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"Great little area with a nice vibe"

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Auburn Hills, MI

Great little area with a nice vibe - 2/17/2011

I moved here two years ago from California and am really glad I found this place. It's got way more parks than you'd ever expect for a place this size, it's not very residential (more business), has a fantastic public library, some nice gyms, plenty of food nearby, some colleges, and of course, The Palace which has several events a week. All in all there's a lot going on here! The downside is that it's a bit too close to Pontiac for my liking. When we buy a home we'll look more towards Rochester Hills (which have superior schools as well). But it's got a nice vibe and they have community events that you can get involved with if you seek them out. The "downtown" area and Farmer's Market are miniscule but endearing.

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Auburn Hills, MI

Auburn Hills is an exciting, growing community - 10/20/2006

Daimler is head quartered there. They have good schools. I have lived there my entire life except for the four years I went to college. The downtown area is going under a positive transformation. They have an awesome police force, a nice public library and one of the nicest public golf courses in Michigan: Fieldstone. Auburn Hills is also home to the Pistons of the NBA. DE-TROIT BAS-KET-BALL! The Pistons are better off without Ben Wallace. The mall is huge: Great Lakes Crossing.

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