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"Kansas City weather"

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Lees Summit, MO

Lees summit mo - 1/4/2014

great place to live

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Lees Summit, MO

Cost of Living - 9/15/2012

Cost of living here isn't the best but it's better then some places.

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Lee's Summit, MO

Love the West - 2/27/2012

Moved here for jobs. Need to live in the west.

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Lee's Summit, MO

Kansas City weather - 1/29/2012

First off I will say that Lees Summit is one of the better places to live in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. I've lived in MO most of my life and this is the best place I've lived. That being said, the weather in this state is not good. Not uless you love snow and bitter cold in the winter and high temps with very high humidity in the summer. For me, the only good weather we have is the short spring in April and May, and the mild autumn weather in early October. I hope to move to a more pleasing climate upon retirement, though that will mean leaving all my family. How I wish I had moved when my kids were young so they might have setteled in that area just as they have stayed in the KC area. Hindisight:( But if you love extreme weather, the midwest is a good place to live.

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Lee's Summit, MO

It's okay; it's getting better - 1/26/2012

I grew up in Lee's Summit and left for a decade when I became and adult. I've since returned in and live here again. It's getting better. There's more to do than there once was.

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Lee's Summit, MO

Low - 10/12/2008

Low crime.

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Lee's Summit, MO

Lee's Summit 64063 - 7/13/2008

I live in a house in what is referred to as "the old part" of Lee's Summit. My home was built in 1939 and would sell for around 90-100K I moved to Lee's Summit after 6 years in Portland, Oregon and 10 years in Denver, Colorado. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri which is approximately 20 miles Northwest of Lee's Summit - I spent my first 20 years of life around this area before moving back at age 35. I commute regularly to Kansas City. I was very surprised to see the poor air and water quality ratings for Lee's Summit compared to for example Denver, Coloarado which I always felt rated low - especially on air quality. I used to live in the 80203 zip in Denver and the 97214 zip in Portland, Oregon. As a single person I do feel out of place in Lee's Summit which is a very family oriented city. This is a rapidly growing city but remains family focused which I think family types would find appealing. We are rapidly becoming what feels like a suburb of Kansas City, MO instead of what was once seen as a separate town.

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Lee's Summit, MO

The Best Place to Live in the Greater Kansas City - 8/20/2006

Lee's Summit is truly the best alternative to Johnson County, KS around. With equivalent schools and housing but without the huge property taxes and overall increased costs of living, Lee's Summit is definitely worth checking out.

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