 7/21/2005

One of the last good places to live in LA County that is still affordable. Family oriented, safe and near everything in LA. But you still have to deal with over-crowding, traffic, high cost of housing.[read more...]