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Louisville, CO

Its not Colorado, its suburbia anyplace USA - 2/7/2014

Broomfield has all the advantages of Colorado (or around Denver), things like good weather and overall a decent economy, growing demographics, good schools, and views of the Mountains. A lot of good here. But I am not sure it can characterize it as a colorado city -- it is so suburbia complete with minimal trees, a lot of decent sized homes crowded together on small lots, and a very continuous stream of big box retail and strip retail. drive wise -- full of big streets and large intersections. besides seeing the mountains on a regular basis, if no one told you where you were at, you could swear you were were outside any city USA -- the suburbs of Columbus Ohio, Lincoln NE, or Oklahoma City -- its just that plain. no personality, But as said -- lots of advantages in weather, growing population, etc -- just not colorado. I bet broomfield adds another 20K people over the next 10 years -- good for them but they are ruining the real Colorado, that other cities are known for. So residential zone away Broomfield -- build all the tracts of land you can -- and drive down the quality of life of all of us that live here.

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Broomfield, CO

quality of life - 5/6/2009

it is of high quality to live in this beautiful place

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Broomfield, CO

public transportation sparse - 6/16/2008

I've lived in Broomfield for about 12 years now. It's a nice place to live, especially if you like the suburban life. But the town isn't great on public transportation. We have the same bus system as Denver and Boulder, but in Broomfield many buses don't run at all on the weekend. And during the week, the bus schedules often end early at night. And taxi service is nearly nonexistent. So if you're the kind of person who prefers (or must) use public transportation, Broomfield might not be the place for you.

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Broomfield, CO

Broomfield CO is a terrific place to live; moved h - 4/6/2008

I disagree with the review from the Alaska native (comparing any urban area or city to Alaska or North Dakota doesn't compute). We moved here 10 yrs ago, own our home. My comparisons would be versus the CA Bay Area where we lived for 20 yrs, or St. Louis, or Chicago. Broomfield is a small neighborhood type community, great for kids. We have a very low crime rate, excellent climate, relatively little traffic. Salaries are comparable to other major areas, lots of big business has moved here, outstanding facilities including a brand new Arena, major shopping centers, parks, rec areas. The work ethic is definitely different - most have never heard of working past 5pm and would flat out refuse especially if not paid overtime. Shorter lines in stores, less crowds, though the young parents are getting a bit pushy and "me"-minded. We love it here. Homes can be bought from mid $150s to the $1 million plus. So, what's not to like?

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Raleigh, NC

Broomfield is Great Place to Live - 3/16/2008

I disagree with the previous poster. We moved to Colorado from Raleigh, Durham after living in Chapel Hill, NC and Charlotte, NC before that. Depending on where you live in Broomfield, it is is about 10 miles or so from Boulder, so it is fairly far west of Denver. We first lived in Denver, but didnt like being so far away from the mountains. We couldn't afford Boulder or even Louisville, and live in Broomfield, really close to Lafayette. Views here are to die for as you can see the back range, good schools, convenient to everything. Regarding jobs - Broomfield is mostly a residential area in the Denver-Metro - it shouldn't be judged for its job opportunities. Jobs or lack thereof are more in Denver or Boulder. Having said that, Interlocken is in Broomfield, Conoco is relocating 11k workers near there, Sun is there, Level 3, etc. Compared to NC, the job market in Colorado is tougher and it is more expensive to live. People want to live here and you can tell. Home prices are higher than I thought, groceries are more expensive than NC and health care is much more expensive. I think you sacrifice to live in Colorado, especially western Colorado - that's just part of the deal. However, in general, I am much happier here - we don't have to drive very far to be in the outdoors, sunny all year long. We are going to have to move soon, and I am very sad about it. I will be back

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Broomfield, CO

Economy stinks!!! - 8/6/2006

Hi I have lived here for 7 years now from Alaska originally, moved here for family. The cost of living is too high compared to the income! The home prices are astronomical and so is everything else, sales taxes, property taxes, clothes, food. You can move to about a gazillion other midwestern cities and make the same amount of money and live for half the price. Plus theres no water here! Water shortages all around so if you like to go to the local pond to fish, good luck! They charge you up the wazoo and theres always crazies wandering around, not safe! People move here for the mountains, and they ARE gorgeous to look at as you are driving through endless suburbia, but you have to keep in mind that to get anwhere thats not absolutely crawling with people will take several hours (one way). Fun times! Im going back to Alaska or South Dakota!

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