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"A generally nice place."

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Reading, PA

Wildwood MO is Great place to live - 4/11/2011

Wildwood in West County St Louis is a great place to raise a family and spend time outdoors. There are bike trails connecting the neigborhoods close to Rt 100 and old route 66. Shopping and local restaurants are close by. The YMCA is located right in Wildwood. If you like State parks you are surrounded by several. The Rockwood school district is the best in the country. My children attended Fairway Elementary and as a parent was delighted with the quality of education and programs offered.

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Ballwin, MO

Housing - 9/25/2010

Housing is really inexpensive in Eastern Missouri

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Ballwin, MO

A generally nice place. - 8/2/2010

About 30 miles from Downtown St. Louis, with manageable traffic, this is a nice suburban area with easy access to a big city.

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