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"One of Wisconsin's Worst."

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Macon, GA

Some Neighbors - 8/31/2012

New Berlin is also home to a long standing neo nazi organization -- calling itself "the new order"

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New Berlin, WI

Should you live in New Berlin? - 4/20/2012

I have been living in New Berlin for 8 years. At first look it appears to be a very nice place to live. However, after looking a bit deeper, I find that the general attitude of the community is quite unwelcoming and is not receptive to a diverse community. There is a feeling of entitlement and a large majority that feels "poor " people should live in Milwaukee until they can earn there way into New Berlin. The education leadership is ,also, very poor. Good teacher's have been let go and the school board does not work for the best of the students or the teachers.

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New York, NY

new berlin is a bore - 5/10/2009

New Berlin is way overrated. It is by far the most boring city/neighborhood i've ever lived or been in. It is conservative, uptight and dreary. The apartments are overpriced and tasteless. The roads about rip your vehicle apart being rutted up and potholed. Traffic is a headace, people rarely seem to know what a red light means and if at all possible, avoid those silly, senseless little roundabouts they just put it. Too many have yet to figure out how to use them. Forget about bicycling, there are no routes so between the motorists and the chewed up asphalt, it's way too dangerous. You can forget about taking a leisurely stroll around New Berlin. There are no sidewalks!, other than a few stretches where all the "chains", banks, and city buildings are located. Yeah, that's relaxing. There is no public trasportation. No bus lines, no taxi cabs other than for the elderly. If you need a cab, you must call one from a bordering city. So there isn't much to go for here anyway, except MrsSippies Coffee or the library. Of course, if you like these sort of things, there is bowling, dealing with that pesky, undersized roundabout to get to the movie theater which only plays commercial films, limited options for dining or the local bars. There are only a few "chain" stores located is small strip malls and those are all extremely disappointing. Again, if you like that sort of thing. There are pockets of little residential areas that are quite attractive. These are very small, but wooded with mature trees and quiet. The houses are older ranch or split style with lots of character. To break away from the mundane blah blah of New Berlin, I take these little jaunts to my destinations outside this city. Yes, New Berlin is but a ho hum layover or retirement community.

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New Berlin, WI

One of Wisconsin's Worst. - 3/5/2009

There are many problems with this place. I've lived here my whole life and have nothing very good to say :( First, I'll name the good, close proximity to Milwaukee, good safety services. Okay, now the bad. The people are some of the most rude you'll ever meet. Don't even dare trying to talk to someone that you don't know if your like in line at the grocery store, if you do you'll be flipped off, given dirty looks, or told where to go (4 letter word). The schools are the 2nd worst in Wisconsin. They have one of the largest school budgets in the state but they continue to cut educational services. There is nothing here for special needs children. There is very little to do within the town itself. As you can read on the site, most of the town is elderly, there is very little to do for young children. The town has 2 high schools, which is rather bizarre for the size of the town. The town is divided into a "rich" side and a "poor" side. The wealthier side of town looks down upon the other and refers to it as "white trash" most of the time. The town is also odd because it's not zoned like a normal city. It's arranged into neighborhoods centered around little separate "downtowns." There is nothing that really separates the town from anything else as it only has 3 things that aren't a major chain. 3 restaurants, and 1 of them was rated one of the dirtiest in Wisconsin. The traffic is terrible too, we're located between I-94 and I-43 so we get a TON of semi-trucks running through town. The bottom line here is that unlike most of suburban Milwaukee, this is a retirement community. Most of the people are not receptive to meeting new people.

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New Berlin, WI

xxx - 10/31/2008

good school, friendly people

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New Berlin, WI

good quality of life - 7/6/2006

New Berlin is a very nice place to live, situated close to everything in and around Milwaukee. Crime is low. Housing a tad high, but you pay to live in a nicer area.

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New Berlin, WI

Convenience and beauty - 6/22/2006

New Berlin is a great place to live. Beautiful parks. Convenient to Milwaukee.

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