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"Great place to raise a family"

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Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro - 10/5/2015

I like living in Hillsboro but the cost of living has increased.

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Portland, OR

Living in Portland - 1/6/2011

I have lived here for about a year and made a big mistake. I moved here in the summer and thought that it was the most incredible place on the planet. Great fruit, markets, outdoor dining, etc. Unfortunately, summer ended and the rest of the year is horrible. Pros - Summers, natural beauty, people are nice and polite, no sales tax Cons - constant rain!! Dont let anyone tell you that it does not rain here as much as everyone says- IT DOES!!! It rains here so much that you have to power wash your roofs to remove moss ( No Joke)It also gets pretty cold. I am from Denver and I find this place to be bone chillingly cold. Jobs are very hard to come by in a very expensive city. Housing is very expensive and property taxes are a little high as well. I am not putting the city down, but it is just not for me. I have lived in many places and this is the one I liked the least. Weather is a serious factor for me. I cannot be in the dark for 7 months out of the year. Sorry Oregon.

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Hillsboro, OR

Portland Is a Great City - 11/17/2010

I have live all my 60 years in Oregon and the last 37 years in the Porland Metro area. We all have a prejudice view of where we live, good, bad, or indifferent and that depends on how much we open up ourselves to our environment. Stay closed and not involved, unhappy. Open up and become involved, more happy. Climate seems to be a big issue in the Northwest. There is no doubt that summers are to die for, low humidity and moderate temperatures July-Sept. Oct-Mar...Yep,the rainy season in the lower elevations, but abundant snowfall in the upper elevations for the winter enthusiasts. Sking, snowboarding, nordic, snowmobles, etc. April-June, Wow! what an explosion of life and lushness. You may have to peak between raindrops, but when the sun does come out (and it ofen does), get out of the way as Mother Nature will overwhelm you with all her goodness. Taxes seems to be a big issue. Yes, we have an income tax, 9% on net income, not 10% as others have claimed. What they fail to mentioned is Oregon is one of the few states that does not have a sales tax. By the time all the screaming and yelling is done, Oregon ranks right in the middle of all states in overall taxes. Natural beauty and accessability has been a long time drawing card to the area. What you read is true and much, much more beyond. You need to experience it to appreciate it. With that being said, Northwesterners are accused of being eco-nuts and that is a deterent to business because of strict environmental and land use laws. That is far from the truth. We want new businesses and the businesses we want are those that respect and enhance our quality of life. Isn't that what the Northwest is famous for? Portland like many great cities in the U.S. embraces cultural diversity. When for some reason in isolated cases when this goes awry, the whole city takes it personaly and reaches out to heal the wound. And, they are very vocal about it with a response, "not in my city". I have traveled to many of this country's states and major metropoitan cities. I was in Oklahoma in the middle of July several years ago and had envisioned scorched earth. I was dumbfounded to find the prairie green with grass. Oklahoma City was wonderful and I wished I could have spent more time there. I often fly back to NYC and am amazed at how that city can function with all those people (and it does). LA, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, San Fancisco, Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, Kansas City, Dallas, Minneapolis, Miami, Boston, They are all unique in their own way and are all very enjoyable to visit. But as Dorothy said in the Wizard of OZ, "there is no place like home". I hope you all feel the same wherever you may live.

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Hillsboro, OR

Why Live in Hillsboro, Oregon - 4/30/2008

This is a friendly town to live in. People smile much of the time. There are eateries of many nationalities. As a person in a wheelchair, Hillsboro makes a fine place to live. We live near many farms that sell freshly harvested produce of different types. The berries that are grown and sold here are of the highest quality. There are several colleges nearby. We are close enough to Portland to be able to particpate in "high life"; yet far enough away to enjoy the tranquility and friendliness of small town living.

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Hillsboro, OR

Great place to raise a family - 11/22/2007

We have lived in Hillsboro for 26 years now. Our 3 children have gone only to the local schools and for the most part we are satisfied with the teachers and the system here.There are plenty of opertunities for just about anything you desire.Hillsboro is located in the valley about one and a half hours drive to the beach and one and a half hours drive to sking on Mt. Hood with lots of lakes and rivers in between.The weather is mild most of the time and we do get our share of rain.

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Portland, OR

Very Nice Place to Live - 4/30/2007

My wife and I moved to Hillsboro while still in college. We rented, and have found that Hillsboro is a very affordable, safe, and clean place to live. Portland metro area has excellent public transportation, and it's very easy to get around. We both found part-time jobs rather easily. The people we've come to know are friendly, as well as most of the people we meet on a daily basis. We make trips into Portland regularly, and it's very easy to drive or take the train. We love the culture of the downtown Pearl district, the waterfront is beautiful, and there are many attractions in the city like the zoo, OMSI, Portland Art Museum, and various sporting events (Blazers, Timbers, Beavers, Vikings) Hillsboro has its problems, just like all cities. It's school systems are struggling with funding and there's a slight gang presence, although nothing major. Overall, I'd rate Hillsboro as a very nice place to live.

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